10 Best Resonator Guitars

Resonator guitars are the veterans when it comes down to sustaining and carrying your music notes!

Also known as steel guitars because of their metal strings and unique bodies, these blues & country music experts are the real deal when it comes down to resonating your music!

It really IS a test of choice when it comes to buying one thou! To make it easier for you, below we have reviewed the best resonator guitars available out there.

Buy the Best Resonator Guitars in 2020

Gretsch G9210 Square Neck...
  • Laminated mahogany body
  • 25" scale mahogany neck...
  • Spider-Ebony-Tipped Maple...
  • Grover Sta-Tite Die-Cast
  • Case not Included

Everybody wants a resonator guitar that’s elegant yet sophisticated at the same time, something that is straight out of the art reminds of luxury and glamour and Gretsch surely heard us.

I think they know how much appearance matters when it comes to guitars because it’s the first thing any guitarist really notices, the colours, the style, the sides, they are a magnet to metal. This piece is beautiful, with a touch of lamination on wood, the managing colour is a component that really brings the whole piece together, The warm tone of colours and the heavy and deep tones from the guitar will be a perfect combo for a campfire music spree.

Apart from the colour and the style, the chrome resonator and the F-holes on the piece are something that plays an important role in making the guitar stand out of the crowd. Looking at the price of the guitar, it’s a really good deal out of it, it’s easy to handle, easy to learn and even your little ones can start to learn on it, yes, it’s that simple!

Regal RC-51 Metal Body...
  • Authentic bell brass...
  • 12th fret neck joint and...
  • Slim, comfortable...
  • Rock maple saddle and...
  • Traditional 15:1...

Someone really said the right thing, the metal rock will never die, well, we don’t think that companies like regal, these amazing angels will never let rock die.

You must be wondering how do they portray this, of course, by the amazing colours and the style, the statement of fashion that this instrumental piece shows to the world is straight out of the ’80s. The metallic body, they rough rowdy style, the powerful colour, it’s all you need in a resonator guitar, always remember that your guitar should represent you as a person because that’s what music does.

Don’t forget the amazing quality of this metal body instrument, it’s best for playing your favourite hymns anywhere whether it’s folk, country or maybe jazz, this instrument will have your back. Each and every stroke of a finger through the strings will remind you why every guitar has its own feel and its own vibe, as a guitarist, you would love the package that comes with the piece apart from just the quality and the style because we all are killers for vibes right?

Remember when we earlier told you that the resonator guitar was something that was made when a violinist and a guitarist came together right? Well, the violinist who was responsible for the birth and the origination, including the upgrades and perfection of the resonator guitar was Paul beard.

We are sure that you have wondered about the first perfect piece that he has made for the public to ponder upon, well people no more wondering because the gold-tone made sure that you can also have a taste of his original creation. This Paul beard original inspired series is a more still body round vintage guitar with a beautiful and sleek silver colour, it looks so vintage and something from the early times as soon as you put an eye on it.

The thin 12 fret neck body and a beard cone design are just perfect for all the metal bodies and it sure does fit beautifully on this particular one. If you would know that Paul beard had no fingerboard hump issues considering that he had a bolt-on-neck and this guitar has the same thing done with it to give it the actually feel.

It’s not important to love the smell style to be someone who loves resonator guitars, we sure do have our own style and taste when it comes to musical instruments. There are many of us around here who want the feel and performance of a classical metal resonator guitar but they would prefer a style that will get their attention.

Well, all the matt lovers out there, your ideas had the attention of the DEAN, this company made sure that you are getting what you desired for. This thin body cutaway acoustic resonator guitar is just not a piece that is great for people who like to put some iron style in their routines rather than metal.

This brass body has a perfect set of plating and a cone top, the comfortable mahogany neck has a C shape with it, this piece also comes with a blend control system. The blend control and other features altogether enable you to mix and match, play, numerous tones, and rhythms. However, the sealed die-cast tuners are responsible for keeping everything, every rhyme, and tone in tune.

Gretsch G9240 Alligator...
  • Bound Mahogany Body
  • Medium "V" Mahogany Neck;...
  • Fishman Nashville...
  • Gretsch Ampli-Sonic...
  • Case not included

We assume that till now you may have judged how amazing and beautiful are the resonator guitars that are manufactured by Gretsch, it’s a company that cares about how the musical instrument will inspire the player and that’s all that we need.

This piece right here by the same manufacturer has all those vintage and olden vibes that we look for in a resonator guitar, it clearly portrays the American legacy of this kind of guitars. The biscuit round neck is honest with its design, it reflects the earliest stages of the resonator instruments that were manufactured, its louder than a horn yet has all those acoustic rhythms you want in a resonator.

The all-mahogany body and an amoli-sonic cone are sure to take you back in the good old days, best of all, the aluminium cone is handspun and it provides an extraordinary range of volume and rhythms. Also, the padauk fingerboard is perfect to display the beauty and sophistication of a resonator guitar, you will feel immense pleasure when stroking your fingers on it. Also, this piece lets you play in each and every note and tone you would like to tune in to, from the blues, the country and also the metal.

Recording King RPH-R1-TS...
  • Single 0 Body
  • Spruce Top
  • Rosewood Fretboard
  • 9.5" Resonator Cone
  • Biscuit Bridge with...

Resonator guitars are the elite musical instruments when it comes to something straight out of the olden times and recording king understood that concept entirely, now, this piece from their collection can be said that its straight out of the 30’s and we will tell you why. Everything in this respective model represents the early thirties, that means, the time when the resonator guitars were originally originated by the hardworking Paul beard, who inserted his violin expertise and maid something remarkable.

Every single component about this piece, including the style and the dynamics, represents the golden age of guitars. The 0-sized resonator portrays all those perfect olden vibes, the sunburst finish and the 2-colour style is something to really admire. Guitars are all about different tones and sounds, right? This piece has the perfect handspun 9.5” pedestal cone to make sure that you get exactly the same tunes out of this instrument as it did sound earlier in those days. The body is something outstanding in itself, the spacious insides allow the tunes to bounce here and there giving you deeper and hollow music.

Talking about the F-holes, they are lined and placed perfectly to give you that perfect deep throat impression that the resonators are known for. This piece will go perfect for you irrespective of your profession or your area of expertise, it will give you the same old feel that you would need from a guitar like this. It will not only bring life back to your music but it will also encourage you to write and feel everything more beautifully.

Let’s be real here, this concept of a guitar being just for beginners or just specified for experts is a total lousy idea and that is because even if you have started to learn on a standard guitar, you would eventually need something more professional that the guitar that you already have right?

Well, trinity river saw this problem and solved it smoothly by making something that is great for everyone, this piece will work perfectly for you even if you are an expert or a beginner. This piece is typically used in bluegrass music because it’s said to be a perfect lap instrument, the unique sounds in this piece are a result of the nickel-plated tell cover, the brushed aluminium cone and the spider which is also an aluminium cast, it sure is a unique piece in itself.

The two sound holes above are also nickel-plated which gives this product a really sleek and sophisticated finish overall. The sunburst finish is said to be the tobacco kind and it has 6 strings in total, the guitar also has nato back and sides. One of the best parts about this piece is that if you want something, a product that connects with your laptop top then this is it, you can switch from the vintage to the modern in no time with the same olden style, how cool is that?

Since the olden times, Dobro has been one of America’s most beloved tunes, it just gives you that old country vibe with those beautiful rhythms, it’s perfect for the people who like to be alone on the porch or them either like to jam with their whole group, nothing in between. The best part about this product is that you are getting the dobro with stunning good looks.

This product also features a beautiful radiused fingerboard that comes along 12 frets, two soundholes and a perfectly laminated body for the most accurate projection of your sound. Moreover, one of the best thing about this product is that it’s been around since forever and it’s absolutely breathtaking when looking at the aesthetics of the product, the hand-rubbed matt finish brings life and olden vibes back to it.

Royall Resonators Flame...
  • AAA premium tiger maple...
  • 17" body length 9 1/4"...
  • Round mahogany neck...
  • Vintage Waverly style...
  • Fitted case included at...

As we earlier discussed that resonator guitars are known for their awesome sleek design and they’re beautiful body. Well, this is something factual because when we asked some top guitarists about their views on resonator guitars so all they had to say was that guitarists often get enthusiastic when they see a beautiful and sleek piece.

Then no matter how many pieces they have back in their music den they still want more and we can’t deny that right? This piece by royal flame maple is something that we are talking about right here. Apart from the quality and the amazing dynamics, the soundhole, the metallic body and, everything else in quality which is perfectly on point, the body and the composition of this guitar in terms of aesthetic is utterly pleasing. This piece is perfect for people who love 0 size resonators because they are actually really fun, if you don’t want to get up on that stage and perform then this is surely the one for you because it will fit perfectly with all your friends and family jamming sessions.

We are pretty sure about the fact that all your friends and family would love having something around that sounds so melodious yet deep, but yes let us warn you, this product might outshine you in those fun bbq or fire pit events. The beautiful tiger multi-grain maple finish is something that you won’t find anywhere else, it’s beautiful, it’s fabulous and it fits with almost everyone’s taste, we are pretty sure about once the fact that you would love having it around you. The vibes originated by this piece right here are amazing, it takes you to the ’80s, the calm of that time, no rush and no hectic, just pure bliss.

Royall '29 Triolian Style...
  • Classic Mahogany Body...
  • 12 fret bound mahogany...
  • Vintage sunburst finish...
  • Vintage Waverly style...
  • Bonus: The high quality...

Triolian style is the most unique style in the resonator guitars, this specific model is inspired by the kind of resonator guitars that were made in the late times between 1920 to 1930s. These guitars have been loved and wanted by people from all over the world.

However, people faced a hard time in finding the right kind of trillion style resonator but the imperial valley guitar co. Understood that people wanted something that is authentic to the core. The original forms of these resonator guitars were originally made in wood and in yellow brick colour but after that when times changed, people demanded something in more style and more body structure, so the manufacturers started turning these wooden bodies into metallic bodies, something that looked more sleek and fashionable and let us tell you it was not long that people started falling for these metallic bodies.

The details of the guitar speak for its workmanship, it speaks of quality and beauty at the same time and you can easily tell by just looking at the piece about the amount of hard work that is put in the making of this guitar. The best part about this piece is that you won’t have any problems with the setting up of this guitar, the manufacturer makes sure that everything is intact and safe when it reaches you and all you have to do is pull it out and start enjoying.

Buying Guide For A Resonator Guitar

Before even having a slight idea of buying a resonator guitar, you need to understand that there is much more to a resonator guitar than just the physical appeal to it and in order to make sure that you have everything that you need in this guitar, you need to know about the very basic components. Having less or no information before buying anything can lead to unto serious trouble and that is because there are many hungry monsters out there in the musical market that are really to get as much money as they can out of you.

You see, guitars are not a cheap hobby and you need a good sum of money to buy a decent piece, that’s why having full knowledge before buying a resonator guitar is important so that you don’t end up buying something that is not worth your time or money. But people, the real question is that where would you find all the information about these resonator guitars in the first place?

Well, don’t you worry people we have the perfect guide to follow you through this hard process?

Round neck OR Square neck?

Now, let us make this thing clear to you from the very start that the shape depends on your comfort but first you need to understand the composition of both of the shapes in order to see if you will be comfortable with it or not.

Square Neck

Well, there is this thing that we can determine the square necks that they are quite handy to use because they are lap guitars, you have to place them on your lap because of their wide and fat neck, you won’t be able to hold it for very long, that’s why they make great lap guitars.

This kind of guitars are mostly known for the softer side of tones, that means the blues, the Hawaiian tones, etc. The reason behind this is pretty simple and that is because when the guitar is placed on your lap, the fretboard is them facing upwards. Lap style guitars, sound pretty simple right? Well, people, they are not, you would be needing a set of expertise to operate a guitar in that way. Let’s see if a square neck will fit you better than a square neck or not.

Round Neck

Round necks are actually totally opposite than the square necks, they are used to also play softer tones like the blues, however, they can go much fierce than just the blues. Round necks guitar is easy to hold rather than sitting on the lap because of their round bottoms, they are easier to hold and operate. This is the reason why if a person is new at the resonator guitars, then we would suggest to buy a round neck first rather than a square neck, this way they will be able to make the most out of the resonator genre.

Wood or Metal?

This part of the buying totally depends on what the buyer prefers because it’s totally up to him, his living and his preference. But still, let’s get into the dynamics of a wooden or a metal body guitar. The first thing that you need to keep in mind is that the material of the body does not affect the tone at all because resonator guitars have their own cones from which the sound is produced.

It won’t affect the tone but it sure will affect the sound result that comes out, wooden guitars usually have a softer tone and you can already guess about the metals, they are more fierce and strong. Most of the resonator guitars nowadays are available and sold in metal and wooden ones are said to be the slightly superior ones because the wooden laminated guitars are much more expensive because of their sleek finish rather than the metallic ones, the metallic looking like wood offers a more aesthetic look.

Buying a Used Guitar?

We can’t deny the fact that getting a guitar that is worth $1000 in $500 is a bad deal, honestly speaking, it’s a great deal you just thinking of making there but are you sure that it will be worth it?

Guitars are our own emotion, they are something that represents the person who holds it and you might have seen how performers throw their instruments on the ground on the last note, so folks, you never know what that specific guitar has been through. The first question that should cross your mind is, why is this person selling such an amazing piece at such a low price and even if they do have a valid reason, that is still not a justification of selling a masterpiece at that kind of rate, so it’s sure that the product sure has some or the other kind of default in it.

Even if you call an expert with you and go to check the condition of the guitar and still don’t find anything wrong, you can’t still be sure about the fact that the piece is 100% fine and that is because of the fact that there are problems that could arise later and then you would have to spend a good amount of money on it. But let’s not take it in that far of an extent on negativity, there can be a positive side to buying a second-hand guitar and you can cancel out the cons by making sure that the seller is something who is registered from a popular site.
This way you will be able to be saved from the scam and get a great guitar at a great price.


Resonator guitars are a great instrument when it comes to the types of guitars, they are vintage, they are beautiful and, they bring back the olden calm vibes around wherever it is played.

If you want to buy a guitar like this you need to make sure that you are buying the right type of resonator that would suit your needs and wants overall. In the read above, you will get all the information you need about the resonator guitars along with the top 10 best product reviews, so you can choose from the very best.

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