10 Best Travel Guitars For The Road

Are you a traveller as well as a guitarist? Well, we’re here to make your travel comfortable yet musical.

Don’t worry, we will make sure that you don’t go through any trouble while choosing the best travel guitar for the road.

We reviewed each and every product separately so that you know exactly where to buy from, so let’s have a look at what we are getting into.

Buy the Best Travel Guitars For The Road in 2020

Martin Steel String Backpacker Travel Guitar with Bag
  • Solid Spruce Top
  • Solid Tonewood Back and Sides
  • Unique Contour Neck Shape
  • Features 24-Inch Scale Length
  • Features 15 Frets

We all need a travel companion that is unique and amazing and this product by Martin is surely one of those companies, just by looking at the sleek and beautiful shape, you can tell that this piece required a ton of work on it. What can you judge by looking at this product? First of all, no one can resist the sleek shape, the hourglass-like thin figure that is given to the body of this guitar is so pleasing and fulfilling.

This guitar has a shape that can fit into any kind of space without causing any kind of trouble for you and that my friends are amazing because the only thing that guitar keepers are worried about is the fact that where will they keep their precious possession but because of the shape that this guitar has, the problem is solved for you already. Moving on to the composition and durability of this product, the piece is strong and made from the finest quality of wood. The best part about the guitar is that it’s easy to understand, easy to operate and, easy to tune even for a beginner.

It’s sturdy and beautiful, with a solid spruce top, the back and sides made with tonewood and with the neck made from solid hardwood, this piece surely is a show-stealer. The neck of this respective product is also has a fitting of chrome tuners, richlite is the material used to compose the 15-fretboard and bridge. Last but not least, a hand-rubbed finish done on this product gives it a beautiful and unique look, making it look absolutely complete and beautiful.

Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Acoustic-Electric Travel Guitar with Gig Bag
  • One-piece maple neck and body with natural finish
  • Features a Shadow under-saddle piezo pickup and standard 1/4-inch output
  • Detachable lap rest frame
  • Includes deluxe gig bag, limited three-year warranty
  • Full 24-3/4" scale, 22-fret acoustic/electric travel guitar fits in airline overhead bins

What company can manufacture guitars for travelling much better than a manufacturer who is designated for producing the best guitars for travelling purposes only? This brand has been around for several years and is simply adored by people because of the amazing kind of guitars that they produce.

The piece that we will be discussing here is one of their best models and the best part about it is that it’s unique and it’s nothing like you have ever seen before especially when it comes to small versions of musical instruments. This traveller guitar is the lightest weighted piece that you could find, that also has every feature that any acoustic guitar would have, it’s a full package of everything just in a smaller and more compact version. It has an in-body tuning system that eliminates the need for a headstock, it is 48% less small than your standard guitar and it weighs less than 3 pounds so you can easily fit it anywhere you would like to take it, especially when flying when you need the weight to be less. The unique part about this product is that you could plug it in with your favourite recorder or AMP, the lap rest that they offer is easily detachable so you can keep both of the things separately

People, do you know what this guitar is absolutely perfect for? This guitar is perfect for the folks who want the full experience of an acoustic guitar with every single feature in it but the guitar also should be lightweight and easy to handle. If you are somebody looking for a piece like that then this sure is the perfect decision to make for you, we understand if you are still sceptical about the piece, let’s move on to the features, pros and, cons which will help you in deciding entirely about the fact if you want the piece or not.

Cordoba Mini M, Mahogany, Small Body, Nylon String Guitar with Gig Bag
  • Solid spruce top with mahogany back and sides
  • Miniature nylon string guitar with full size feel and playability (20.125" [510mm] scale length, 1.875” [48mm] nut width)
  • Natural satin finish
  • Custom Aquila string set, tuned to A
  • Includes custom Cordoba gig bag

Cordoba Mini M travel acoustic nylon-string guitar is one of its kind, cordoba has been known for so many long years for their very famous nylon guitars and now they have released their Mini series for the road lovers.

The very first thing about this product is an exceptionally loud voice that you can’t really expect in a mini-series guitar, so in short, this guitar is lightweight, is comparable, is pleasing by looks and is loud and proud, something exactly to need when on a road trip. Also, people don’t really get their choice with woods when it comes to guitar but here you have that choice, now you can choose whatever guitar wood you want to depend on what tone you like, the product is available in spruce and mahogany, spruce and Indian rosewood, and an ovangkol.

The U-shaped neck of this very piece is something that will remind you of an ordinary average sized guitar, this makes the Cordoba Mini-series a perfect choice for each and every kind of travel spree, whether it’s a road trip, air rip, picnic, campfire trip or anything else. One of the most tricky part for a beginner or any guitarist is their tuning methods and ways but the Cordoba Mini set offers you a tuning set by which you can choose the kind of strings that you prefer for a guitar, this will ensure that you get the kind of sound quality and tone that you want.

Gibson Innovations 6 String Maestro Mini-Acoustic (30", 3/4 size), Vint, Vintage Sunburst, (MAMI30VSCH1)
  • The set neck is also made from maple and has a gloss finish which match the back and sides of the guitar.
  • Fingerboard is rosewood and has 21 frets with dot inlays and chrome hardware.
  • NOTE: Kindly refer the User Manual from the Technical Specification before use which is highly recommended.
  • The back and sides are Basswood which is from Mora trees and the top is a select spruce veneer. All of this is available in either a black or natural finish.

Gibson innovations, you might have heard the name before somewhere but if you haven’t then don’t worry because we are going to tell you all about their exceptional and high-quality products. You see, Gibson is the name of the trust, it’s a company that has been around for so many years and they produce the best kind of musical instruments and they are for sure experts when it comes to manufacturing guitars.

This product, this model by Gibson’s mini-series is an art in itself, it’s not just a mini guitar, that is lightweight, easily portable and has a beautiful tone and sound to it but it’s also a piece that is well known for its multi-use. By a different kind of usage, we mean that this product is just not something that you would buy just for travelling but it’s also a great piece when it comes to kids who want to play the guitar. If you are sceptical about the fact that the Mini-series would be even a little different than any other guitar then you are very wrong because that is not the case and this feature of Gibson Mimi guitar justifies it, this piece is the exact copy of the same ”round shoulder” Gibson guitar that is available in a bigger version. This guitar is made from the finest wood and the finest material, the wood that is used in the composition of this product is just perfect, it’s kauri wood back and sides with a beautiful spruce top. The sleek maple neck is topped with 19 fret rosewood fingerboard, now, let’s talk more about the kind of fingerboard that is installed in the instrument, it’s bound with white single-ply that makes the playing and handling easier.

Talking about the exquisite looks of this product, so the product is topped with a beautiful vintage sunburst finish, that gives the piece a very old school yet sleek look overall, even after the whole finish, it still gets accent of that white binding which makes the piece more breathtaking. The length and the width of the guitar are quite standard and small so it can fit easily anywhere you want it to fit, which makes it the most perfect travel guitar. The tuners in the guitar are due-cast and are chrome plates which ensures the long life of the product. Moreover, apart from all these details that persuade a person to buy the piece, the product also comes with a gig bag which makes sure that you keep all your essentials in one place.

3/4 Size (36 Inch) Acoustic Guitar Bundle Junior/Travel Series by Hola! Music with D'Addario EXP16 Steel Strings, Padded Gig Bag, Guitar Strap and Picks, Model HG-36LB, Light Blue
  • Don't miss the Video on the left for full description and specifications.
  • Hola! HG-36LB (36 inch 3/4 Size) features: Spruce top, Mahogany back, sides and neck. Glossy finish, Vintage Sunburst. Rosewood fingerboard and bridge with TUSQ nut and compensated TUSQ saddle. Tuners: Geared, die-cast chrome covered.
  • Pre-strung with high quality D'Addario EXP16 Coated Phosphor Bronze strings - Just tune up to pitch and you're ready to play!
  • Decoration: Traditional tortoise-shell like pattern celluloid binding on body, neck and soundhole.
  • Hola! Music guarantees quality and affordability. Hola! - Say Hello to Music!

We all need something that goes with our personality even if we are talking about a guitar bit what is better than buying something classical? Something that goes perfectly with every mood and environment around and trusts us if you think the same way then we have the perfect piece waiting for you, yes people we are talking about the Hola music Mini-series.

The junior guitar by Hola is the ¾ size of a normal guitar and let us tell you a fun fact about it that it plays exactly like any other guitar available and that thing is simply amazing because you are getting the same tone in a smaller size. When choosing a guitar you have to make sure that the wood that you are using is the most perfect one and that is because the wood doesn’t only affect the looks of the piece but they also affect the kind of tone that comes out of the guitar. The materials that are used in the composition of this guitar are spruce top and a mahogany back, sides and back! The fingerboard is made out of walnut which is a great wood that is used especially for musical instruments. The neck of the guitar is made out of mahogany.

The TUSQ nut in the guitar is something that is used to influence the tone and voice of the guitar itself, in most guitars, it’s made of plastic but you need a high-quality tusq but in order to produce that perfect rhythm. Instead of any other normal strings that we could have used, we used the very loved and famous D’Addario strings, now, these strings are famous for their amazing quality, they are bronze and any other experienced guitarist would recommend it. Just tune in and you are ready. The bridge of the product is made out of walnut wood and the tuners are high precision, geared, due-cast chrome covered.

Yamaha APXT2 3/4-Size Acoustic-Electric Guitar - Black
  • Spruce Top
  • Rosewood Fingerboard & Bridge
  • System 68 Pick-Up
  • Gig bag Included
  • Bridge Pins:Black ABS

First of all, let’s talk about the manufacturer, YAMAHA has been around and was producing the best kinds of guitar forever and this very series by Yamaha is absolutely at it’s best and that is because of the built and the composition of the guitar that we are going to talk about here.

If you are confused about the fact that you have read and known about all the guitars that are sold by Yamaha but in bigger versions so will this piece really be worth it, we’ll let us break the good news to you, this mini-series guitar by Yamaha is exactly the same version by the world’s best-selling guitar around APX500III.

This product will be the pride of your road trip when you will be out there because it’s not just good looking but its also the very best when it comes to guitars, the product is well- constructed, it’s a compact guitar and that is amazing when travelling. This product has an art-based tuner, which gives a great sensitivity to the product and it just uplifts it up by giving you the best kind of sound around

Taylor BT2 Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar, Mahogany Top
  • 6-string Acoustic Guitar with Mahogany Top
  • Layered Sapele Back
  • Sides - Natural
  • Neck Width 1-11/16 inch

We all need something that is classic, that represents the beauty of the inner us, the serene mind and soul and let me tell us something amazing about the guitars manufactured by Taylor and that is that they are just and simply amazing.

The guitars by Taylor are all known for their amazing quality and their amazing performance buyers talk about this special model here BT2, one from their mini-series which means that this guitar is probably a ¾ of a full-sized guitar having all the qualities of it except size.

But that is something that you exactly want in a guitar that you want to travel with right? Something that is small and light but something that also has all the features of a regular guitar to it? Well if you are someone who really wants that then this is surely the perfect piece for you, let’s move on to the features of this product to know more about it.

Yamaha JR1 FG Junior 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar
  • The FG Junior is a 3/4 sized guitar modeled after the acclaimed Yamaha FG Series
  • The JR1 has a smaller body and shorter neck, perfect for young players or those with smaller hands
  • Yamaha craftsmanship and a spruce top give this compact guitar an authentic acoustic tone
  • Great for use as a travel guitar when space is limited
  • Gig bag included for safe storage and easy transport. Saddle material: Urea

We already told you about the legendary quality that YAMAHA has and how it been making dreams come true with their amazing guitars, the quality, and the playability if the FG series is just as remarkable as any guitar that they make.

But this series is so well known about the fact that this is the mini guitar series of this guitar. Your woods make your guitar what it is and the careful selection I wood goes in the YAMAHA FG series, the features of this guitar are something that you would love when you appreciate them.

If you are still sceptical about the series, let’s know more and in-depth about the features to learn more about them.

Fender 0950816021-COMBO-DLX Acoustic Guitar Bundle with Gig Bag, Tuner, Strings, Strap, Picks, Austin Bazaar Instructional DVD, and Polishing Cloth
  • Everything you need to start playing straight out of the box
  • Full-size dreadnought body for full and vibrant tone, suited for all styles of music
  • 20-fret rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays
  • Rosewood bridge with compensated synthetic bone saddle
  • Laminated spruce top

When choosing to buy a guitar, you have to make sure you know all the things related to that specific model to purchase because the accessories are also a very important part of the guitar itself.

But this is something that is extra important when travelling, to have all the gear related to your guitar with you, now, it can be very hectic finding the right things and the right storage area to keep them while you travel the roads but that is really not a problem when you have the amazing FENDER FA-115. This piece right here is just not only beautiful, high quality and amazing in itself but the best part about choosing this product is that it comes with the whole bundle of each and everything that you would need regarding the product so packing up for your guitar and storing the things related to it will never be easier for you.

Now let’s talk about the high-quality guitar that is excellent for beginner players, it features a spruce top, a natural gloss body finish, body binding, a walnut fingerboard, a walnut bridge, and chrome hardware. With this guitar, the whole package includes a gig bag, tuner, strings, strap, pickups, and an Austin Bazaar instructional DVD.

Luna Safari Series Muse Mahogany 3/4-Size Travel Acoustic Guitar - Natural
  • Package Dimensions: 21 L x 16 H x 16 W (inches)
  • Package Weight : 1 pounds
  • Country of Origin : United States
  • Scale: 22.5"

This product that we are going to talk about here is a well-known brand and people from all around the world absolutely love their quality.

This piece will make a perfect companion because it is just not lightweight and small but it’s also beautiful and it has a sleek colour that will enhance your road trip. This is because your road trip can get a little bland and you need something colourful and beautiful that will turn up your mood and this product will exactly do that.

This piece is not just aesthetically adorable but it’s also great in quality, it will solve all your guitar problems and you can be sure that you are not getting yourself into any kind of scam. This piece is a safari series ¾ dreadnought travel acoustic, it features a mahogany top, back, and sides as well as a Celtic laser which is fixed around the soundhole.


Travelling is nothing without the right kind of music but having the right kind of music companion is very important and the guitar is the most important among so many instruments.

We make sure that you get the best kind and best quality of any musical instrument that we review by keeping in front of your detailed reviews of the products so that you can choose wisely.

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