10 Best Overdrive Pedals

Looking to take your guitar tone to the next level? You probably need an overdrive pedal!

Naturally, the market is filled with overdrive pedals to choose from. But, how do you know which is worth spending your cash on?

In this article, we are highlighting a selection of the best overdrive pedals around, for you.

Buy the Best Overdrive Pedals in 2020

MXR EVH5150 Overdrive
  • Designed in close collaboration with Eddie Van Halen
  • Features multi-stage mosfets, 3-band EQ, boost switch, and Gate
  • Extremely versatile

It doesn’t matter you need to but an AMP or an EVH guitar, you should have a pedal, and for this purpose, the MXR EVH 5150 Overdrive will be ideal for you. It is useful but at the same time, pleasing to the eye as well. It has a black coloured brushed steel box, which is robust in nature. This box is specially designed and produced with the EVH custom-made strips. These strips are also furnished with the EVH logo. This American based pedal is up to the mark that meets the global norms.


When you examine the MXR EVH 5150 Overdrive, you will come to know that it is not extraordinarily designed in reality. However, the features of this pedal are extraordinary. You will discover the multi-stage MOSFETs in it. At the same time, it has an intelligently designed noise gate. Other features of the MXR EVH 5150 Overdrive include a +6dB boost switch, which is handy.

The glamour of this tool is not high at all, yet, it has some exclusive features which you like to have. One 9V battery is enough to make this tool fully functional. You can also buy an adapter to run it. The things in this tool are simple to understand. At the back of this box, you will find one output and one input.

There is no doubt that the price level of the EVH 5150 Overdrive is a little bit high for a number of users, but the flexibility, features, and the top quality is what you will gain from it.

JHS Moonshine V2 Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal
  • An indispensable overdrive for Blues, rock, country, jazz, and even hardcore/metal players
  • Designed for shaping and creating unique mid heavy tones for almost any need
  • A Clean knob blends in any amount of clean signal to your tone
  • The Proof toggle in the down position provides high gain, lots of saturation and sustain and plenty of mid-range goo
  • The up position has more open and forceful crunchy tones and adds more overall volume and more headroom

The innovative Moonshine technology-based unit is used for its formation. This is the major reason that the players who enjoyed the previous model will definitely like this great and awesome pedal. It is well decorated with the already loved tones, volumes, which you love to have. You will find the useful drive controls in it in addition to the ‘proof switch’ that is distinctive in nature.


In the situation that the JHS Moonshine V2 is flipped down, the switch in this tool will add fully sustainable and nice ranged boost. You will disclose lots of features in it. One of them is the clean knob. The purpose of this knob is to provide the users with the full functionality of blending the signals. They will ultimately provide much smoother tones. A normal 9-volt DC power is enough to run this tool. The JHS Moonshine V2 has the ability to convert 9-volt DC to 18-volts. This is the basic reason that it is able to offer you a much punchier low end and heavier headroom.

The tones of this tool are perfect, and you are free to use them for the rock, and hard overdriven styles of your dreams. When you check it thoroughly, you will come to know that it has a clean dial the purpose of which is to provide you with the producing the remarkable tones.

It is true that it is not an ideal tool if you are looking for a transportation overdrive pedal. However, you can use it to produce nice tones, just the way you wish.

Friedman Amplification BE-OD Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal
  • Authentic British Overdrive Tones
  • Volume, Gain, Tight, Bass, Treble and Presence
  • True Bypass Switching
  • Can be powered between 9-18VDC (no battery)
  • Assembled in USA

After examining the Friedman BE-OD pedal, you will realize that it is one of the most excellent and useful amp emulation pedals on the face of this planet today. It is capable of providing the original BE-100 overdrive tones. You can use it without any hesitation due to the basic fact that it is able to produce a clear sound that is fully responsive.


There is no doubt that this pedal is well furnished with unique and useful features. Some of them are the wide variety of tones that can be possible just because of the specialization controls. It also has the six knobs that you can use easily and effectively in order to fully customize and personalize as per your desires. These features are ideal for producing the thickness of their sound. Just like any other premium pedals available today, the Friedman BE-OD is capable of catering to the top bypass switching facility. This feature is perfect for preserving the tones. You can use this pedal anywhere between 9 and 18 volts of DC current.

In case you mix the gain then you will obtain lots of options, and the major reason of these features is because of the hardware added in it! When you buy this unit, you will discover that it is a nice add-on. Some of its features, such as the Active EQ and easy to handle controls, are perfect to design and produce the sound quality which you like to have. It is an ideal tool for the players who are looking for a heavy tool but not useful for those who wish to have light-weighted instruments.

In case you are seeking for the top exhilarating overdrive tones, this pedal will be ideal for you. With the assistance of the Fulltone OCD Obsessive Compulsive Drive Pedal, producing the top quality and remarkable sounds will be no more issue for you. By using it as a player, you can easily go from the low to high or high to low settings easily and efficiently.


The knobs of this pedal are highlighted in a perfect manner because of its artistically designed chassis. You can use and modify anything you need in an easy and pain-free manner. This pedal is well equipped with multiple settings that makes it somewhat heavy. On the contrary, this pedal is small in size and easy to manage. You can run it without facing any difficulty between the 9V to 18V power. In case you are looking for the best working way to get the louder sound from this pedal, it is ideal for you to run it on the 18V. If you need aggression, you can use its High Peak. On the other hand, if you like to have softer resonances, you can use its Low Peak setting. Get this tool now to obtain the exhilarating and exhilarating overdrive tones.

The most prominent thing that makes this awesome pedal up to the mark is the exclusive transition, which will be beneficial for the players. The touch sensitivity of this pedal is less, but not removed totally.

TC Electronic MojoMojo Overdrive Pedal
  • Drive, level, bass and Treble controls - total control of your overdrive sounds
  • True bypass - Zero loss of tone
  • Voicing switch - for an awesome mid-shift

It is an ideal bypass pedal that is decorated with some of the exciting features. One output and input jack are added in it. A status showing LED is added in it with the large size on and off foot-switch. The extended controls are the things that make the TC Electronic MojoMojo Overdrive one of the top items among its competitors.


It has a total of four knobs, which are uncommon in the tools available at this price level. The Voicing switch is also an additional feature if this pedal. All the controls added in this Overdrive are easy to operate and perfect for obtaining a tone of your dreams.

The appearance of this pedal is stylish in addition to the glossy red finish that is capable of grabbing the attention of the players in their first glimpse. Moreover, the quality material, reasonable and affordable, in addition to the robust metal casing, is what makes this pedal remarkable and outstanding. You can find a Voice switch in this pedal that you can use for the creation of the mid frequencies and produce sharper sounds.

This MojoMojo Overdrive is well packed in a strong and easy to carry enclosure that you make your unit simple to transport. In the specific situation that you are a creative minded person, you can use this pedal to produce plenty of tones.

Strymon El Capistan dTape Echo
  • Five tape adjustment and tone shaping knobs: Time, Mix, Tape Age, Repeats, Wow & Flutter.
  • Ultra low noise, high performance 24-bit 96kHz A/D and D/A converters.
  • 115dB typical signal to noise.
  • Super high performance DSP in a compact form factor.
  • True Bypass (electromechanical relay switching)

The manufacturers of this awesome pedal have already anticipated the unique requirements of every player while designing it. A total of three options for the distortion are added in the Strymon Sunset which are well equipped with the superb quality topologies that are different in nature. The boost options available in this remarkable pedal are also three in total. The routing is fully flexible useful for the boosting purpose.


The circuits of the Strymon Sunset are designed is such an exclusive manner that it can offer the quirkier outcomes. It also has a treble boost, useful for obtaining the desired tones of your expectations. It is basically the boost which is a JFET-based in nature and work as a mid-humped overdrive. When you try to examine it, you will come to identify that this tool has a two-stage OD.

All of these unique features make this pedal a wonderful choice for the guitarists. In the situation that you check its sides, you will find an amplifier that is a high-gain in nature and superb to provide the amplification which is beneficial for producing the great sounds. Stacking of this useful pedal of the Strymon Sunset is capable of offering the guitarists plenty of flexibility. It is also useful to cater a variety of tone range.

In case you are looking for the guitar that should be remarkable in producing the top-notch rock ‘n’ roll tones of your dreams, then this is the overdrive pedal that you have to consider. The Boss SD-1 is designed and produced particularly for this purpose. As you can see, the Boss SD-1 is designed in order to produce a high tone in an easy and trouble-free manner. It is sturdy in nature, awesome in performance, and able to produce nice tones easily and effectively.


The control section of the Boss SD-1 is user0friendly. You will get a total of three knobs to handle for producing the tone. You can find these knobs on the pedal top. Encoders of the Boss SD-1 are robust and can work for a long period of time. You can use them for the basic target of modifying the sound as per your requirements with a tremendous level of accuracy that you like to have.

If you critically examine this unit as an overdrive, you will see that the Boss SD-1 has the capacity to produce an effect that should be smooth and charming. Low-gain settings sound spectacular here since they have definition and enough treble to cut through the mix and create powerful leads. The process of entering the crunch region is not tough at all when you use this pedal due to the prime reason that the effect has the capacity to do so, which adds a big plus in this pedal. Use can use it on a 9-volt power battery or get an adaptor for this purpose. The procedure of charging the Boss SD-1 is a piece of cake for you.

Electro-Harmonix English Muff'n Tube Overdrive Pedal
  • True bypass using a mechanical relay
  • Dual vacuum tube preamp dedicated to a true tube overdrive
  • Supplied with two Electro-Harmonix 12AY7 tubes

The makers of the English Muff’n are USA based that are in this business for more than four decades. This Electro-Harmonix creation has the British influence, and there is no doubt that it is well furnished with great quality and up to the mark sound. In case you are one of those folks who are experienced in this field, like to have classic sounds and wish to get some new tones, then this is the pedal that you are looking for. Both the beginners and experienced ones can use it, but the beginners have to practice a lot.


This Electro-Harmonix making is fruitful for the novice as well as the experienced one. The controls of the English Muff’n are what you like to have in any pedal to perform according to your expectations. The knobs of this model are composed of three typical options of the High, Mid, and Low tone.

It is well supplied with the qualities ideal for creating the deep, remarkable, and superb sounds and tones that everybody loves to have. You can refine your created sounds without facing any trouble with the assistance of the control options. You can use this pedal no matter which kind of music genre you wish to produce. When you examine it, you will come to recognize that it has the vacuum tubes. These are the specially designed tubes that are beneficial for the basic target of reproducing British based valve sounds. You will find plenty of options in it to get the job done as per your demands.

Wampler Dual Fusion Tom Quayle Signature Overdrive Guitar Pedal
  • Hand made in the U.S.A.
  • High grade film capacitors and resistors picked for their superior sound and response
  • Completely true bypass
  • 2 separate pedals in one box, each with their own gain structure - volume tone gain (each with two voicing options)
  • Switchable stacking order (1 into 2, 2 into 1 or you can completely separate them)

The Tom Quayle Dual Fusion is one of the top pedals, which is designed and marketed by the Wampler. The basic target of this pedal is to provide the option of enhancing the sound and tone of the players. The quality of this pedal is what the guitarists like to have that will never fade in the future. With the outstanding and distinctive design of this Wampler creation, you can do what you are always looking for as a guitarist.


It is a handmade creation of the Wampler, which is decorated with a total of two pedals. The purpose of these pedals is simple. They are specially designed in order to produce a clean and tidy in addition to the state of the art and exclusive tone and sound. They work independently with the controls that are also separately designed for every pedal. A huge number of guitarists are using it in an easy and simple manner, and it is not tough to handle at all because of the basic fact that the interface of the Tom Quayle is simply made that you can use easily and excellently. It is the pedal that has both the modern and classic functions that are the quality you can never find in most of the pedals available these days.

You can find a superb quality switch in it with the name of “separate” the purpose of this switch is remarkable as it gives the guitarists the option of routing selection that is ideal for make this pedal personalized just according to your desires. It is one of the exceptional pedal models that are well-built, capable of providing excellent performance, and able to match the preferences of almost all kinds of players without any difficulty.

Ibanez TS808 Overdrive Pedal
  • Overdrive, Tone and Level controls
  • Delivers that warm, natural tube overdrive sound previously unattainable by conventional units.
  • Zine die cast construction and rugged rubber stopper assures durability.
  • LED indicator shows status of effect and battery condition.

Ibanez is a world head in making musical devices. It began making the guitars of which gained a variety of acceptance, in addition, to become a whole lot popular because of low price range and good quality. It is well known for his or her revolutionary and cutting border technology, and the process of improvement within the passage of time just produced it the most well-liked brand of time. Along with many guitar models that will Ibanez has produced, they have also produced effects pedals in which the TS808 Tube Screamer was a huge success.


The pedal of the TS808 Tube Screamer is strongly built that makes it workable for a longer period of time. A superb looking LED indicator is added in this pedal, the main target of which is to present the battery condition, and you can use this LED to examine the effect at the same time. It is compact in size, useful in performance, easy to handle in use, and simple to carry for transporting it anytime and anywhere when you are in need. After you buy it, you will discover that the TS808 Tube Screamer has the typically used outputs and inputs. You are able to use this pedal easily in the battery of 9V. The guitarists like to have it for producing the tube overdrive tone and sound that is rare in most of the TS808 Tube Screamer’s competitors available nowadays.

You can use this superb quality pedal to work on any music genre in a simple and comfortable way because of the addition of plenty of options for the optimal effects.

Buying Guide for Overdrive Pedals

Why Go for the Overdrive Pedals?

Overdrive pedals have changed drastically in the last few years. The sound created by overdrive pedals was originally developed by making small cuts within the paper cone in the amplifier speakers. That has been done back in the 60s, along with the creation of this sound is frequently acknowledged to the well-known guitarist Dave Davies who belongs to a UK based band The Kinks.

Music artists want to make tones that should be helpful in discovering them often. Whenever a fan hears the sound of his favourite guitarist’s rig on the recording, that fan knows immediately who’s playing your guitar. Locating the ideal tone in music is equivalent to developing a guitarist’s musical fingerprint. The pedals can help to produce the sound that will assist the visitors to determine the guitarist each time he plays overtaking or in a live life setting.

Once the pedal is altered correctly, the guitarist could make adjustments and develop a tone of his dreams. Many players want a few pieces of stuff that are more significant than the build. That’s the reason they are willing to invest whatever sum of money they must devote to overdrive pedals to obtain the sound they want. That exceptional tone is certainly how fans bear in mind the guitarist looked after permits the guitarist to generate music that’s unlike anything anyone features have you ever heard before. Creativeness and originality will be the substance of a genuine performer, which is what guitarists all around the international entire world shoot for.

What’s the Overdrive Impact Accurately?

Every modern-day guitar these days is well furnished with the Overdrive pedal. The utilization of these pedals is rising at every moment passing. You have to frequently consider these pedals due to the capabilities they offer.

In addition to the attractiveness of these pedals, they are furnished with exclusive features. The makers of the guitars soon produced solutions to recreate that clipping impact and group it right into a convenient pedal data format with the assistance of the Overdrive.

What Makes a Good Overdrive Pedal?

When you are hunting for a top pedal, it is ideal for you to go for a simple one, and you also need to critically examine the circuitry available in it. You should also check the controls of the pedal you wish to buy. You have plenty of options for it as the market presents the basics ones, mini computer-like, and others. Make sure that the Overdriven Pedal you pick should have user-friendly controls.


The utilization of the pedals is essential these days, and they are able to produce massive variations in sound quality. Frequently the more expensive a new pedal is, the much better it can work for you. It is likewise very true, especially together with the examples above, the particular older the pedal is usually the more expensive sound it will produce. As with most points guitar related, they don’t help to make things like they used to. In case you are looking for the pedals to cover your demands, the above list can serve you easily in this regard. It is ideal no matter you are looking for buying any pedal or just have a curiosity to know the features of them. What you should buy is dependent on the fact that what are your requirements and what you like to spend for this purpose.

Well! The choice is always yours, however, in case you are looking for a pedal that will never produce an extra sound and well built then the MXR EVH 5150 Overdrive is an awesome choice. If you like to have a detailed pedal with the toggling switch options, buy JHS Moonshine V2. On the contrary, the Brit-flavored sound and two channels lover can check the Friedman BE-OD. The Fulltone OCD Obsessive Compulsive Drive Pedal will provide you light weighted pedals that are strong as well. The easily accessible battery compartment is added in the TC Electronic MojoMojo Overdrive, and the Strymon Sunset comes with lots of options, versatility, and usability for every player. The Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive is durable in nature while the Electro-Harmonix English Muff’n is fully responsive and able to produce a variety of tones. The lovers of two pedals and additional options can examine the option of Wampler Tom Quayle Dual Fusion, and the Ibanez TS808 Tube Screamer is ideal for producing the classic tones, Versatile functionalities, and built quality. All of these overdrive pedals are able to make specific kinds of sounds and produce the tones that will change the sound of the guitar so much it is almost unrecognizable as a guitar sound. You can also opt for the multi effects pedals that will combine lots of outcomes in one box.

You have to keep in mind that every option available has some good things and something bad as well. You need to choose wisely and buy the one which can cover all of your demands within your limited budget. So these are the reviews that provide you the pros and downsides in addition to the features of the leading pedals that all are perfect for acquiring the best sounds feasible. It is true that the process of purchasing is not as simple as we think it is, you should be very choosy and always do your best research before ordering any overdrive pedal. You can find plenty of quality overdrive pedals available from this list. Selecting the right one depends on the intended sound, thus buying one with the varieties of controls that create the particular desired sound output is very important.

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