10 Best Looper Pedals

Having a rhythm player or a bassist on board is just awesome, but it’s kind of impossible to put your music idea into their minds instantaneously while playing on stage.

Well, no worries! this problem can be easily resolved with a looper pedal which allows you to express your own style just the way you wanted.

..or you can say improvising in band performances was never so easy until the dawn of looper pedals.

Best Looper Pedals

Buy the Best Looper Pedals in 2020

Electro-Harmonix Big Muff...
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Boss is a big name in the world of guitar industry, as far as loop pedals are concerned, boss is one of the top manufacturers of these devices and their RC-3 Loop station is a perfect combo of high quality, affordable price, advanced functions and user friendly. So without wasting more time talking, let’s check out what this little beast has to offer us. 


Coming with a compact design and signature Boss sturdy metal casing, we are looking at classic Boss casing with a sensual red finish. This looper pedal is strong and reliable, and most durable even in the long run. It operates a stereo device with two inputs and a pair of outputs, giving the player the opportunity to plug in a separate microphone and add a whole other instrument into the looper, as well as operate with stereo rigs. 

What’s essential, the device comes with a large internal memory, with a storing capacity of three hours of stereo quality recording through 99 built-in memory slots. Also in the package its offers a rhythm guide with real drum sounds. It also has a special port 2.0 allocated for USB, connecting it with a PC for import and export of music files. Now the most exciting feature worth mentioning is the tap tempo- it allows to manually set the loops tempo by tapping it through the footswitch. Finally, it offers a five-year Boss warranty in the given price. 


What we liked most about the controls is how Boss managed to spread the footswitch related functions around despite utilising just a single footswitch. So the big button on the control panel happens to start recording (one tap) and stop it (two taps). For allocation of recorded loops onto memory, the player is given two buttons to select one of the 98 available slots. 

It also has a separate button for saving the melody into the desired memory slot, which also functions as a delete button if pressed for a longer time. Finally there is an output knob, which determines the level of effects audio present in the mix. It also offers a special input jack  for connecting an extra footswitch to separate the stop or memory shift feature. 


The performance of a good looper is assessed by how the recorded part sounds, it should be natural, organic and not too plastic. The RC-3 clearly stands on these grounds with a clear sonic punch and being user friendly. The best feature about this device is the quality of rhythm tracking is on a high level, which is a rare feature found in smaller stomp boxes like this. The built-in three hour recording time is more than enough for an average user to consume and provides more than enough space for storing a significant database. 


We must say for Rc-3 is value for money, you won’t regret your money for RC-3 sonic punch to your style. It has all the essential functions of recording and looping tracks, and inumalates it with the advanced features such as stereo inputs, internal memory, on board drums and much more. This pedal surely covers the playing needs of the majority of the users out there, if you are in search of a looper pedal you can never go wrong with Boss RC-3 Loop station. 

Nux Loop Core is the best choice for users who are in pursuit of an advanced yet budget friendly loop box.Coming in an unusual yellow metal casing, this stompbox is capable of combining high quality sounds with advanced features of storing the loops to memory or tap tempo feature. If the basic looper does not facilitate your needs and you are a bit low on budget then Nux Loop Core is a valid choice for you. Lets have a closer look. 


The pedal comes in a sturdy metallic casing, capable of enduring a decent punch on the stage. In our books, its highly durable and worthy device to rock your performances on stage or in studio settings. Its should be noted that here we are dealing with a stereo device that is having two inputs and two outputs. It allows you to run the pedal in stereo rig on side while you can add additional instruments to the loop on the input side. 

Nux Loop Core offers a recording capacity of 6 hours of stereo or mono audio, which is more than enough for live stage performances and quite enough for storing a large database of recorded loops. For storage purpose it offers a 99 set of memory slots 

The pedal also offers onboard drum patterns, with tap tempo feature that allows you to manually select the desired tempo of the loop audio without affecting the key. Besides this you can easily import and export loops via PC, as well as plug an optional extension pedal for additional control. Loop core is powered by either a DC adapter or a 9V battery making it feasible for performances both on stage or studio recordings. 


Loop care is a one switch pedal but the manufacturer was wise enough to separate the save and delete functions and assign them separate buttons. This means that the frontal switch is solely used for the purpose of turning on and ending the recordings of the loop unless a tap tempo switch is used. 

Up and down buttons are used for searching the desired memory slot, and a separate knob is designated for adjusting the level of rhythm loop. When mentioning rhythm, the device offers a total of 40 on board drum patterns to choose from the rhythm button. 


You will be surprised to know that the pedal offers a very smooth and naturalistic sound or the loop, even when effects are added to the music it still gives a very organic and natural sonic output of the loop that remains natural and is easy to adapt to a variety of effects. We personally are not impressed by the rhythm function and the audio it offers, so we do not recommend it for live stage performances though it can be used for practise at home or studio. 


At the end of the day its a fair deal for the listed price. If you are looking for advanced functions looper pedal but want to spare your $100 then you must check out this rockstar. Also if you are a fan of yellow then what are you waiting for. 

EarthQuaker Devices Hoof...
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If you are someone who is amazed by simplicity and concise features then we recommend TC Electronic Guitar Ditto to you. Featuring super classy looks and with just a single button and a single knob this lil little monster is capable of great performance. Guitar ditto is one of the top knotch and most effective looper pedals available in the market. 

As we know this device is the name of simplicity it lacks some of the advanced features making it the best choice for the beginners and players who prefer simplicity with their loopers. But do not misjudge its simplicity for an average performance, its sound is no where near to the beginner level. Enough said lets find out what this lil devil is capable of. 


The first thing as soon as you cast your eyes on this device you will notice an incredible craftsmanship and most trendy looks. The beautiful metal chassis of Guitar ditto gives you an impression of its sturdiness,durability and reliability as a looper pedal. Seeing the simplicity of this stompbox leaves no doubt that it’s a mono pedal. Now you must be wondering what does we mean by mono pedal, i-e it has only one input and only one output. Its not a problem for many players, it means you can only plug in one instrument in the looper and connect it with only one output device. 

The guitar ditto gives only 5mins of loop time, which we think is more than enough for live shows. Besides this it gives uncountable overdubs and undo or redo edits, which again is an essential feature. It also has a true bypass switch and is powered by a 9V battery which is not included in the package. 


As we said earlier guitar ditto is crafted in the simplest form, it has only one footswitch, one knob and a status LED indicator and that’s all. We think this is all most guitarists need to play. The level knob adjusts the level of loop effect in your audio output while the footswitch controls most of the work. Pressing the footswitch once begins the recordings while tapping it fast twice ends the recordings you previously started thus making a loop. Finally in order to delete the loop just press the button for a few seconds. 


If we have to say something about its performance quality, we must say it does the job well! It gives a beautiful high quality sound, the recorded audio that gets mixed in the loop is absolutely natural, organic and close to the original. We must say we got no complaints here. Besides this, it also performs exceptionally well when combined with other effects, with zero sonic interference in the loop signal. 


At the end of the day, although this device offers basic functions but keeping performance and controls in mind it is the most efficient pedal in this price, or you can say it truly delivers best in price it offers. It uses high quality electronics and wiring, making it more durable and reliable.

Fender Blender Custom...
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Electro harmonix 720 stereo looper comes in a small package with most advanced features . Its common to find basic functions in stomp boxes of this size but this looper has boggle our mind with surprise. When talking about sound quality is great, offers great durability and reliability most of all gives a user friendly interface, we don’t have much to complain about. Enough of chattering let’s take a closer look. 


Electro harmonix 720 stereo looper gives a twelve minutes of looping time with a string of ten independent loops, which we think is more than enough for any player to rock on. Apart from this, it offers overdubs, unlimited undo and redo editing and some special features like reverse and half speed. 

The reverse button, reverse plays the loop you just recorded and creates some crazy sounds. The ½ speed button is pretty understandable; it reduces the loop speed by 50%. Its a stereo device, having two inputs and outputs, allowing you to plug in several instruments to the stompbox as well as connecting it to other devices. A separate input is also available for connecting it to an optional footswitch. The device comes with a DC adapter and can be also powered by a 9V battery. 


The control interface 0f 720 has two footswitches, which makes it easier to use the looper. Here,it’s incredible to find out two foot switches in a looper of this size. It means that tapping the same switch twice for executing the desired function now with two switches you can commence the loop recording at one side and stop it with another switch.  

There is also an option given to select the desired operation mode using the mode control and the level knob as u know controls the amount of loop injected into the audio output. 


When it comes to performance, it delivers top quality sound, that is authentic, natural and organic in its kind. But what left us astonished is that the quality of sound remains high even when the two special features are used. Even in reverse play the sound does not give a digital or robotic effect rather stays original and natural. 

However, we think that the user friendly interface and the quality of sound are the two major assets of 720 stereo looper, the two unique features of reverse and ½ are great but soon the player’s curiosity to experiment with it will fade away. Besides this as we said earlier its highly durable and reliable both by looks and machinery. 


At the end we must say it’s a pro level option and is truly worth the price. We think it’s enough to satisfy your heart while buying this lil daredevil.

Digitech is the company having a fair share in the loop pedal market, thanks to its incredible craftsmanship combined with high quality audio sound and all this available at a fair price makes it on our list today. 

Digitech JMEXTV JamMan Express XT promises to cover the needs of guitarists of all levels and styles, whether you are a beginner or pro JMEXTV JamMan Express XT can be your go to thing. We are super excited to review this awesome looper pedal, so without wasting any further time lets check it out. 


It comes in a beautiful sleek blue metal chassis with jam max express xt logo imprinted in the centre of pedal. Being stereo in nature the pedal offers a pair of inputs and outputs. This allows. You can plug two instruments into your stompbox and as well utilise your stompbox into the stereo rig, which is the most demanding feature of pro musicians. 

Digitech fella has a storing capacity of 10mins of stereo quality audio recordings, which is more than enough for any player. It also offers unlimited overdubs and undo or redo edits. Here we are dealing with a true bypass pedal with a single footswitch switch. It has separate LED status indicators for recording, overdubs and play modes, making it easier to harness this beast. 


As in most of the compact size loopers the controls are basic and precise yet most efficient. This Digitech monster has only one knob, the level knob to adjust the amount of loop effect that is injected into the final audio mix. 

Usually the footswitch serves the function of on and off while incase of this device there is more to the switch button then meets the eyes. It rather performs three functions; tapping the switch once begins the recording of the loop segment, tapping it twice ends the recording you started earlier while holding the button for a few seconds will delete the loop making new space for new audio. Moreover, tapping the button after the loop is recorded will set loop playback on and while tapping it for the third time will start recording of an overdub layer. 


Now coming to performance, it records the sound in the most clear, natural and organic manner ensuring zero sonic interference and bad noise in the audio signal. It gives a 10mins loop time which we think is more than enough for 99% players. We can conclude that this device will cover your back well while a crazy bombastic performance. 


We must conclude that JMEXTV JamMan Express XT gives brilliant performance for the money charged. What’s best about this product is that it has all the basic functions with a simple control panel and good sound quality. If you are not looking for something very advanced or pro than this device is your mate. 

Those guitarists among you who love experimenting and playing out of the box, Vox has crafted VLL1 to satisfy your thirst for music. Vox VLL1 is the name of versatility and its loaded with a number of guitar effects centred around the looper. By now many of you might be thinking with so much to offer in one pedal it will be difficult to handle, but to your surprise this device is easy to use and navigate. 

We decided to unleash this beast and check it out what it has to offer us. So let’s start over with its detailed review. 


Vox VLL1 is a dual pedal device, loaded with a variety of effects and loop functions. In total it has 12 super cool effects which u can inculcate in your performance and combine them to create 90secs of loops through two independent channels. 

Here you can also make additional overdubs with further undo and redo edits. Vox VLL1 also features Qauntize; that allows you to create phrases of any desired length within the given limits or to put it simply, synchronise the two recorded loops into tempo of your choice. Vox VLL1 features two inputs; an instrument input and an XLR mic input, allowing you to add up to sound sources to your looping mix. 


Mostly loop pedals come with basic controls but that’s totally not the case with Vox VLL1, though it does not take long to get used to this beast. The two foot switches are responsible for controlling the recordings on both available channels while the two knobs are used for selecting the desired guitar effects and controlling the amount of loop signal injected into your final audio output. 

To manage the tempo of recording an additional feature includes a built-in metronome, as well as an auto recording option and a clear button to delete the recorded loop. The footswitches are user friendly and serve the following functions; tap once to start recording, tap twice to stop and hold for a few seconds for undo or redo edits. 


As far as sound quality is expected its best option for the beginners or intermediate players. We cannot compare its sound quality with hi end devices but it delivers fairly good quality natural and organic sound to quench the thirst of starters. Moreover its gives them an authentic and classic experience to deal with mixing a variety of guitar effects with a looper. 


Well at the end of the day, we must say this pedal offers more than its value. If you are a beginner and want to experiment with new grounds this is surely your go to looper and we promise you won’t regret buying this beast as your first looper pedal. 

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Moozikpro Guitar Loop Pedal is one of the most popular loopers of the year. It has well beaten its competitors by its strong and sturdy built, micro size, basic in function but one of the highly effective designs. If you are searching for something basic but on point this pedal is surely made for you. Enough of talking, let’s check this micro fella out


Moozikpro looper pedal is encased in a unique bluish grey cover, with a micro size of 5.7 x 2.8 x3. 7 and weighing only 11.7 ounces. The micro pedal technology enables its users to plug in a significantly higher number of stompboxes into your pedal board and this fella does the job perfectly! 

It gives 10mins of recorded loop option, which we think is more than enough for most of the folks will ever need. Overall it comes with unlimited overdubs and features a pc application to import and export loops in. WAV format. It’s a mono device, meaning it has only one input and out hence only one instrument can be plugged in and  supports no stereo rigs, which we think is not an issue for most of the guitarists. 

One thing which we love most about this micro buddy is the memory feature, which stores the loop even when power is cut out it won’t harm your performance. It also provides an 11inch 1/4inch cable at this price which we think is a nice deal. 


The controls of this micro fella are basic, simple, effective and on point. It has one knob and standard controls which we think satisfies the needs of the vast majority of guitarists and moozikpro got it all. Specifically it got a single knob to adjust the amount of loop in your audio output, a single footswitch and a status LED indicator.

As far as single footswitch is concerned it performs the usual three functions; tap once to start recording, tap twice to stop and hold it for a few seconds to delete the loop. Although it requires a bit of tap dancing, we think it’s not a big deal for most of us. 


When talking about sound quality its great, it’s absolutely authentic and organic in nature regardless of the sound effects you think to add on. Other than this, the controls are smooth and user friendly. 


When thinking of buying a new pedal the most important factor is to consider the budget and price and we think you can not get a better deal than moozikpro at this price. What makes it on our list is its micro size, good sonic quality and easy to use device. We know its a one switch pedal but still at this price you can not get a better option than moozikpro. So what are you waiting for? Just go for it! 

Way Huge WHE401 Swollen...
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We believe the needs of many guitarists are covered by more basic models of loopers while Digitech Jam Man is the blue-eyed puppy of most advanced users! So if you are in search of a sophisticated looper equipment then Digitech Jam Man might be the right choice for you. Without a second thought its one of the best looper pedals available in the market and that’s why it makes it to our list of top ten loopers. Enough said, let’s find what we have in our hands. 


It comes in a beautiful glossy blue metal chassis, at first glance it might seem very complex device to you but in actual its more user friendly than most of the single switch loopers. 

The device has 99 memory slots and allows you to record up to 35mins of stereo quality audio. What’s exciting here is, the device allows you to use an optional SDHC card and gives an additional storage of 99 memory slots to store a new load of 16 hours of CD quality music, allowing you to make your own looping library. In order to manage your looping library Digitech has launched an Jammanager Loop Librarian software in the package. 

One of the most prominent features is the tap tempo, which enables you to manually adjust the tempo of your loops. Another interestingly cool feature is the Reverse button, which allows you to reverse play your recorded loops. 


When we look at the control panel it’s packed with many buttons, but do not worry most of these buttons are the standard loop controls packed within a single footswitch, but separated by operations for much easier use. 

The upper front of the panel houses four foot switches to control your recording, tempo and loop selection, enabling you to easily switch loops while performing. You can also prepare ahead of the gig not just for single loops. Whereas the rest of the buttons controls the level of loop and rhythm injected in your audio output. All the controls are pretty easy to use and  pretty understandable once you lay your hands on this lil monster. 


We can control ourselves to give this device a 10 outta 10! At the end it just steals the show! This device is incredibly easy to use and rock. Besides recording single loops it also allows you to craft a single man show with a series of recorded loops you can record ahead the jamming. The sound quality is nothing less than exceptional, the recorded footage sounds the same as the original. The audio out is very natural and organic no matter how many other effects you add on. 


If you are looking for a looper power house then this fella is your army to master the art of looping. It delivers high sound quality, offers high durability and reliability at the most affordable price. Even with such great looping powers it comes in a compact size and which is almost unimaginable. It stands high on all the crucial points which gives this fella a thumbs up from our side and we highly recommend it. 

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Till now you will be aware about the quality and performance Electro harmonix has to offer its users. The 360 Nano looper is another incredible creation by electro-harmonix, if you are solo or street performer this nano stompbox is all you need to rock your performance. So without wasting time lets check this nano fella out. 


The Electro-harmonix 360 Nano looper as the name suggests comes in super compact size with simple controls and a clean design.whats more interesting is the affordability and versatility it offers to your performance. It features a silent momentary footswitch and includes 9.6DC-200 EHX power supply


The control panel of the 360 nano looper is super simple and clean to play with. Or you can say it could not be more user friendly. The control panel contains a footswitch, level knob and a looper knob. The former controls the output level of the loop, Your dry signal remains at the unity signal level from input to output. 

While the loop knob selects the loop number: 1-11. When scrolling through loops, the MEM LED flashes quickly during transitions. If the loop has no recorded memory, the MEM LED remains off. If the loop has recorded memory, the MEM LED remains on and playback can begin. Besides this, the pedal has a ¼” input on the right side and a ¼” output on the left. The AC adapter jack is at the front.


When it comes to the performance it delivers high quality sound of recorded loops. The 360 Nano Looper owes its name to the ability to record loops up to 360 seconds in length, which can be divided into 11 different loops for maximum control and flexibility. They are stored onboard in 24-bit/44.1KHz .WAV format.

Each loop can be edited with undo/redo function and gives unlimited overdubbing with no degradation in fidelity. The recorded loops are automatically saved to the slot indicated by the right knob. The user friendly design of 360 nano looper makes it easy for the users to record a loop, overdubbing, undo-redo and erasing a loop quickly and alot more easier. The down road is that due to its nano size the pedal doesn’t work on batteries and the AC adapter has to be bought separately. 


At the end of the day, the 360 nano looper is the best option for you, if you are trying your luck in a street performance or like giving solo performances. With its super compact size and affordable price with high quality looping sound this pedal makes its way on our top ten looper pedals.

Death by Audio Fuzz War...
  • Level and shape controls
  • Internal drive control

Loop Core Deluxe pedal is halfway between a basic looper and a looper processor. Or you can say it performs greatly in practicing riffs or trying your own solo ideas out. What’s more cheesy about this pedal is its super affordable price with great features. So let’s have a closer look at the loop core deluxe and assess its looping powers. 


The Loop Core Deluxe is a standard-sized pedal box encased in  a sturdy metallic gold color case,it offers a  simple user interface, and standard input/output layout. The In and Ctrl In (footswitch) inputs are located on the right side, while the Amp and Mixer outs are on the left. The power jack and Aux-In are in front. This pedal can use 9V batteries and an AC adapter for power.


The top panel contains the multi-functional stomp switch used to start and stop recording, initiate overdub mode, and activate playing/repeat mode. The stacked loop volume/drum beat volume knob, preset display, Save/Delete & Stop/Modes buttons, Rec/Dub/Play indicators, two phrase selector switches, and Tap/Tempo indicator complete the top panel. 

It also offers three different stop modes to finish your playing. In Normal mode just double tap and the loop recording stops instantly. In finish mode it plays until the end of the last measure. Finally in the fade out mode offers 10 secs fadeout to stop recording. 

It also offers import and export of looping phrases by connecting your Loop Core Deluxe to your PC/Mac with a Mini-B USB connector to import available loop phrases or to back up yours. Loop Core Deluxe is only compatible with 24-bit/44.1kHz WAV files.


When it comes to performance NUX loop core deluxe offers high sound quality with additional features to die for.  With upgraded hardware, record loop phrases up to 8 hours with unlimited layers in 24-bit high-resolution audio quality into 99 saved memories.

What’s more exciting than playing with realistic drum effects, Loop Core Deluxe’s all-new drum machine comes with 40 different drum rhythms (30 in 4/4, 10 in 3/4) covering different styles of genres including rock, pop, blues, jazz and much more. To ensure the exact tone you desire, Loop Core Deluxe is designed with frequency compensation for drums and a cabinet simulator. Both are utilized through the stereo output Jacks.

Another exciting feature loop core offers its users is the automatic tempo detection, which allows you to easily lay down a loop w/out a metronome or any drum patterns to your performance .  Add a drum pattern later, and Loop Core Deluxe will automatically process your tempo to match the pattern. No technical details to stress with; just enjoy your music.


Woah! we must say, at the end of the day, NUX loop core deluxe is a complete powerhouse, we enjoyed reviewing this product. Its Highly recommended, with such great features and high quality sound at such affordable price is a must buy product and big thumbs up from our side! Are u still waiting? Go get this beast before its too late. Happy shopping!

Things to consider when buying a looper pedal

Just like the other pedals, a looper pedal has its own essential features to look for when buying one. Many people have their own choice and preferences but we have drawn some most desirable traits to look for when buying a looper box. 

First and most important, the recorded sound should be authentic, natural and organic in nature. Any sort of sonic interference is considered a total turn off for us, and in today’s review we eliminated all the loopers who didn’t match this basic demand. 

Now comes the time to answer the question of whether you need a more advanced looper or the one which just performs the basic standard functions. Like a tap tempo or reverse button is something many users hunt for in a looper pedal. 

Beside this, users look for the durability, feasibility, reliability of the circuits, value offered for money and somehow good looks on the outer too. While making the loopers list we kept the sound quality top priority among all the other aspects . 

What difference does the number of footswitches make? 

In short, more switches means more control. The footswitches carry multi purpose functions, for instance, start recording, stop the playback, erasing the loop and more. We recommend its much easier and convenient to use at least two switches. Manufacturers are well aware of this fact and thats why most of the expensive models utilise three foot switches. 

Now you might think single footswitch models are useless, well to your surprise they are not! You just have to learn a little tap dance to get a hang on them. If you are on a tight budget you can look for single switch models which support external switches to connect to your looper. 

Does loop length matter? 

You should not worry about the loop timing as most of the pedals, even low budget stompboxes, offer a 10mins loop timing which is more than enough for any user. 

Does storage capacity matter? 

Most pedals do not offer internal storage once switched off you lose your recorded loop. But if you are interested in saving loops for future loops then you must search for a looper which offers internal storage. Some models have internal built-in space while the more advanced models supports external SDHC card

Difference between mono n stereo loops

The mono loop has only one input and only one output while the stereo loop has two inputs and two outputs. Which means you can add more than one instrument to your looper and stereo outputs allow you to run the pedal through a stereo rig or through separate amps. 

What’s the best way to use a loop pedal

Many new musicians get confused with the question ‘can we use looper in a studio setting?’ well to be honest its pointless to use. The main function of looper is to create a backing rhythm section while you are performing on stage whereas in studio settings you can easily record as many backtracks as you want but in live performances the story is different. 

So the best way to use a loop pedal is during live performances or while busking on your own. Many street performers rely on loopers for exceptional results keep that in mind. 

Beside being used in stage performances, loopers can be used by beginners and amateurs to practice their gigs on. You can use a loop pedal to practice guitar solos by recording rhythm parts to spin around until you nail the stuff. If your pedal has the ability to import audio files, you can also take the song you like and dissect it through pitch- and tempo-changing features.

How much should i invest to get a good looper pedal

Well it all depends on your budget and what features you want. You can easily get the basic one footswitch looper in $70-$80. And if you want something more advanced and packed with multiple features and good looks then $500 can get you to buy your dream. 

Do I need additional accessories to buy with my looper pedal? 

Well not really! You will only have to buy a DC adapter and 9V battery which usually doesn’t come in the given price. You will also need to buy a pair of cables to connect the looper with your guitar or amp or recording tool.


At the end of the day, finally we have completed our review of top 10 best looper pedals available in the market . Now all you have to do is grab a pen and paper, jot down your personal needs, preferences and your available budget and viola select the looper which best fits your taste. We hope you enjoyed the crazy loopers ride and stay tuned for future updates.

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