10 Best Vocal Harmonizer Pedals

A guitar harmonizer pedal simultaneously plays and synchronizes to harmonize your tunes.

The harmonizer effects have become the favorite tool of guitar players around the world. In this article, we are going to check out some of the best harmonizer pedals available in the market.

If you are looking for a true force multiplier for your system, this review is just for you. So stay tuned…

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TC Helicon Play Acoustic...
  • Professional vocal...
  • Guitar FX styles from TC...
  • Bodyrez filtering and...
  • Guitar feedback-proofing...
  • Separate vocal and Guitar...

TC Helicon is a brand that has numerous niche harmonizer solutions to offer its customers. One of their best harmonizer pedals is the Play Acoustic processor. It’s not only the best in the market but also the most versatile harmonizer pedal. So without wasting time let’s check it out what TC Helicon has to offer.


This little harmonizer is equipped with so much that it’s hard to cover them all in this review.For beginners it offers two types of effect, the vocal and guitar effects. The vocal effects use adaptive tone technology,this feature automatically EQs your voice,adss compress to it if needed and de-essses mic chanel.Next we have a couple of types of harmonizer,reverb,hardtune, delay and much more.

In the guitar FX section, you find TC Helicon’s famous standalone effects combined into one unit.For example: Flashback delay,Corona Chorus and hall of fame reverb. In the guitar FX section, we see Flashback Delay, Corona Chorus and Hall of Fame reverb. These are all TC Helicon’s famous standalone pedals combined into one unit. It also has the unique BodyRez mode, which is a combination of filters used to clear up guitars tone on the amplifier.it works as a magic for the old acoustic electric guitars.


To your surprise the controls on this dynamic pedal are very simple and easy to use. The top panel is equipped by a large LCD display, sourrunded by a numbers of buttons.These buttons functions to nagivate the interface and select various features. Beside digital format,the coolest thing about this pedal is, its all illuminated.So working in dark conditions is not hard anymore.

The bottom portion houses three foot switches.The first one from right is on/off switch while the other two switches serve multi purpose.To begin with, it’s a bit difficult to identify what purpose each button and menu serves.But after an hour checking out the pedal, you will surely get hold of it.


If we compare to TC Helicon other models, Play Acoustic is surely the best pedal in the harmonizer segment.As being best comes with great expectations, unsurprisingly Play Acoustic has met and exceeded our expectations in terms of performance. We had doubts about the performance of auto equalizing mode for vocals.But to our surprise we were proven wrong.The adaptive tone technology compensated for different vocal profiles.

We faced no issues in mixing voice and instrument channels, the pedal works superbly well  to track complex chord stacks. It not only awares you about what’s going around but it also tells you which areas of tone needs improvement.

Summing Up

We must say, at the end of trial, our experience with TC Helicon Play Acoustic was absolutely great.The pedal was extremely responsive, fast and grasped input with clinical accuracy. You can get cheaper models in the market but those offers no match to Play Acoustic. It’s absolutely worth every penny spent.

Electro-Harmonix Voice...
  • Intelligent vocal...
  • Natural Glissando:...
  • Vocoder mode
  • Very professional quality...
  • US96DC-200BI power supply...

Electro Harmonix is a well known brands of effect pedals.They have their own mysterious style.The Electro-Harmonix Voice Box Harmony Machine comes in an unusual design offering a bag full of reliability and versatility in terms of a harmonizer pedal. Let’s have a look at this bad boy.


The format of the voice box harmony machine makes it most desirable among the people. Unlike the other pedals, it is very easy to mount the Voice Box Harmony machine to the pedal board.Our only concern is about the choice of  I/O placement.That is, instead of placing the ports on the back side of the pedal, they are on the sides of it.This can be a mess if you have other pedals close.In terms of features it gives 8 types of harmonizing effects. It also has a built in reverb and vocoder.

Overall it offers fairly simple features.By looking closely at this pedal, it’s quite obvious that electro harmonix gave significance to the core functions of the pedal than anything else.It is encased in a strong metal enclosure ready to rock the stage.


The control interface of the Electro Harmonix Voice box machine is much the same as their other pedal models. Beside the graphic on top, there is not much change in the manuals. At the top of the pedal we have main knobs while the foot switches are placed at the bottom. While in the middle you see the LED diodes which indicate the harmony mode you are in.Knobs are labeled as Blend,Dry,Harmony,Reverb,Gender bend,Voice mixed and preset select knob.

The mic gain switch assures an easy pairing with your guitar.The switches on bottom allows you to preset and bypass microphone.Due to the clear and intelligible labelling of the controls, it makes E-H Voice box Machine very easy to use.It might take you less then half an hour to master the controls.


When it comes to features and performance, it gives a true essence of electro-Harmonix pedals.That is, focus is more on the performance than advance features. Tracking is just near to perfect and works completely fine with any instrument you pair with it.Nowadays featuring vocoder is a rare but whose going to dislike this unique effect.

The most exciting feature is the range of harmony settings it provides to experiment with.Each is tangibly different, sounding from pure organics to more artificial sounds. Despite the fact that it doesn’t have an LCD display or other flashy effects,its super great performance is just enough to beat the above.Most of all its always fun to use.

Summing up

At the end of the day, Electro Harmonix is simple and to the point harmonizer.It lacks the advanced features but when it comes to work its super powerful and hard to beat.

BOSS Acoustic Singer...
  • Compact, all-in-one...
  • The Package Height of the...
  • The Package Length of the...
  • The Package Width of the...

In the guitar pedal industry, Boss has a reputation of its own,which is hard to beat.Boss VE-8 Acoustic Singer is a great example of this excellence and Glory. Boss VE-8 Acoustic Singer is one of the best harmonizer pedals available. It is a bit more complex, but totally worth it.


When it comes to Boss VE-8, it’s not just the regular harmonizer but it’s one step beyond it. VE-8 comes in a wide double double stack body which quitely propagates the classic boss repute and reliability in terms of quality. It has a sturdy body to rock any stage out there.All the controls are located on the top panel. Which are quite a lot in number.With harmonizer effect it also presents chorus and looper effects.Well, That not all, it also has the reverb effect for both the guitar channel and vocal channel.The I/O options are of standard instrument and the microphone lines are available with phantom power,as well stereo modes is also available.It also has USB port to connect VE-8 with pc.


At first glance the control interface may seem profuse and confusing, but after a few minutes of use everything’s starts to make sense. The control panel is divided into four sections; Starting from top comes the guitar cluster, then vocals cluster and finally the output cluster. The bottom houses the foot switches. You have two multi functional switches for harmony and chorus. Depending on the usage, these switches will activate memory mode or built in tuner.

Loop switch is dedicated to the looper effect only.Among the different control clusters, guitar cluster is pretty simple.You have reverb,chorus and presence knob. Vocals are similar, the enhance knob enables you to alter the colors of your voice.Whereas the harmonizer knob enables you to choose between a wide range of harmonizing effects. 


When it comes to performance nothing can beat this beast.its an absolute powerhouse.What makes it unique is the quality and versatility of effects.Or you can say its jack of all trades type pedal. It delivers a very natural sound especially when used in accordance with acoustic guitars.It has 50 memory slots, so you can dial any setting, save it and later pull it  out of the library. Playing wasn’t this much fun before?

The looper also works great, but compared to others features its quite basic in nature.However, who cares this pedal was never meant to be proper looper rather but a supporting feature.


We must say, every acoustic guitarist envies the features Boss VE-8 delivers on stage.The quality and diversity of features make it a most desirable tool to rock any stage or studio.To cut it short, it’s one of the best harmonizers you can get at the moment. So stop reading and hurry up to get your harmonizer power package.

TC-Helicon Harmony Singer
  • Adds one to two voices of...
  • Superb reverb effect with...
  • Adaptive Tone for perfect...
  • Easy to use controls get...
  • Momentary and latched...

TC Helicon Harmony Singer comes in pretty compact size.But don’t get deceived by its small size. It adequately houses all the desirable harmonizer pedal features.Lets take a closer look and find out what it is like.


TC Helicon is one of the most favourite brands when it comes to harmonizer pedals.The reason can be assessed by the quality of Harmony singer.Its compact in size with a sturdy body to be used on and off the stage.The top of the pedal features all the controls.However on the sides and front the I/O ports are placed.Whereas the side panels features the input and output.

The mike input and XLR out is in the front.Interestingly, it also has a USB port which makes it easy to connect to computer and update software.If have a look at it, it’s packed with pretty good features but still keeping the pedal clean.


The controls of TC-Helicon Harmony Singer are very simple and well placed.The top panel has three knobs;Harmony, Level and Reverb.Harmony knobs gives you an option to choose between four types of voices.The range given by the harmony knob is two voices above or below the input signal,with all other combinations at your disposal. When it comes to Reverb knob, it offers four different colors of this effect

Lastly, there is a mic gain knob on the left side of the pedal, which gives the user much more power to harness it.Finding the right setting according to your individual taste was never so easy, Harmony Singer is the show stealer in this regard. It has versatile modes to play with, so everytime you mess with adjustments it will be refreshing and fun.


When it’s time to plug this harmonizer and give it a try, we are pretty sure it will leave you surprised by its amazing effects. It gives a very soft color tone unlike most of the robotic harmonizers. The close mode is bit aggressive in nature but yet again suitable for specific applications.Contrary to it the soft mode is very subtle but efficiency is guaranteed on every bit.

The pedal tracks very well even if you are playing at lower volume, the only thing u need to be cautious about is to sing directly into the microphone. unfortunately it has trouble in tracking low mic signals.with that said, it gives an automated feel because the pedal adapts quickly to the music you are playing without any lag.

Summing up

TC Helicon does not offer something extraordinary when it comes to harmonizer effects. But offers little more life to your music.The pedal works great and most importantly is easy to use.There are some deficiencies but that definitely are not a deal breaker. So if you are a starter, it’s not a bad idea to start your journey with Harmony Singer.

TC Helicon pedals are always an exception.One glance at TC Helicon’s VoiceTone Harmony-G XT proves this to be right. VoiceTone is one of the most capable and versatile harmonizers you can get at the moment. So without wasting more time, let’s take a closer look at what it has to offer.


TC Helicon has launched and fitted a whole  new processor in VoiceTone Harmony-G XT. It’s the best they have to offer and would no doubt exceed your expectations.The pedal features a sturdy double wide design body and great built in quality. It weighs a bit heavy ensuring a confident feel.The controls layout is simple and straightforward.

It offers a harmonizer suite with 6 different types of reverb and delay effects. To your excitement, it offers 10 user-defined presets, enabling you to store any combination of effects you want.The I/O system is placed on the back which includes; right and left XLR output, two TRS input and also a mic input port.


As usual TC Helicon offers a very simple control panel.Instead of jumbling up several rows of knobs, TC Helicon has reduced the mess by keeping everything nearly minimum.at the top panel there are four knobs.Labeled as level knob,guitar,FX and harmony.Beneath it is a row of small buttons which are less prominent.There function is to select preset, store preset, choose effects and more.

TC helicon has placed these buttons in such an order that chances of accidentally pressing the buttons and messing up with your settings is a rare scenario.In terms of footswitches it has two of them.One is responsible for on/off while the other is used to select between two stored presets.


TC Helicon’s VoiceTone Harmony-G XT is not only pretty to look but also extremely tempting to use.With a high quality and super powerful built in processor, we were interested to access the tracking speed and performance of the harmonizer.To our surprise, it steals the show when it comes to its super efficient performance.Even you don’t need to plug in the microphone for it to work.

Summing up

This pedal might not look ‘oh so fancy stuff’ but TC Helicon has equipped it with exceptional core features.Overall we can say TC Helicon has done a commendable job designing this pedal.If you are looking for an extraordinary harmonizer to spice up your dull music, then this one to pay attention to.

BOSS Vocal Harmonist...
  • Real-time vocal harmonies...
  • Auto Harmony function...
  • Solo singers can create...
  • Hybrid mode creates...
  • Using one of these three...

TC Helicon has given great competition to Boss but when it comes to harmonizers, Boss has maintained its own name and quality.Boss VE-2 super affordable and one of the best portable harmonizers available in the market.lets have closer look at what it has to offer its customers.


Boss VE-2 is solely a harmonizer pedal and does not offer much when it comes to versatility.Through other models of Boss are much more versatile in nature.even so it includes delay and reverb effect but Boss VE-2 is specifically designed for harmonizer effects.

The Boss VE-2 pedal is highly portable being only 600g in weight and relatively small in size.whats makes it interesting and desirable is that it can work entirely on battery. So incase of outdoor performances and where switch sockets are not available Boss VE-2 is capable of rocking the show.

The control panel is located on the top while the I/O is positioned at the back of the pedal.There are lots of options in the I/O panel. That is, guitar standard in and thru port, MIC in,XLR out and also a USB port.phantom power and mic sensitivity control is also there.


Boss VE-2 is super easy to use.The control panel is simple and clean.however at first glance it may look confusing and messed up by looking at the various knobs,buttons and led indicators.

The core functions are controlled by three knobs; balance, type and key.

The balance knob sounds quite self explanatory while the type knob allows you to choose from 24 distinct harmony modes.out of 24, 12 are one voice harmonies while the other 12 are two voice harmonies.

As we know its a guitar control harmonier but still the key knobs allow you to manually set the key.it can also be set to hybrid mode where both the guitar and key can be set in motion together.The footswitch gives the feel of classic boss  pedals.


When we talk about Boss VE-2 performance, it simply sounds great.It surprisingly combines the sounds of Boss/Roland VE range, providing a high quality, studio-like vocal sound for your live performance.it gives a very warm organic tone even when you are messing with the harmony modes. The delay and reverb effects are just okay. But when it comes to tracking it’s phenomenal.

The harmonizer tracks accurately both guitar and keyboard complex chords.when hybrid mode is used some interesting results can be witnessed.depending on your personal settings even the manual key helps a lot and tracks pretty well even in this mode.In essence, boss deliver what it claims there is no over or under exaggeration.That is the quality Boss delivers. 


In the end  we must conclude that Boss VE-2 is a super affordable harmonizer pedal compared to the more complex designs. It’s simple in design and functions but still offers a rock solid performance.Although it doesn’t offer versatile features like other harmonizers but still it’s not the one to miss out on.

Digitech VLHM Vocal...
  • Add up to 2 additional...
  • New advanced double...
  • Built-in guitar tuner
  • New Advanced Feedback...
  • Up to 70 second vocal...

DigiTech was once the most oldest and reliable effects manufacturer. DigiTech VLHM still runs its legacy.currently it’s one of the most versatile harmonizers available in the market.

DigiTech VLHM comes with the power to instantly add up two distinct vocal harmonies to your vocals giving you a harmony filled melody like never before!You just have to plug your guitar and microphone DigiTech VLHM and leave the rest on this heroic harmonizer.Using its patented musIQ technology,it senses the chords you are playing on guitar and adds the correct natural harmony to your vocals.while you play a different chord on sustain note, you will here a change in the harmony behind you.we can say that it works like a virtual team of backup singers.

Enough said, let’s check it out in detail;


When it comes to the internal chassis, it has a great processor and super chord tracking abilities.However, this is not all. Its core functions are equipped with numerous other features which make it a full fledged stage star.

For beginners, it has a Live Adapt technology which continuously monitors the input,tempo, key and other details.which makes the real time adjustments possible in your performance.It also offers a built in reverb,compressor, delay and other effects.

What really makes it standout are the small things.Like it includes a sound check feature, which allows you to record one phrase and loop it with another while adjusting the parameters.That is you can instantly hear the results as you mess with.


In terms of controls, when you put a glance on it, it might seem very confusing and complicated which in actuality is a myth.All the basic controls are in the center of harmonier.It comes with a built in LCD display, which make it easier to navigate and adjust the effects.underneath the LCD several knobs and buttons are placed; they are used to connect with software.

If we see overall Digitech kept things simple and easy, as compared to the outlandish designs in the market.After all, DigiTech has years old experience in designing complicated pedals.They did their best by clearly labelling every knob, button or switch. There is no room for guesswork.


The performance of DigiTech is upto the mark and as per our expectations.Its core features works as good as stated.This pedal is capable of tracking slightest chords strung and offer a huge room of versatility and harmony.However as everything good comes with a cost attach its reverb and delay effects could have been better. It doesn’t mean that these effects are not gud but we expected a whole new level of performance from DigiTech.

Fortunately this weakness  does not affect the overall  impression of  VLHM and does not make it less likely choice.The special feature Live Adapt works flawlessly. Only the above mentioned features we were worried about but every guitar play has their own set of reverb and delays they like to use.


VLHM is one of the best creations of DigiTech. It offers advance features like live adapt which is found rarely in low budget harmonizer.So we can confidently say that the shortcomings starts to pale away once you start playing with this super harmonizer.You will be surprised that it has so much to offer in an average price.We would say you must really give it a quick look maybe it’s the one for you.

TC Helicon Perform-VK...
  • Ultimate stand-mount...
  • Built-in adaptive tone...
  • Multi track 4-In, 8-out...
  • ¼-Inch stereo keyboard...
  • Powerful Anti-Feedback...

When it comes to best guitar pedals, TC Helicon has set its own standards and repute in the market.Today we are going to check out yet another incredible model Tc Helicon Perform VK. So without wasting time lets see what it has to offer.


When you put first glance at TC Helicon Perform VK its unusual white color and design leaves you wanting it.what makes it more desirable is its ultimate stand-mount vocal processor which gives you simple and fast studio quality sounds with expendable effects.

What’s more exciting is the three preset buttons,which enables you to choose from hundreds of existing presets available, to fit into your musical style.It also offers ¼ inch stereo keyboard input/out, which gives you control over the input at your fingertips.it also has multi track 4-in,8-out USB audio control for easy music recordings. The built-in room sense mic helps you to practice without a mic and automatically detect pitch for harmonies


The interface is incredibly simple and easy to use. On the top of the panel three buttons called tone, anti-feedback and pitch are featured.The powerful anti-feedback stays alert for any feedback and stops it automatically. Whereas the tone enables the automatic EQ,compression and filters. Pitch helps you to sing in tune.

In the center a  knob is placed for the adjustments of effects.On the right side of the knob, three customisable preset buttons are available.With the help of which u can tune in existing preset mode with your style. On the left side of knob, Harmony,reverb and echo effects help you to create pro studio-like vocals to bang on your performance.The foot switch enables a handsfree interface to switch effects during a performance. So if you are looking for a unit to get your job done and you don’t want to mess up with complicated controls, it’s a perfect fit for you.


When it comes to performance you can expect nothing less than perfect from TC Helicon.Perform VK delivers what it promises to deliver. Its super powerful Anti-feedback switch is spot on. Its stand-mountable harmonizer effects like reverb,echo and harmony effortlessly transforms and harmonizes your vocals to studio-like performance. The only drawback we could figure out is, it has only three savable preset memory available, which we think is less for such a fun pedal.

Besides this, TC Helicon Perform VK is the ideal vocal processor for pianists and keyboard players, with this device having a range of functionality. TC Helicon has really created an effects pedal that can be used both in live performances and studio recordings, with the sheer quality of internal hardware.


When you’re buying equipment from TC Helicon you can feel pretty safe that the quality is going to be very high! So is the case with Tc Helicon Perform VK, it offers an assortment for  hundreds of effects combinations for you to choose from. Delivering sheer internal hardware and processor for a studio-like performance. So without second thought it can be the best harmonizer for you to begin with.

TC-Helicon VoiceLive 3
  • New Harmony Voicing and...
  • Complete guitar multi...
  • Multi-Looper for...
  • Dedicated and discrete...

By now, you must be thinking we have a personal liking for TC Helicon, but trust us – when searching for the best vocal harmonizer pedals, you’ll be stumbling across many of their products. They are  really devoted to manufacturing professional, high quality vocal processors.

This is most certainly the case with their VoiceLive 3, which offers some of the best vocal effects in the market. Enough of talking,let’s check out what this harmonizer pedal has to offer us.


Tc Helicon VoiceLive 3 comes in a metallic casing with blue LCD installed, making the sound effects adjustments easier then before.At first glance it might look very complicated but once you are into it, its real time bang on harmonizer.

It is a multi effect harmonizer pedal, perfect for giving studio-like vocals in your live performance.It features “roomsense” and “Natural play” which ensures real time harmony and pitch correction analysis.Thus enables you to create a full band effect with advanced controls for your guitar, as well as for vocals.

It also includes an advanced feature of multi-track looping that rounds to the nearest beat if your timing is slightly off. It has a 45mins total looping time, 8mins per track limit.It includes super cool vocal effects like, Reverb, Delay, Harmony, Doubling, Hardtune, Transducer, Umod, Vocoder and Rhythmic.

It also gives Complete guitar multi effects with TC Electronic TonePrint styles and Amp Tones ; Tuner, Reverb, Delay, Umod, Distortion, Octaver, Rhythmic, Wah Wah, Compressor, EQ, Amp Modelling, Control per preset etc. It features discrete output for stereo PA, stereo guitar and monitoring that is ; 1 XLR in, 2 XLR out, TRS in (Vocals), Instrument In/Thru, Guitar Direct Out, Aux in, SPDIF, Headphone Out, Exp pedal in.


VoiceLive 3 is an ultimate 3-in-1 professional performance system for vocals, guitar and phrase looping. It offers a high level of functionality in one unit. With plenty of built-in options, great sounding effects and over 500 preset vocals, this is the most advanced harmonizer pedal on our list.In short, it’s the perfect sound engineer which can tailor your performance to touch awe-inspiring heights.


Controls are a bit tricky and take time to master. But once you learn the key, it’s going to rock your world.


If you are looking for a professional multi effect processor, offering great features and functions in one unit then TC Helicon VoiceLive 3 is your thing. As it offers the most advanced 3 in 1 performance system its price is set a bit high but who cares when you are getting a complete package in one pedal. We will definitely recommend considering this stallion as an option.

Boss is a well reputed brand, offering one of the best guitar pedals for decades in the market . The boss Ve-20 is no less than best, it takes your vocals to a whole new level.most excitingly it offers an extended one year warranty.Let’s check it out.


Boss VE-20 comes in an unusual super cool dull red body with lcd installed at the top panel.It is an all in one vocal solution, featuring Harmonies, Delay, Doubler, Creative Effects, Phantom Power etc. It’s not only a gadget for the guitarists but it can be also used by the ground up singers. Thanks to its super easy to user interface. It comes with a battery power supply, best to use in live performances. 


Boss VE-20 offers an incredibly easy control interface. It has an LCD screen placed on the top, and all the buttons placed and labelled wisely. Preset option is also available, Simply dial up your favorite setting and sing – no programming required. It can be also used easily by first time users. But if you want to create something new and outstanding, then roll up your sleeves it has a variety of editing tools on board 


Boss ve 20 vocal performer is not an ordinary harmonizer pedal rather its all in one stompbox. It offers an incredible real time pitch correction which enables the singer to make sure that the  tunes are in harmony with the lead vocal. It performs multiple functions, such as adding multiple layers of vocal harmonies, adding creative vocal effects such as distortion, strobe and radio effect.

The pedal also features phantom power, which means it is able to power such a Rode NT2A microphone.it also gives its user a 38 seconds mono looping recording which enables the singers to innovate and create incredible music live.


As we know the brand boss signifies high quality, we definitely recommend this pedal to those who are looking for a single pedal(less gear to carry) for live shows. It’s an all rounder super cool pedal to carry for live shows with best effects and added features. We will again say its a must to check it out.

Function of vocal harmonizer

Vocal harmonizers function like audio processors.It creates an essential harmony of tone between your guitar and microphone. In other words it works by giving chorus effect to your vocals.So its a must pedal in your kit to rock the stage, all you need is a guitar,microphone and amplifier

So whenever you want a specific stanza some width all you have to do is just hold that switch and bruh you have it. While older pedals were much simpler to use, instead of tracking the guitar  they used to manually allow you to select a key of your choice. Even some of the modern pedals also have this feature, in case you face issues with the live tracking of vocals.

Best part is, every model features both XLR  and TRS ports, which enables you to easily connect it with other instruments. Or you can say anything which is powered and amplified is a go.

Contemporary vocal harmonizers

Vocal Harmonizers like other guitar effects have evolved overtime with advancement in technology. Compared to the past,now we have more powerful harmonizers with added features and effects, capable of performing numerous tasks at once. The modern CPU facilitates perfect tracking abilities and multi tasking.

Modern pedals are equipped with a whole array of additional options, such as reverb and delay. Which were manufactured as separate reverb and delay pedals in the past.What makes morden pedals to outshine is automation. If we take example of TC Helicon Play Acoustic from our list, we will see that this pedal features what is called an Adaptive Tone technology. This feature automatically EQs, de-esses and generally tunes your vocals as you perform.

How to select the best vocal harmonizer

While choosing the best harmonizer pedal for yourself, you have to consider two things to make a choice. First think about your budget, secondly reflect on your intended use of the pedal.

So if you are someone who wants a basic harmonizer pedal with less features you can easily find some pretty attainable models. But if you are someone who wants the best and greatest then surely you have to make your mind to pay more. As we know everything good comes with a hike in price.

Beside the finance, you also have to consider the type harmonies you wish to play with. Every brand comes with a different set of harmonies although they do present neutral harmony modes. The point here is to find a model to cater your needs and taste. This surely is going to require some research on your part, once done wisely it’s going to pay off.

Limitations Of Vocal Harmonizers

As we know nothing in this world is perfect and everything comes with a cost attached, even modern harmonizers do have its own limitations.One of the limitation you might come across is the lack of range, That is, the pedal is going to run out of available pitch, at which time you won’t get the effect anymore. Those pedals that have manually adjustable keys often offer a hybrid mode of operation. When used, this mode will track your chords until it runs out of range and then just default back to whatever value you’ve manually selected.

The other limitation is outpacing the processor unit in the pedal.  Even though its a rare scenario nowadays, there are some examples where your playing speed is faster than the active harmonizer  tracker. This issue is faced by many pedals with an active tracking feature.some are more susceptible than others, but the technology is slowly closing that gap for good.


Vocal harmonizers are one of the specialized pedals which are only used in specific situations but have the capability and capacity to change your tone completely. If you are using a superficial setup with minimum gears, a vocal harmonizer can add new girth and dimension to your music. Good news is that most of the pedals present in the market are great to use in every aspect. It is for sure that some models are better than others but overall they all give a solid core performance.Lastly, vocal harmonizers are the type of pedals that urge you to explore your skills, both vocal and guitar related.

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