10 Best Fuzz Effects Pedals

If you are into rock and blues and want to jump into a new style rather than using the popular distortion and overdrive guitar effects.

Then we have come up with an interesting predecessor of distortion and overdrive effects; it’s the new “fuzz effect”.

We have reviewed the best fuzz effects pedals out there, to help you decide which fuzz pedal could enhance your style of playing.

Best Fuzz Effects Pedals

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Electro-Harmonix Big Muff...
  • The Tone switch...
  • When the Wicker switch is...
  • True Bypass
  • Battery Power with...

In our view Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi needs no introduction, it has a name of its own. And It will be no less calling it the great daddy of fuzz pedals available in the market. The popularity of Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi can be assessed by, even those who are not a fan of fuzz effects our curious to try it. It’s not a new name, Big Muff Pi has remained in the market for decades and is one of the dream pedals of guitar enthusiasts

To assess how big an impact this stompbox has on the industry can be seen by the fact that all the modern fuzz pedals use the blueprint of Big Muff Pi directly or indirectly. We are not emphasizing that it’s the only best fuzz pedal you can find, But Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi is the big daddy of all the legendary fuzz pedals available in the market. Now, let’s find out where this huge reputation came from.


When it comes to modern pedals they are usually built on following the boss format. But Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi the little monster is not what you are expecting. It is one big sucker which is not light in weight. This stompbox is made of alloy metal that is capable of bearing the load only a heated rock stage can deliver, and still walk out unharmed. 

The graphic design gives a vintage taste and hasn’t really changed since it was first released. When specifically you look at features, it has a very simple circuitry and equally simple exterior design. The top panel has three knobs beside the stomp switch but what really worth mentioning here is the true bypass switch. Yes! You heard it right. The bypass switch is luxury and so many modern pedals do not offer this crucial feature. This big monster is powered by a 9v battery or a 9v power supply, it’s up to you which one you find suitable according to your setup needs.


When it comes to controlling panels, Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi is the name of simplicity and convenience. As mentioned above, it comes with three main knobs to work with. The volume switch is quite intelligible and it regulates your mastery level. The tone and sustain knobs are where all the fun and experimenting can be done. The tone knob helps you to set the level of distortion in your signal.

Turn up the tone knob, to experience a new level of heavy rock fuzz where turning it down will lower the fuzz and make things more civilized and soothing. Tone knob has the power of taking you anywhere from one extreme to another.


When it comes to performance, vintage rough fuzz is all this pedal is about.The tonal variety and possibilities you can experiment will keep you engaged for sometime. When you start messing with the tone knob, it’s a noisy pedal and gives u a kick start.However when you crank it down you are again in a safe zone


Even after ruling the industry for so many years, Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi has never disappointed or lost its charm in the market.It has always been the foremost choice when it comes to fuzz pedals.

The diversity of tones and its unique vintage style, many have envied upon and tried to replicate but namely only a few were successful in this errand.As explained above its truly your gateway model to the world of fuzz.

ZVex Fuzz Factory when compared to other popular fuzz pedals, is neither too old nor came into limelight because of it  being used by famous guitarists.Where it stands now, is purely due to the quality and effects it has delivered to its customers, which everyone needed but no one dared to deliver.

ZVex Fuzz Factory originates back to the 90’s when everyone was taken back by the distortion pedal. Many manufacturers were experimenting on distortion pedals and this is where ZVex Fuzz Factory found its way in the market. It was publicized as an old school fuzz box with great potential. To your surprise,This is what exactly happened.


As soon as you cast your eyes on this mighty pedal, you realize that there is nothing conventional in it. It comes in a rectangular chassis and has no similarity in shape and design with other fuzz pedals. The body which covers the internal electronics is made for a heavy-duty purpose and lively graphics are printed on the case. Whereas the original models were mostly hand-painted. 

When it comes to internal mechanics, ZVex Fuzz Factory is installed with two germanium transistors. Keep in mind, in those days germanium transistors were dropped over the silicone ones. But now builders have somewhat again started using this rare material. ZVex Fuzz Factory houses five knobs which we are just going to explain in the control section.


Each of the five knobs is labeled quite indistinctly except for the volume. The gate and compression knobs are responsible for adjusting the transistor bias. Then, there is drive that controls the level of input signal and stability of sound. The last knob on the pedal regulates the voltage supply to the circuit.

Individually adjusting each knob will noticeably change the tone of the pedal but also the adjustments on other knobs will overall change the impact of the performance.It might sound a bit complicated but once get hang of it, you will be unstoppable.


The range of tone and effects you can get from this little monster is so diverse and wide that it’s hard to describe here. Having four signal shaping controls gives it the power to create different dimensions of variety that you can bang on at any given time. The core tone is a warm and rounded germanium fuzz, that’s truly a die for sound. What this beast is capable of is totally up to you.


Where ZVex stands now in industry is the outcome of their one of the best creations that is the ZVex Fuzz Factory. They have built many models on the blueprint of this pedal.Fuzz factory did not take long to climb the ladder of most wanted fuzz pedals-a reputation it holds to this day.

Whether or not it’s a good choice as your first fuzz pedal is questionable to us, but those who have developed a taste in germanium style will simply love it and is a must pick for them.finding a pure and versatile model like ZVex Fuzz Factory is not rare but still it has a reputation of its own when it comes to guitar effects.

EarthQuaker Devices Hoof...
  • Features a hybrid...
  • Wide gain range provides...
  • Features a smooth,...
  • Generates real clarity...
  • Scoop the mids or boost...

It’s no secret that many fuzz pedals are designed and built on the  blueprint of Big Muff Pi circuit.Now the question arises, how well have they succeeded in executing the same job as original? Well to add on list, EarthQuaker Hoof have managed to add value of its own to this popular list.

Well this has completely pushed Big Muff circuitry to something new and exciting by creating competition in the industry.This is the main reason that Hoof Fuzz has climbed its way upto the top go-to pedal and has earned a reputation of the best model found.

Due to its bold move and exceptional capabilities Hoof Fuzz is also on our top 10 review list.So what are you waiting for?Let’s have a look!


In contrast to the fuzz pedals available in market, EarthQuaker Devices Hoof comes in a standard size which is pedalboard friendly and doesn’t occupy much space.The case is very well designed, with four knobs on the top panel along with an activation switch.The pedal is designed very simplistically , where as the graphic gives you an idea of what you are dealing with.

The Hoof features a hybrid Germanium/Silicon design, pairing maximum tone with maximum temperature stability. It assures to deliver the same smooth and naturally rich sustain as your friends. For as much as with a wide gain range, it provides everything from amp-like overdrive to monstrous fuzz madness.

One of its best features is the true analog bypass switch, once its off, there is no residual effect on the signal chain.


The control panel features four more or less standard knobs with the exception of one.Tone knob enables you to adjust the amount of treble and bass depending on what kind of sound you want.The ‘level’ determines your output level and ‘Fuzz’ determines the level of saturation in your signal.

Above were the standard functions. The ‘shift’ knob is where the fun begins. Interestingly, this knob acts as a filter of sorts, allowing you to scoop or boost the mids. Combining ‘shift’ with ‘fuzz’ you can create a wide range of tones in no time.


Every time a fuzz pedal with this type of rich controls comes, the tonal and sound quality becomes the first concern. Fortunately, EarthQuaker Devices Hoof is so well designed and equipped, that no matter what you do, the warmth of fine fuzz tone is never compromised. The only thing that changes is how aggressive and wild you want the vocals to be.

EarthQuaker Devices has tried to compact a lot of features and performance in this pedal, which can be tamed with the controls provided on the pedal. Hoof being an extremely versatile device,has brought it into the eyes of the community.Nowadays it’s really hard to find quality fuzz boxes in the market, and this one just easily wipes off the inefficient ones.


To assess how good EarthQuaker Devices Hoof is, can be concluded from the fact that a lot of famous guitar players put it on comparison with the Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi.Which itself is a big honor for any fuzz pedal in industry. Whether or not it’s worth it, is quite a subjective choice but anyone with an experience of fuzz pedals will recommend that its one of the most powerful models in the market.If you have the chance to pick one of these, just don’t miss it! It’s worth every penny to say the least

Fender Blender Custom...
  • Enhanced version of...
  • Now with true-bypass and...
  • Over-the-top Fuzz /...
  • Selectable Boost Volume

Most guitarists are not aware of the fact that Fender produces effects too. One of their most freaky creations is the Fender Blender. They weren’t just happy in building a simple fuzz pedal rather they moved a step forward and created a box full of crazy effect combos.

Over the years Fender Blender has become quite famous in the industry and its fuzz effects are hard to replace.


Apparently it’s one of the most unusual looking guitar pedals you might have come across.It resembles more like a vintage amp switch rather than a guitar pedal. The pedal aluminium case makes it look very fragile but it can easily carry its weight on the stage.

It is equipped with germanium transistor and comes with an old school true bypass circuit. There are a total four standard knobs for tone shaping, but what makes it stands out is the second foot switch.this feature is the true reason why they are still in high demand.


In terms of controls, things are pretty straightforward and simple.There is a volume knob which is pretty intelligible. Next to it is a sustain control knob which functions as exactly labelled.When you crank it clockwise, you will hear a lot of sustain as the pedal is boosting the fading signals.Next to it is the tone knob, that controls the sound from low to treble.whereas the blend knob mixes the raw and processed signals together.

The Tone Boost switch is a game changer,it adds an octave effect to the fuzz, which makes the Fender Blender hard to harness at first.However the key to mastery is patience and practise.Once you achieve it you can produce any tone you wish for.


Fender Blender has the capability of producing a sheer vintage sound at the same time adding a wild dimension to it. There is enough gain to go as aggressive as you want and the additional tone boost features enable you to hit another level of craziness while performing.


It’s very important to note here that you should not take it as an ordinary fuzz stompbox.It has a nature of its own and the power to be either your best friend or your worst enemy.Fender Blender is still a Hit in the market due to its dynamic tone and richness that is nearly hard to copy these days.

Fender Blender is not the beginners cup of tea rather its a top choice for the seasoned players who will enjoy and understand its potential to fullest.This model is a proof that old school fuzz will never go obsolete. If you are looking for something old school and reliable, this pedal is your thing.

As the brand name of  Dunlop conveys a class of its own, so does its JDF2 Face is a name of excellence and versatility. Very few Vintage fuzz pedals have found its way on the pedalboards of famous guitarists But JDF2 has the honor.Even its considered as an option against the Big Muff Pi for a number of reasons.

Not only it has been a favourite of Jimi Hendrix and David Gilmour, but also has remained in its original form since its conception.The one you get now is a reissue, but the core machinery is still intact.


One of the most interesting and engrossing features of Dunlop JDF2 Face is its unique disk shaped body design.Which was later dropped. The new version comes in a bright red enclosure packed with germanium components.

The control interface has two knobs and a switch. JDF2 wastes a great deal of real estate for no apparent reason.However the shape of JDF2 has its own appeal and charm.With that said, what makes it special is its unique looks and remodeled circuitry is a big success.


When it comes to controls of this fuzz beast, Dunlop kept it simple to configure.It has two knobs and a switch. One is the volume knob which is self explanatory the other knob controls the amount of fuzz in your signal chain. In the contemporary world, these controls may seem very basic but back in the 60’s when it was launched it was all a guitarist needed to create the best fuzz sound.


Since JDF2 Fuzz Face is equipped with germanium and vintage PNP transistors, it gives you pretty warm and vintage tonal fuzz with a versatile range. Even with its basic controls, it still offers a great range of tones to experiment with.

It’s a must have Fuzz pedal for Jimi Hendrix music fans.Although it’s not original Fuzz face but offers pretty much the same fuzz overall. JDF2 Fuzz Face is a pretty capable fuzz pedal even in contemporary times.


Pragmatically, there is no viable reason to choose Dunlop JFD2 Fuzz Face over the available fuzz pedal models  in the market but when it comes to experiencing something unique and a true taste of 60’s it should not be missed. With its simple controls and effects it is a great model for those who are looking forward to trying fuzz effects, and wish to experience a master piece of history which sounds as good as the contemporary fuzz pedals.

Black Cat is one of those boutique pedal companies, which might be overlooked easily, but has created one of the best pedals in the market.Black Cat Super Fuzz offers unique and interesting quality of fuzz tones alikes of which cannot be found in everyday.

What makes it unique here is its dual nature, it offers a great fuzz with an octave component.Enough to send shivers down your spine with its wicked sound and solid construction.The results are also just awesome. Making it worthy to compete with the popular fuzz pedals in the market. Let’s find out how and why this Black Cat is worthy of crossing your way.


Considering overall features this pedal is fairly a simple one.Its format matches the format of the most modern pedals so installation of this pedal board is not a headache.The graphic design Black Cat has used is a pure reminiscence of 50’s style theme, thus giving its a unique feel of its own.

You might have seen and felt that this fuzz box is not at all cheap.What makes your perception true is, mostly because of the two rare NOS germanium diodes used. Similarly all other electronic components used are also of high quality.It comes with a true bypass switched and is hand wired in the USA.


In terms of control interface, it has two knobs and a switch.The knobs naemd balance and expander are pretty self explanatory.Balance is used to control and adjust the amount of fuzz in your sound signal.whereas the latter is your volume control. The switch in the middle of the pedal is the defining feature, its named tone and when its on its gives an octavia component to your fuzz signal.


Once plugged, the fuzz effect u will be able to hear is very smooth, wholesome and rich in tonal hues.It gives a lot of 70’s flavors.Once you start playing with the tone switch, it gives u pretty melodious results. The unique octavia effect may not be for everyone but it’s a great addition in terms of non linear pedal effects.

The reason it’s on our list today, is because of its all encompassing necessary qualities which delivers an unusual fuzz with a unique twist. In Short, Black Cat Super Fuzz pedal is a definite check out.


Over all Black Cat Super Fuzz is worthy of more popularity than it enjoys now. The sole reason behind this is a relatively high market price.However, when manufacturing this Super Fuzz pedal Black Cat made sure all the components used are of top quality. Whereas the handwiring feature added additional costs.

Definitely this type of craftship comes at a price, there is no way around. When it comes to price, Super Fuzz is a more expensive option considered to its competitors.Which lowers the number of its potential buyers. So we would definitely want to see Black Cat reducing its price at least a little.

Catalinbread Karma Suture...
  • Extremely versatile fuzz...
  • Built on a rare and...
  • Ability to play complex...

When Catalinbread decides to make pedal effects ,it hardly goes unnoticed by the guitar industry. Catalinbread is a famous name when it comes to quality production, both in terms of component quality and tonal quality.This company has given one of the best-made pedal effects to the industry. Their Karma Suture Harmonic Fuzz is an example of quality and excellence.

When compared to the famous fuzz pedals, Karma Suture offers an idiosyncratic performance, which delivers a quality of its own. Thus making it a bit confusing in nature but we love it the way it is.


Catalinbread pedals are known for their cool designs and Karma Suture stands no exception. Obvious from its name, the enclosure is wrapped with hindi design graphics. Overall it has a standard size and eliminates compatibility issues.

When it comes to circuitry it’s a pretty unique mix of great powerful components, which is rare to in the market.Catalinbread created this great masterpiece by putting NOS PNP germanium transistors, an NPN silicon transistor, plus a germanium and silicon diode into an alchemist pot  adding the unique catalinbread style to it. Resulting in an even order harmonics and a great range of harmonious tones. By all standards, Catalinbread Karma Suture Harmonic Fuzz is a hybrid fuzz pedal.


Aside from making awesome tailored boutique pedals, catalinbread is also famous for labelling its control which keeps you wondering about its function.Seeing some standard labelling came as a surprise for us.There are total four knobs, namely; Diodes, Density, Input, and Output.

Input and output knobs are pretty obvious, the former controls the amount of gain and the later deals with the output volume.Density increases sound distortion by adding  numerous  bass frequencies.Whereas diodes knob is responsible for adjusting the level of compression which affects the nature of distortion.


When it comes to performance, Catalinbread Karma Suture Harmonic Fuzz offers a very, very wide range of fuzz. Or you can say versatility is the core feature of its performance.When you dial in a neutral configuration, you get a great vintage tone.However, meeting the two extremes is difficult without drowning the signal completely.

When you get familiar with the working of this pedal, you will face no problem in dialing a varied range of fuzz tones which can be used in almost any genre including jazz style. The combination of germanium and silicon transistors adds a unique flavor to the fuzz tone. You can have a warm and round germanium fuzz tone while with the sharpness of silicone transistor in a single signal.


When it comes to an absolutely new level of versatility, it will be unfair forgetting the name of Catalinbread Karma Suture Harmonic Fuzz. It is by far one of the most versatile fuzz stompboxes on the market, which gives your performance the hint of  its signature catalinbread style and enables you to easily pull off any music genre you wish to.

Different from standard fuzz boxes, purists and amateurs might not like this one. However if you are a guitar enthusiast and like experimenting new sounds then Karma Suture Harmonic Fuzz is truly worth your time and money

Way Huge WHE401 Swollen...
  • Super high-gain fuzz with...
  • Tone stack Scoop control
  • Adjustable compression...

Ever since Way Huge has joined hands with Dunlop, the lost glory of outstanding quality in fuzz segment is back.Way Huge WHE401 Swollen Pickle is one of the best fuzz pedal available leaving no doubt behind. Everything about this fuzz pedal is so magnificent that it creates an urge in its customers to try one.When it comes to comparing this with other top rated fuzz pedals in market without doubt it’s going to beat most of them.

As in this review we are going to show you how much control Swollen pickle gives you over your tone will just blow you away.This is dream fuzz for the guitar perfectionist. On top of that, you get fuzz effects that induces goosebumps on regular.So lets kill the wait and check it out.


It comes in a chunky flashy green color.That might have some association with its design but hasn’t proven yet.The body of Pickle is made with anodized aluminium which makes it tough and lightweight in nature.This pedal is built like a beast for heavy duty performances, so you are not expected to treat it like a princess.

One look on top of the pedal will assure you that there’s a lot to explore and create with this fuzz pedal.There are almost all kinds of knobs to work with, with some hidden knobs as well.


The loudness knob is the volume control and right across it is the sustain control; it controls the amount of fuzz in your signal.In the middle of volume and sustain, is the filter knob; which enables you to either darken the tone completely or make it more clear and obvious.

Below the upper cluster of controls , there are two mini knobs. On the left side, you have scoop, which is basically mid scoop and on the right side there is crunch.Crunch either compresses the sound of pedal or opens it up. Besides these, it also houses two internal knobs. One enables you to fine tune scoop control while the other allows you to choose between two clipping diodes.In simple words, you either have smooth fuzz or a spiky one.


To say least, the range of tones you can get from Way Huge WHE401 Swollen Pickle is impressive and versatile. It performance contrast from smooth soft fuzz to wicked wild ones or you can say, there’s a Fuzz Face in there somewhere, as well as a trace of Jimmy Page. For a single pedal to have this quality, it simply blows away most of the competitors in terms of versatility.


We must say that Way Huge WHE401 Swollen Pickle is something every guitar player must try once in their lifetime. They are pioneers of making versatile effects packed in a single stompbox. In Fuzz Industry they have taken the game to the next level. If you are looking for a flexible fuzz that feels and sounds expensive then Swollen Pickle is a must pick for you.

Wampler Velvet Fuzz V2...
  • Designed with all the...
  • Features two completely...
  • Capable of achieving...
  • Also allows you to...
  • Perfect for chasing down...

When Wampler launched its velvet Fuzz in 2013 the community was divided.Initially people were not impressed with its specs but later with time they recognized its true potential.It not upto the mark as most of the famous fuzz pedals but its layered nature places it on our list.

Plugging it alone won’t probably blow you away nor it will give you the best feel but when used with other effects in signal chain it’s surely going to change your perception about it.


From the moment you unbox the Velvet Fuzz V2,you realize that you are going to deal with a high quality boutique pedal.which is not only capable of taming the sound but bringing it back under control. Apparently it has a pretty strong enclosure wrapped in graphic design of the 80’s.

On the inside its a unique circuitry built by using high quality components and hand wired. It houses two completely different clipping options unlike germanium and silicon pedals, proficient of delivering classic fuzz tones that compress massively across the bottom. Besides this, it comes with a genuine true bypass which is a feature you hardly see anymore.


The set of controls Velvet Fuzz V2 offers is different than the the standard fuzz layout.There are a total three knobs and a switch.Starting left to right, there is volume knob, pretty intelligible. Next comes the fuzz knob, crank it up you get more fuzz in your signal, roll it anti clockwise and the fuzz is barely there.The Brightness knob is responsible for adjusting you trebles, opening it up or cutting them down.The most interesting feature is the Big/Tight switch.When in big mode, it gives you more darker vintage fuzz while tight mode gives you kind of distortion effect.


As mentioned earlier, this is a kind of pedal that does not reveal itself as soon as you switch it on. Rather it has plenty of range but works best when paired with a more complex signal chain.Its tonal range is perfect for those who like to layer their effects.And it gives you a pretty standard experience.Its a perfect option for the fans of David Gilmour or Eric Johnson tone.


Despite having a unique circuitry, many users believe it has the standard core.Its a good option for those who want a boutique fuzz but doesn’t expect something different.  Reliable performance with proven tone  quality and compatibility is  what you can expect from Wampler velvet fuzz V2.For some it is boring and underwhelming, while others appreciate what Velvet V2 ha sto offer. So overall, it can be rated as an average fuzz pedal not something extraordinary.

As the name suggests, Death by Audio Fuzz War V2 is completely addictive in nature.It has some really cool insane metal fuzz effects which leaves you glued to playing.Currently it’s one of the super spectacular fuzz boxes available in the market.Lets forget all the legendary fuzz pedals and Hail to Fuzz War V2 for mighty destruction.

 In simple terms, Death by Audio Fuzz War V2 is not for timid players.It is capable of bringing mighty distortion in sound signal and a never ending punch of fuzziness to your music.


Just like looking at black cobra, putting one glance at Death by Audio Fuzz War V2 will make you realize how venomous and addictive this pedal can be.The pedal graphics are minimal and simple.

Once you remove the top panel and have a glance of the core, you will soon realize the overall standard and quality of Death by Audio.It comprises good quality components and an exceptional craftsmanship.Once you turn on the plug, you need to have good control of the knobs to produce outrageous fuzz effects.


The controls are very simple, consisting of only three knobs.The actual thrill and fun begins when you find it hard to harness this monster even with the basic controls.It comprises two large knobs and one smaller in size, this smaller knob is labelled as volume.

Fuzz knob is where all the fun lies,rotate it all the way back and Fuzz war transforms into a booster pedal.Now move it some more and you are into overdrive zone.As you keep cranking it up clockwise you will experience different phases of distortion.Until you finally end into what is called fuzz pandora box.Finally the tone knob works as filter, thats goes from darker overshadowed bass to much sharper and jagged effects.


Honestly, working on Death by Audio Fuzz War V2 can be exhausting, even the slightest adjustments will need great efficiency and fine skills to balance/fix the tone.There is so much fuzz jammed in this box that you will find it difficult to use it to its full potential.Its more on aggressive side until you learn how to deal with it.That is where you will be able to experience its versatility.


Death by Audio Fuzz War V2 is a tiny box filled with ultimate madness and fun.Its not as simple as it appears to be,it really needs true skills and time to unleash its full potential. Honestly, it’s not meant for the faint hearted.Even the most versatile guitarist has fun unleashing this lil monster.

With that said, it’s definitely not a choice for the beginner or amateurs.In contrast, those who are in need of extra spice and punch, Death by Audio Fuzz War V2 is surely going to serve their purpose.

The Fuzz Effect

For a beginner, to differentiate between overdrives, distortion and fuzz effects can be really confusing. As to ear, all sound the same.Strange enough, even the season players get confused recalling them.This is the reason that you will sometimes notice wrong labelling done. For eg distortion labelled as overdrives and vice versa, fuzz labeled as distortion etc.

Even though Fuzz and distortion pedal belong to the same class, there is a clear distinction between the two.A regular distortion pedal takes the signal, clips it and pushes it out the output lane.In result you get a distorted sound, that sounds the same at every volume.

Whereas, a fuzz signal takes the sound and clips it hard enough that in result you get a square signal.In contrast fuzz pedals use transistors to add gain.Which infuse enormous amounts of gain but also adds noise to the signal chain.

A fuzz pedal is capable of doing what it wishes to do.With that said, something interesting happens when you plug in a fuzz pedal.While playing it scrambles the signal hard, keeping the core signal intact.The resulting tone is where you recognize an overdrive tone with a surrounding bunch of fuzzy, wooly overtones.

It works by square clipping your sound, compressing the distortion to make an almost unrecognisable sound.It covers and saturates your tone giving it a fuzzy feel of its own.This quirky effect was first created in mid 60’s and since then has remained one of the popular choices. Truly fuzz effect offers a refreshing change which wasn’t experienced using the conventional distortion and overdrives.

When it comes to picking up the best  fuzz pedal for self, there are so many options out there by various leading brands which makes it very hard to choose the right pedal.Not only there is a difference in features but also in colors and designs which yet again can be a very overwhelming task to choose from.so getting a new fuzz pedal can be as exciting as it can be stressful, each pedal will give you a different sound and it’s best to go and research and see if it fits your style of playing in particular.

Different Types Of Fuzz Pedals

When it comes to fuzz boxes, it’s divided into two factions.Each one relies on one of the two transistors.As always, it’s good to see the available options and choose according to your personal needs.Before we review the two categories, be confident that both types of pedals are totally worth the money.

Germanium Fuzz Pedals

The first type of pedals use the germanium transistors, which were used since the inception of fuzz pedal.Germanium transistors are , capable of delivering a unique signature tone.The nature of germanium fuzz is warm,smooth and organic.The only shortcoming using germanium transistors is that isnt as available as silicone.This adds on the cost and makes the pedal expensive in nature.Purists insist on germanium fuzz pedals and subdue the others.We are not getting into this debate. In our belief both germanium and silicon has their own application.

Silicon Fuzz Pedals

Silicone fuzz pedals gained popularity among manufacturers due to its cheap cost  as compared to germanium transistors. Beside obvious reduction in manufacturing cost, there was notable difference in the sound effects delivered by silicone fuzz pedals.Silicone Fuzz pedals delivers a more aggressive and raw sound as compared to the warm germanium sound.

Application Of Fuzz Pedals In Modern Music

As we know, fuzz effects were popular back in the days of Hendrix, the rolling stone and similar bands.Because of which it is seen as a royal gateway to vintage rock tone in the modern era.However nowadays more and more bands are inclined towards fuzz rather than the distortion and overdrive effects.Needless to say, Fuzz still finds place on the pedalboard.

Fuzz As A Source Of Sustain

One of the core side effects of fuzz is increased sustain.Even some of the pedals comes with a sustain knob which gives you the chance to manually adjust the sustain.It makes fuzz a great tool when you are looking for minor distortions in your tone.

Another interesting fact about fuzz pedals is that their tone changes with the change in the volume of your guitar.Inst it a cool feature? As said earlier, fuzz relies heavily on strength of the signal fed into the pedal board.In other words, if you keep guitar volume low, you will experience a clean and smoother fuzz.If you crank up the volume, more fuzz  aggression can be heard. This means that using a volume knob on the pedal you can set in several tone profiles according to your needs.With all said, it very important to understand how change in input volume affects your other pedals.

The last tip we would like to add is the pick response. Fuzz pedals are the rare effects which respond differently to how aggressively you pull your guitar strings.Harder picks will ensure more aggressive tone while a weaker pick will deliver more clean tone.In a way fuzz pedal can be helpful in reviewing how much your picking technique varies as you play.

Where To Put The Fuzz In Your Signal Chain?

Fuzz pedals are generally placed at the beginning of the signal chains just like a distortion and overdrive effects. With the latter two you have some freedom but with fuzz effects you have to be very careful.The reason behind is that fuzz pedal works best with raw signal straight from guitar.As a matter of fact most fuzz issues can be resolved by placing the fuzz pedal near the guitar.


Interestingly, fuzz pedals are still in market, in spite of the fact that so many decades have elapsed since their inception.They are reminiscent of the times when signal chain was simple and guitar output was less reliable.Not only we still have access to the exact same models but also to one of the favourite fuzz pedals of legendary guitarist.We also find the modern version of the vintage pedals now which gives the same taste with modernize vocals.

Harnessing fuzz effects needs some time to master the art, but the end results are worth the wait.Plugging in a good pedal will make you realize that old is gold.

We hope that this review was useful and will be helpful in your decision making process. We assure that any of the selected fuzz pedals in this review is the choice you won’t regret. So what are you waiting for? Just jot down your personal needs and viola!!!

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