10 Best Guitar Pedalboards

Maybe you are buying a pedalboard case and uncertain about what case would certainly fit your needs best?

If so, then you have found the right place. As there is such an array of effects pedal cases on the market, finding the one which meets your requirements and requirements can end up being a difficult process.

Here are the best guitar pedalboards choices.

Buy the Best Guitar Pedalboards in 2020

Donner Guitar Pedal Board Case DB-2 Aluminium Pedalboard 20'' x 8'' with Bag
  • 1.Portable Aluminium Alloy Guitar Effects PedalBoard.
  • 2.Canvas bag that safely and securely transports your pedals from gig to gig.
  • 3.Convenient for Guitarists carry when go out play.
  • 4.Dimension:20’’*8’’*1.2’’(510*200*30 MM).All the images are actual shooting,please notice the dimension before place an order
  • 5. 40’’professional grade adhesive backed hook-and-loop for securing pedals included.


The lovers of the music will definitely love the pedalboard of the Donner DB-2. The capacity of this pedalboard is huge, and it is easy for you to pack lots of pedals in it in a simple and easy manner. It will provide you this facility because of the basic reason that the Donner DB-2 designed and manufactured in as sturdy as possible. You can use it easily and effectively, and at the same time, it is eye-catching as well. The components of this pedalboard are packed in such a manner that it will cover all of your requirements as a guitarist.


The body of this item is made from the aluminum alloy. It provides all the necessary functionalities, and it is able to perform remarkably due to the layout of this pedalboard, which is rail-like in appearance. The quantity of the most commonly used stomp-field pedals that you can put in it is 12. The section of the fully sturdy supply of the Donner DB-2 is one of the top features added to it. It is basically composed of the top-notch wiring. In addition to this, it can cover all the rudiments and never show you any kind unreliable. It works as a stable and perfect pedalboard due to the reality that its electronics are up to the mark, and you will never find any crackle.

In case you have a low budget, you can purchase it and place a large pedal series. You need to remember that it doesn’t have the power supply, so when you try to buy it, you should maintain your budget so that you can purchase a nice power supply as well.

Gator Cases G-TOUR Series Gutiar Pedal board with ATA Road Case, Wheels and Pull Handle; Large: 24" x 11" (G-TOUR PEDALBOARD-LGW)
  • Pro Grade Shock Absorbing EVA foam Interior
  • Pedal Board Surface 24 x 11 Inches (internal surface measurements)
  • Plywood Fabricated with Aluminum Valance
  • 3M Dual Lock Fastener for Pedal Installation
  • Heavy Duty Gator Signature Hardware


Do you have lots of pedals and wish to store them superbly, then the Gator G-Tour will be one of the top useful options available for you. It has everything you need, like the durability you need, the strength you like, and the reliability you wish to get while you are on the go. The material used in the creation of this superb product is ideal that most of the renowned musicians wish to use all over the world. It is a topnotch creation that you can trust and make your valuable pedals fully secured, just the manner you like.


This is one of the great pedalboards product that is well furnished with the excellently designed aluminum valance in addition to the plywood. When you try to utilize it, you will be amazed to recognize that the casing is easily removable for which you have to check the lower end of it. This is the feature that you like to get in any pedalboard you try to buy due to the basic reason that it will provide you the capability of installing and packing within no time and without facing any kind of issue at all.

The outer portion of the Gator G-Tour is sturdy and fully protected from the damage so that it is a useful tool to carry your precious pedals anywhere anytime without facing the fear of damage in case of an accident. For the prime purpose of adding more protection, a foam-based inner portion is also available that will cure the things in case of an impact. A total of two handles are added in its design in addition to the rubber-based grips, which will serve you well in order to carry the things in it.

BOSS BCB-60 BCB-60, (BCB-60) (BCB-60)
  • Lightweight pedal board for transporting a range of compact pedals and effects
  • Padded interior can be customized to fit compact pedals, Twin pedals and even wahs
  • Exterior made of tough, molded Resin designed to withstand heavy impact
  • Onboard 1,000mA AC adaptor for powering up to 7 devices; Includes all cabling


This is a great creation of the Boss that is one of the excellent pedalboards providers available today. This item is frequently used by some of the best musicians in every area of the globe. The reason for this huge popularity of the BCB-60 Deluxe is due to the basic reason that it provides the storing capacity for the basic aim of storing almost all kinds of pedals in an easy and useful manner. The design of this Boss Deluxe is user friendly, and the strong hardware provides the capability of making your valuable pedals, and these are the main reasons for the fame of this Boss model.


The body of this Boss making is plastic, but you don’t have to worry about it because of the basic fact that the casing of the BCB-60 Deluxe model is strongly built. You will be amazed to identify that it will provide you plenty of punches as well. These are the things that will make the inner portion fully protected and safe. So, you can use it without any hesitation, as this tool will give you the option of storing the pedals in a fully protected manner. When you examine the inner portion, you will easily find that it is fully customizable, and you can use it as per your expectations.

It doesn’t matter what kind and size of the pedal you want to store, this pedalboard can serve you well in this respect. Do you have a big sized twin pedal or some of the micro-sized pedals at the same time, you do not need to worry, as you are able to utilize it without any uncertainty. The appearance of this tool isn’t catchy, but because of the extraordinary hardware portion of the BCB-60 Deluxe, you can ignore its looks.

PT-CL2-SC Pedaltrain Classic 2 w/soft case
  • Fitted Soft Case featuring a heavy-duty metal zipper and reinforced stress points included
  • 24x12.5x3.5 inch hand-crafted pedal board; aircraft-grade aluminum with durable matte finish
  • 96 inches professional grade adhesive backed hook-and-loop for securing pedals and zip ties included


It doesn’t matter if you are a guitarist, keyboardist, or band musician, the Pedaltrain is the company that you can trust. The pedalboards designed and marketed by the Pedaltrain are reliable, pleasing the eye and, at the same time, strong and capable of storing plenty of pedals of various kinds and sizes. You can trust it, and this Pedaltrain creation is well decorated with what you wish to have in a professional paddleboard. A PT-CL2-SC is an exclusive pedalboard that is famous among the guitarists and the musicians already using it for carrying the pedals they have. The design of the product is comprised of the four rails, and the provided spacing for the storage is easy to handle.


It is a great functional product as it provides you the capability of a number of some superb adjustments in addition to the styles that will serve you in storing the things as per your requirements. The addition to the useful cables along with the power supply options make this pedalboard is an excellent option. The capacity of this unit is handy and able to provide you a huge storing facility. The making of this pedalboard is strong and durable because of the utilization of the aluminum material. The storage of this PT-CL2-SC pedalboard has the exclusive capacity of carrying the pedals of various sizes, styles, and shapes in an easy and simple way.

The material of the pedalboard is Velcro, which is useful for placing the different kinds, shapes, and sizes of the pedals. The fitted case, which is soft in nature, is added in it at the same time that has the ability to add the shock resistance in this pedalboard. This simple but protected pedalboard is offering superb kind of spacing that is useful for you.

Behringer PB600 Universal Effects Pedal Floor Board with 9V DC Power Supply and Patch Cables
  • Ultra-compact and lightweight pedal board for transporting up to 6 effects pedals, including patch cables
  • Generous 1.7 A power adapter included for powering more than 12 devices*—includes 1 x 6 daisy-chain cabling
  • Ultra-rigid plastic design withstands even heavy impact
  • 3-Year Warranty Program*
  • Designed and engineered in Germany


In the situation that you happen to be the sort of the specific kind of players or musicians who are looking for the stomp-box based guitar pedals for the prime goal of obtaining the effects only and nothing for any other aim, then this is the superb pedalboard, which is one of the best options for you, which are available at the present time. It is able to meet the demand for these kinds of folks in the possible easiest way.


This creation is superb in nature, offering all the useful elements that you should have in a pedalboard, having the desired wiring and power supply. However, you need to recognize that it has the feature of a stomp-box only, and you can never use it for other purposes. The plastic is used in the creation of this pedal, but you don’t have to worry because it is high-density, and this is the major fact that this pedalboard is capable of providing you the durability that you are hunting in a useful pedalboard. You are able to store up to 6 pedals in a simple and trouble-free mode while using this tool.

The foam, which is added in it, will give this tool the shock resistance capability, which is cut for the prime purpose of storing the Behringer pedals. However, it is not necessary for you to worry about it due to the basic fact that the customization is also available so that you can add any kind of pedal as per your anticipations. Along with these options, you will also find a total of six patches cables with the power supply option, which is beneficial for you for the purpose of linking the pedals effortlessly and successfully. This is the exclusive Behringer creation that is easy to carry because it is light in weight and neat in style. You will definitely like it in case your pedals are not more than six.

CNB PDC 410 E BK Pedal Case / Pedal Board
  • Made of lightweight, durable plywood this case is designed to fit a variety of effect pedals or any small item you wish to safely transport.
  • Aluminum reinforced edges help prevent denting, and a soft felt interior cushions your equipment. The case features steel locking latches with 2 keys to protect your valuables.
  • Double stick tape is included to firmly attach your pedals to the case (Velcro on one side to attach to the pedal board, and sticky tape on the other to attach to your pedals).
  • Maximum interior size: 27 1/2" long by 11 ¾" wide by 4 1/4" deep
  • Depth of lid is 1"


When you are considering a reasonably priced pedalboard that will cover all of your demands in a professional manner and provide you a huge storing capability to store larger numbers of pedals, then the CNB PDC 410 E BK is the pedalboard, which you should examine at least one time. At the same time, you can take it easy because of the basic reality that its weight is low and it is strongly built. It is a great and useful pedalboard in order to store the pedals just the way you wish. After you sort out your pedals, you can store them in it. It provides you a whole package available by investing a small amount of your money.


The size of the CNB PDC 410 E BK is the standard one that has the capacity of putting away around ten pedals simply and effectually. It is fully customizable, and you are able to pack the pedals of various kinds, sizes, shapes, and styles easily. The inner section of this pedalboard is simple because of the main reason that the power supply is not added to it. One handle is available in this pedalboard that you can use for carrying.

If you like to have a top-quality pedalboard, you can rely on it due to the reason that it is durable, strongly built, to give your valuable pedals the required protection. In addition to these features, you will find lots of padding in the inner section to add more safety, vital for transporting purposes. No matter if you have many items to carry, the CNB PDC 410 E BK can serve you professionally, and at one fell swoop, it is not pricy at all. Get the power source additionally, as it is not included to this pedalboard.

Mooer Firefly M6 Flight Case For Micro Series Pedals and Mini Pedals
  • Case with built-in pedal board
  • Aluminum construction with foam padding
  • Removable lid
  • Space for 6 Mooer Micro Series effect pedals, including preinstalled power outlet strips (6 x 9V DC Out)
  • Connect Mooer Micro-Series effects via optional Mooer Z-connectors


When you are seeking a pedalboard, you have to consider your budget as well as the number of pedals with the sizes that you like to store in it. In the main situation that you have a number of micro-size pedals, the M6 Flight is the pedalboard, which is able to serve you as a guitarist as per your requirements. Even though that the Firefly M6 Flight is primarily designed and produced for the micro-series of the company, but the making of this pedalboard is completed in such a wonderful manner that you are able to store pedals in an easy way.


The design of this product is amazing, and you can use this pedalboard for storing the micro pedals of any company for which you are provided lots of adjustment options included in it. After you examine it thoroughly, you will be surprised to recognize that it is basically strong because of the addition of the aluminum. In addition to this useful feature, it is a stylish tool that will enhance the beauty of your pedals at the same time. It has a durable finish that improves the quality of this unit. In the interior of the M6 Flight, the foam paddings are present, ideal for providing more protection against shocks.

The removable cover gives you more customization options in order to store around six micro size pedals. These internal based adjustments will serve you well in order to store the items as per your anticipations. It is a strong, well designed, and well-built pedalboard to meet your demands. In case you have the micro pedals, you should consider it. Some guitarists may not wish to have it as it is not ideal for the pedals of every size and shape. It is a low-priced and stylish pedalboard, having some customization options.

Stagg UPC-424 Guitar Effect Pedals Case with High Density Foam Padded Interior - Black
  • Rugged, Medium Weight ABS Case
  • Chrome Hardware
  • High Density Foam Padded Interior


In the condition that you are hunting for a superb pedalboard option that should not be costly, but at the same time, the quality must be up to the mark that meets the international norms then the Stagg UPC-424 is the unit that is able to meet your demands according to your expectations. The standard size pedals, which you can store in it is 4. The Stagg UPC-424 is elegant in style, easy to carry everywhere, and useful for the standard sized pedals lovers. No matter if you are a professional user or a beginner, you can use this pedalboard in a simple and convenient way. The construction of the pedalboard is wonderful, and this is the main reason that it is able to provide the components useful storing capabilities.


The price of the pedalboard is not high even though the craftsmanship is superb in nature, which most guitarists like to have. The superb quality and high density padded are included in the inner side of the Stagg UPC-424 case, which will hold the kinds of stuff tight and protect your items from any shock, made in traveling. The entire case of this pedalboard is removable. You can use these features in the middle of any live performances in order to make your life easier. The storing options are diverse in nature and can serve longer items as well. The casing is also shiny, elegant, and pleasing to the eye that is practically easily usable at the same time.

From every aspect, it provides a useful and fully protected option. The option of storing the pedals is rather low, only four and a maximum five. It is a great item for you in case you wish to carry a small number of pedals with you.

Ex Portable Aluminum Guitar effects Pedalboard With Waterproof Soft Bag, ENO Ex Guitar Effects Pedals Accessories (21" Medium Pedalboard with Bag)
  • Portable Aluminium Alloy Guitar Effects Pedals Board and High Quality Water-Proof Bag;
  • Pedal mountain tape and cable ties included, to Fix the pedals on board stable; Convenient for Musicians carry
  • Size:550*250*120 MM
  • GW: 3.5 KG/Piece
  • Quantity: 1 Piece/Carton


Some of the top guitarists like to have the micro pedals, and for that reason, they are hunting for the premium quality pedalboards. In the situation that you are one of those players, then the ENO Ex is one of the excellent options that are available these days for you. You can buy easily as it is not costly at all. At the same time, the quality of the item is up to the international standards, and you are able to store some pedals just according to your professional requirements. In the situation that you have to travel a lot, this is a superb pedalboard designed especially for travelers.


The ENO Ex is the shiny and stylish in appearance, as well as, able to grab the attention of the viewers in the very first peep. In case you are looking for cables and power supplies, this is not a perfect option for you. On the contrary, after examining it, you will get a Velcro and cable set, which are useful for you as a guitarist for connecting the pedals in a comfortable and at ease manner. The spacing capacity of this pedalboard is high that is ideal for a huge number of supplies in addition to the power adapters. In case you are not the user of a large number of pedals and have less than six pedals, this unit is perfect for you. Moreover, in the situation that the collection of your pedals is static, this pedalboard will perform fantastically. When you check the built quality, you will discover that it is sturdy.

SKB PS8 Powered Pedal Board with Gig Bag
  • Powers up to 8 pedals
  • Injection molded from eco-friendly rubber modified styrene
  • Heavy-duty 19 x 12 inch hook and loop mounting surface
  • Exterior pocket for cables and accessories
  • Ballistic nylon carry bag with adjustable shoulder strap


Are you seeking for a way to store the pedals in a simple manner and at the same time, you have a total of 8 pedals to carry than the SKB PS8 Powered is the pedalboard that is useful for you as a professional guitarist. This is the unit that is stylish in appearance, but the fact is that it is not good in the field of protecting the pedals you store in it. The material used in the construction of the SKB PS8 Powered is the injection-based molded rubber, which is the drawback in reality.


One of the top features of this pedalboard is the fact that it can provide the self-powers capability to your valuable pedals. This feature is available due to the addition of the power ports that are integrated into the package. It includes the base only, and you may not like the fact that it doesn’t have any cover. As an outcome, it is not ideal for the purpose of transporting the pedals frequently. Not everything is bad in this pedalboard because its design will provide you the capacity of easy to handle and connecting everything straightforwardly.

Another remarkable feature of the SKB PS8 pedalboard is the addition to the nylon bag, which is heavyweight and containing the user-friendly shoulder strips, ideal for carrying. The design of this pedalboard is what you will definitely like, which contains extra space in the form of an additional pocket for storing any essential things like cables. The self-powering ability is, no doubt is an excellent option; however, it may produce some extra sounds. It is a pedalboard for low-budget users.

Buying Guitar PedalBoards

How to pick the Right Pedalboard

I have been playing guitar in a band for the earlier few years, playing gigs most weekends, and We have changed my effects board several times to expand my set up of effects pedals and to increase the protection of those about the road. I feel currently utilizing a 24 inches odyssey hard case. However, after researching cases, I discovered it hard to find relevant information and assist in selecting the most appropriate one. As a result, I have provided some information that may be beneficial to you.

Pedalboard cases are possibly one of the most efficient and tough types of cases to protect your pedals. They may be an ideal case if you play a lot regarding gigs or transport your pedals around frequently. These people can take a hard beating, unlike a soft case. However, the disadvantages are usually that a pedalboard circumstance can be pretty large if you have a new lot of pedals in your set up and a person are more likely in order to injure yourself carrying that around (for example, reaching your shin of the particular corner from it)


One of the main factors in investing in a pedalboard case is to decide on the proper size you need. This is usually a mistake I possess personally made before, just like many other guitarists. You must first place your pedals within a rectangular fashion of two rows, then measure the length and width of typically the setup. Effects boards range in size from fourteen by 5.5 inches to 32 by sixteen inches. In doing this, you should also enable about an inch around the edge of the pedals for jack leads in addition to the power lead.

I might personally recommend investing in a pedalboard case in the event you play a lot regarding gigs or transport your pedals around often because it offers better security than any other form of case or bag. Keep in your mind that the Guitar or Bass effects pedals do not appear cheap, so it is usually worth investing in a new case that will safeguard your pedals and retain them in mint condition, that way you may sell them later upon for a good value if you wish to be able to do so.


It amazed me why individuals spend money on pedals only to make an effort to help to make a cheap pedalboard situation. Instead of doing this specific and spending forever seeking to determine how to make your very own pedalboard, you should invest in a proper one. These usually are obtainable in loads of different sizes and prices, as stated before, so you will end up being able to find the one which suits you. Investing inside a good one may enable you to easily transport and set up your pedals. But almost all of your valuable pedals will probably be fully protected coming from damage, so you would not have to worry about them. As well since they will be held be well protected so you may sell them later if you wish to. The best factor you could do is to forget about trying to help to make your own pedalboard as you will not be satisfied with it in the long run, trust me. I tried that! As well as this it could result in harm to your pedals in addition to because of this it will cost you more money to repair them.

The processing of selecting the best pedalboard is not easy because of an immense collection of available options. In case you have lots of pedals of various kinds of sizes, shapes, and types and at the same time, fully protected ones then the available options for you are composed of the Gator G-Tour, Boss BCB-60 Deluxe, PT-CL2-SC Pedaltrain, and CNB PDC 410 E BK are perfect options for you. On the contrary, when you have a collection of micro pedals then go for the Mooer Firefly M6 Flight and EX Pedalboard ENO Ex are the best. Self-powering pedalboard lovers can consider the SKB PS8 Powered and Boss BCB-60 Deluxe, which are useful. Donner DB-2 provides lots of storage capacity.

For the main goal of entertaining the style lovers, the Behringer PB-600, Mooer Firefly M6 Flight, and EX Pedalboard ENO Ex are useful. On the other hand, the SKB PS8 Powered has an extra travel bag, while the Stagg UPC-424 is strongly made because of the utilization of the study material.

As a guitarist, you need to consider your budget and requirements and match them with the features and price of the options available above and buy the pedalboard which can serve you well as per your specific type of demands.

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