10 Best Octave Effect Pedals

Are you looking for the best octave pedal available out there? Are you looking for that ‘all-in-one’ pedal such as Multi-Effects Pedal?

There are many different things to keep in mind when selecting the most suitable pedal for you, individually. But it takes some extensive research.

We’ve done that and listed down below the best octave effect pedals out there. Let’s get to it.

Buy the Best Octave Pedals in 2020

Electro-Harmonix Pitch...
  • Transposes over a +/-...
  • 11-position Shift knob...
  • EXP input lets you...
  • Latch and Momentary modes...
  • Comes with EHX 9.6DC-200...

This company is quite old and known for its numerous successful pedals. Their pedals are sturdy and indestructible. But, aesthetically for some guitarist, Harmonix pedals don’t live up to that mark. Even this outstanding pedal is just painted on one side with no extra details and textures.

This pedal is our first pick just because of the quality and features that it offers. Let’s check them out.


  • Transposes pitch over +/- three-octave range
  • 2 knobs: blend control (to adjust the octave effects)
  • EXP inputs lets you take full control of the pitch shift
  • The momentary and modes affect how the EXP
  • Glissando time varies between 4 milliseconds to 2 seconds
  • 8 specific transposition intervals
Electro Harmonix Micro...
  • Polyphonic octave...
  • Make your 6 String guitar...
  • Super-fast tracking
  • Dry, Sub Octave, and...

Another one from Electro Harmonix. As mentioned earlier, this company has the best quality of pedals but aesthetically, the pedals are not amusing. But, this beauty is an exception, look at that bright red! The packaging is quite different and sturdier than other octave pedals by this company.

This pedal was proven to be the best octave pedals by many websites and blogs out there. Many musicians also started using this pedal and made some ground-breaking creations.


  • The pedal is polyphonic
  • Dry output jack + effects output jack available
  • 96DC- 200BI power supply is also included
  • Altogether, the pedal consists of 3 knobs
DigiTech Whammydtv-01 DT...
  • True Polyphonic Pitch...
  • Drop or Raised tuning by...
  • Momentary footswitch for...
  • True Bypass
  • FS3X input for hands-free...

When Digitech introduced this red darling to the industry people were shocked. They were not sure whether to purchase it or not. Many people thought that is was just a gimmick and that this technology will fade away. But, all these criticism were from those who didn’t give this beauty a fair shot.

Afterwards, many people started buying it and discovered that this was something exceptional. The quality and packaging were decent and enjoyable. Later, it appeared on the news that this pedal was used in over 60 Grammy performances. That is a big achievement for DigiTech. Now let’s see what was this hype all about?


  • True and refined polyphonic pitch shifting and Whammy effects all confined in a single pedal.
  • Drop/raised tuning by almost 7 (halved) steps or an entire octave
  • A momentary footswitch is also included. Just for Pull-off effects and Hammer on effects
  • The pedal has a true bypass system
  • FS3X input available for hands-free selection of Whammy and drop tunes modification
  • Features an LED set up on the right of this magnificent pedal
Mooer Audio Micro Series...
  • Fat, Tight, Swell Modes
  • Single Button Operation
  • True Bypass
  • Single Toggle Switch

The octave effect market is quite saturated as manufacturers are coming up with more advance technologies. The market is functioning like an electronic market where you have to be innovative and competitive. But, some exceptional companies do it their way. Yes! We are talking about Mooer.

This company has taken many risks in its entire career. Amongst all the digitally advanced pedals, this company has kept the original design of a basic pedal and has worked on the quality. If we talk about the tender Octaver, we can simply say, elegant and pleasing. Now, let’s dive in and get to know this pink diva.


  • The upper knobs include: Sub, upper, and dry knobs
  • Polyphonic octave pedal with an endless number of tonal possibilities
  • The FAT algorithm gives a heavy earthy tone while the lower octave gives a sweet-touch to the music.
  • The pedals words on a SWELL mode as well.
BOSS OC-3 Electronic...
  • package dimensions :6.35...
  • Product Type :INSTRUMENT...
  • country of origin :China
  • package weight :2.0lbs
  • Bass input for adapting...

Our next candidate is THE BOSS. This company competes for a very long time. Boss has manufactured various effect pedals and got tremendous success. One thing that is exceptional about this company is: the product is built to the utmost perfection. Boss’s pedals are known to be the world’s sturdiest beast.

You can work with them on any genre, they will perform flawlessly. But, manufacturers do indeed received some backlash, which is normal. Nonetheless, Boss has always stood triumphant against all odds. Here is our review on the BOSS OC-3


  • Output: mono 1 plus direct output connection
  • Level: used to balance the blend of effects
  • OCT 1 level: quiet self-explanatory
  • Level control: adjusts the level of the modes
  • Modes: you have a selection of OCT 2, drive, and poly to choose from.
EarthQuaker Devices...
  • A classic analog octave...
  • Adds an excellent,...
  • Pair it with your...
  • It has no complicated...
  • The octave up effect will...

EarthQuaker Devices is a versatile company that has given us several gems to play with. For their vintage packaging to their superior quality products, everything is a win-win. This company doesn’t usually go overboard installing hundreds of features in a pedal. Instead, they keep things simple and elegant.

The pedals are lively and do what a pedal is supposed to do. The Tentacle analogue octave up pedal is a surprising invention. This is because, firstly, the pedal is analogue, secondly, the pedal works well than many others out there in the market. According to the company, they use simple and user-friendly components to manufacture their pedals. Let’s get started with the review so that you can also see and buy this bad boy, immediately.


  • Pedal Type: Analog
  • Current draw: 2Ma
  • Input impedance: 100K Ohm
  • Output impedance: <1K Ohm
  • Power supply: Standard 9V DC power supply with 2.1 mm –ve centre barrel
T-Rex Engineering...
  • Octave divider and...
  • Lo Oct and High Oct...
  • The balance between Lo...
  • Third high octave for a...
  • Master Mix knob sets the...

Ever heard of this company? We can bet that many of you out there don’t recognize this company. This is because T-Rex has not made itself prominent in the market. Even though, this company has a huge market and access to the most advanced technology. For some reason, they are underrated, maybe because of the intense competition?

This company was set up in Denmark in 1996 which makes it quite old, qualified, and experience to make dynamic changes. People who buy their products stick to them for ages because of their quality and unique designs. For our review, we have selected another pink diva, Octavius tri-tone generator. Let’s see what makes it so special.


  • The pedal spreads the tone in three different tones (the third one remains unchanged, the second one goes down the octave, and the first one go up the octave)
  • Knobs: the low oct, the high oct, master mix, and boost
JOYO JF-12 Voodoo Octave...
  • Fuzz tones along with...
  • Measures: 2 1/2" W x 4...

Octave effect pedals are different from all the other pedals out there. They are hard to get a grip on because of their complex nature. If you are a beginner, you NEED to do some research before clicking on random websites and buying the most attractive one. Companies use strategies such a bright and glossy packaging to attract beginners. But little do they know, all that glitters is not gold.

We recommend you to go for the cheaper option if you are new to the Octave world. But again, be smart about it as there are many pedals out there that do give a lot for less. On the contrary, some just rip you off leaving your composition, a disaster. For our eighth pick, we present to you VOODOO by Joyo.


  • The fuzz: it alters the amount of distortion and adds more gain when you turn it clockwise
  • Tone: changes the ratio of bass and treble
  • Toggle switch: enables you to switch between the two modes (normal and mid-cut)
  • Volume: quite self-explanatory
MXR M288 Bass Octave...
  • Constant headroom...
  • True bypass
  • Organic analog tone
  • Two independent octave...
  • Mid+ switch adds a...

As we mentioned earlier, octave pedals are hard to manufacture. These pedals are excellent in doing their job but some pedals fail to operate with low bass tones. That’s a bummer, right? But it is true, many companies are trying to tackle this issue but are failing miserably.

Until now, MXR introduced this blue bad boy to the world PROUDLY. This pedal is specially designed to cater to the problem faced by guitarists all over the world. The pedal works exceptionally with low bass tones, amplifying and refining them. Yes! We are talking about the ultimate beauty, MXR M288 bass octave deluxe. Let’s find out its specifications.


  • This beauty has CHT (Constant headroom technology)
  • It has two different and highly independent octave voices
  • A mid-range boost is added by the MID+ switch
  • MID+ switch: adds mid-range boost
  • Growl: Adds mid-range boost to the sound.
  • Girth: does the same but for a lower pitch sounds.
  • Dry: manage the blend between the octave and raw signals.
TC Electronic Sub 'N' Up...
  • Next generation...
  • Classic monophonic...
  • TonePrint Editor w....
  • TonePrint enabled - Beam...
  • True Bypass

How can we leave out our best buddy? TC Electronic! Now here’s a thing, some manufacturers make various pedals. Then there is TC electronic who takes innovation to the next level and breaks all the boundaries of giving the best. This company has truly outage themselves and made astounding products, one after the other.

Similarly, Sub ‘N’ up has “modernisation” written all over it. This is seriously the best example of the future because of its unfathomable features and working quality. Let’s just start with this review as we are eager to talk about this red and black perfection.


  • Next-gen octave-engine technology (polyphonic)
  • Classic monophonic Octaver
  • TonePrint editor with high modulation service
  • Optional buffered bypass mode
  • Upper octave level
  • 2 sub-octave level control
  • The switch allows you to choose from three modes including (Classic, polyphonic, and TonePrint)

Buying an Octave Effect Pedal

These are a type of special and unique effects that mix the input signals with a much-synthesized signal. The musical tone of these signals is one or two octave higher or lower than the original tone. The synthesized effect is obtained by doubling “octave-up” or cutting down the “octave-down” frequencies.

Octave effects were based on analogue channels in the early years. Nowadays, these effects are more digitalized and modern with a whole bunch of new features and options. This effect is truly out of the box and can make a piece of music sounds much harmonious. Now, after knowing what how octave effects are let’s talk about the types of octave pedals.

Types of Octave Pedals:

These pedals are categorized into two categories: analogue and digital. The analogue is the original and refined technology. On the other hand, digital is more modernized versions with advanced features.


As we all know, octave pedals were originally analogue pedals with analogue circuitry. They were confined to only one (octave down) in comparison with the input signal. Most analogue octave pedals are monophonic. This means that they are capable of monitoring only single notes. The main issue with these pedals is their weak system of “tracking”. The tracking is an ability of a pedal to detect the note which being played and emit a suitable octave effect. The analogue pedals are weak in doing so and can end up blowing out.


Digital Octaves are more advanced and have various features to play with. Unlike analogue pedals, these digital babies provide both up and down octave effects. They are easy to handle and have a unique personality and appearance. These pedals have solved the problem of monophonic limits. These pedals can go up to polyphonic models which allow you to play multiple notes at a single time. Not only this, but digital pedals also have a more easy and fast-tracking system, unlike the original octaves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Octave Pedals should be placed?

An octave pedal is traditionally placed at the starting of the effects long chain. This position ensures that you get the finest and transparent quality of sounds. Without and interruptions or glitches.

What is an Octave Pedal used for?

An Octave pedal is used to add depth and clarity to your personalized compositions.

What does a pitch shifter do?

This is quite self-explanatory. The pitch shifter raises or lowers down the intensity of a pitch of an audio signal by a preset interval.


These were the listing of all the Octave effect pedal that we recommend. We know this list is quite subjective as many wills agreed and some will disagree. We value your opinion because every guitarist has a different taste in music. Let us remind you there is no such thing as a bad taste in music. Music is made with love and effort, therefore, we should refrain from belittling others and improve on ourselves. If we talk about Octaves, this is a special effect that is extremely different from other effects out there. It needs precision and a clean mind. You have to know everything about it to make a difference. Not everyone is a fan of octave effects, therefore, the market of these pedals is niche. People who like this effect know how to work with them. We have picked out the best for every type of person out there, from a beginner to a professional. The octave pedal market is slowing down which is why there are no new pedals available. But hey! Don’t feel bad, companies are doing their best to bring modern and advanced technology to us. Keep on playing and composing new tunes and to be honest, in no time we will be flooded with new and improved pedals.

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