10 Best Flanger Pedals

The Flanger effect is the most controversial and baffling guitar effects we have today.

So today we have split our review into two sections;

the first section deals with best flanger effect pedals available in the market and,

the second section deals with the technical aspects of the pedal and the common misconceptions circulating in the market.

Best Flanger Pedals

Buy the Best Flanger Pedals in 2020

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Electro-Harmonix Stereo Electric Mistress is a very engrossing and extraordinary pedal in the world of guitar pedals. It’s not only multi-gear of sorts but it is also one of the best flanger pedals u can get in the market. So let’s break the suspense and check out what this dynamic flanger pedal offers to you.


Electro-Harmonix pedals have a beauty of their own which competes fairly well with other top-notch brands like BOSS. They offer a unique vintage design which makes their pedals distinctive and desirable among customers. Electro-Harmonix Stereo Electric Mistress features vintage casing and so much more. For beginners, it is a mix of flanger and chorus combo that works wonders. That is; Usually, when you put two different effects on the same pedal, the results are not always that good.

Nevertheless, in the world of analogue guitar effects, people were initially dubious about it being a digital unit in nature. This is where Electro-Harmonix took the gamble and launched something phenomenal in the market. Electric Mistress offers its users stereo outs and a filter matrix mode. Which allows the user manual control over the flanger, making it a pretty obvious choice.


Despite being digital in nature, Electro-Harmonix Stereo Electric Mistress isn’t a mess of various knobs and confusing labelled buttons. It features only three knobs that are; the Rate knob, Flanger Depth and Chorus Depth. Aside from the footswitch, that’s all. Offering such clean and user-friendly interface adds to its aesthetic design and makes it easy to use.

Stereo Electric Mistress enables you to use each of these effects on their own, but also in combination with one another. It is super sensitive to input making your experience worthwhile. Not only that, when you take the 10’ o’clock position, but it also takes you to matrix mode for the flanger which lasts to the 12’ o’clock position.


Mind-blowing psychedelic performance effects are the prime feature which makes Electro-Harmonix Stereo Electric Mistress as one of the best flanger pedals available. In the world of analogue units, Electro-Harmonix digital attribute was enough to set aside the customer’s eyes but when it was launched its unique design and excellent performance made people’s eyes cast on it. If we compare it with Deluxe Electric Mistress, which is truly analogue, there is no match to the former.

It will be no exaggeration if we say it is easily better than 90% of other flangers out there. The effect is bizarrely organic and packs much of that analogue vibe. The same can be said about the built-in chorus. Adding stereo output to the features and you have a very worthy tool at your disposal. Using the pedal in live concerts is extremely convenient since there are no complex controls and you can easily access and make adjustments to rock on the stage!


Despite the odds, Electro-Harmonix Stereo Electric Mistress rose on top of the list as one of the best flanger pedals on the market. Its digital effect did not lower its value in the market but its a badge of honour for this bad boy. In some ways, it hints that digital is slowly catching up to analogue and we can expect a very bright future of digital pedals.

MXR’s palette of flangers has a very unique and interesting image attached to it. It has always come up with a surprise for its customers. With that said, it is very obvious that MXR M117R is one of the best flangers on the market right now. So let’s take a quick review and see what this beast has to offer.


MXR’s approach to guitar effects pedals is a paramount example of simplicity. You will hardly ever find a pedal that is equipped with various bells and whistles. Most of its attributes are different from the current trends being advertised. But still, a good portion of guitar players appreciate MXR’s choices because nothing can be simpler than M117R. The pedal is encased in a rock-solid body with a very clean look and intuitive controls. MXR has included an additional bypass switch to the pedal and a power supply switch is also provided.

When we talk about the features related to the effects, it offers manual control of the flanger. This way it empowers the user to bypass the sweeping function of a flanger according to personal taste. Where MXR M117R shows versatility not only in performance but also how good it works with other instruments. For example Bass, guitars, vocals and keyboards all are supported. Using MXR M117R you can quickly create anything from classic tough sweeping jet plane sounds, vibrato, cool space effects to softer “chorus” type effects.


As mentioned earlier, MXR M117R offers an extremely simple and user-friendly control panel. It features four main control knobs, which include Manual, Width, Speed and Regen. All of these are intelligible and found in almost all other flangers. The only thing which differentiates the MXR control panel from others is the manual control of the sweeping effect.

If you are guitarist and have guts experimenting in diverse environments, you will find the control knobs of MXR M117R as very tactile and offering plenty of feedback. It also provides a diverse range of effects in each knob which gives you the power to refine any tune to perfection. The only downside of this amazing flanger pedal comes in low light conditions where it becomes a bit tricky to locate the white dash on knobs.


MXR M117R is a true example of simplicity and perfection. With such simple controls, it offers a high-class flanger effect, rare to find in the market. After using it for a couple of hours, it becomes obvious that MXR channelled all its efforts in making the flanger pedal effect more defined and better. By now u might be thinking, is there additional features that could make it better? Maybe, but not at the expense of raw performance.

Regardless of all, MXR likes to keep things old school, which is the reason they are on our top list and a popular choice of critics. It gives you a staple of 70’s rock and funk. If you are a fan of classic rock music, the MXR M117R is the flanger pedal you need at your side. Our recommendation is solely based on the feelings of completeness it gives which many other flanger models lack.


Despite its simple design and manual, MXR M117R is an extremely efficient multipurpose flanger pedal. Which gives its user a new and unique experience of quality performance along with just the right amount of controls. Despite simple controls, it still offers plenty of range adjustments and gives the user power to be precise and innovative with their tone-shaping process.

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TC Electronic is a brand which beliefs in their style and innovation. And when it comes to success their recipe works the best. TC Electronic Vortex Flanger is one of the most promising and capable flanger models you can get in the market. This model perfectly portrays what this brand is all about. So let’s have a quick review of TC Electronic flanger pedal.


At first glance, TC Electronic Vortex flanger looks like just other above-average flanger pedals available in the market. But when you dig into deeper details it will truly change your perception and uncovers interesting complicated stuff which will make you keep on wanting it more and more.

One of TC Electronic’s trademark features is its TonePrint technology. TonePrint enables you to connect your flanger pedal to pc and tailor the tune effects with the help of a software. It offers two types of flanger effects, true stereo inputs and outputs, true bypass and more. Specifically, Classic and tape mode settings provide you with everything from subtle tones to jet flanger swooshing effect to create your masterpiece. Moreover, TC Electronic has used borderline bulletproof components in this pedal, ensuring high quality and reliability which is always professionals hunt.

Even without plugging the pedal, you can conclude you are getting quality for value. As Tc electronic Vortex flanger has carefully designed the pedal with a unique colour and body using high-quality materials which gives it an expensive and trendy feel. Due to its hi-end products, TC Electronics is a brand that forms the cutting edge in the industry. What makes it as one of the desirable flangers is getting all the above without an insane price markup.


In terms of controls. Tc Electronic control panel is the most practical version. There are a total of 4 knobs and a single switch. It does not come with a footswitch. Knobs are labelled as Speed, Depth, Feedback and Delay Time. Well, these knobs are nothing new but they bring a whole new range of diversity and versatility. Most importantly they allow the users to find the tune according to their needs. On top of the pedal box, there is a small switch between the knobs. Which performs the function of alternating between classic flanger, TonePrint mode and tape flanger.

It provides two different flanger modes but what makes it exclusive than other flanger pedals is its TonePrint which gives it a value of its own. In terms of inputs and outputs, you get the usual as well as the stereo package. It also has a USB port on the back of the pedal.


When you plug everything and just a moment away to rock the stage here is when TC Electronic Vortex comes to shine. The default flanger mode enables a standard version of the flanger effect. In many ways, it is comparable with the TC Electronic Stereo Chorus Flanger which comes under the category of good pedals. Tape flanger is self-explanatory. TC Electronic has very carefully re-invented the vintage tape effect which previously was achieved by using several tape machines.

TonePrint is one of the most interesting modes. It not only enables you to use presets of various professionals and artists but you can also create your flanger using the software. The more common controls do not offer something unique but yet again they are impressive in their sort. In the shape of TC Electronic Vortex, you can easily find a flanger pedal of your needs.


TC Electronic Vortex is a next level flanger, it’s a gift that keeps on giving. You might overtly find other flangers in this price but practically it does not stand anywhere near to Vortex in comparison. As TC Electronic Vortex is the real gamble at this price.

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Boss is one of the big names in the world of guitar effects pedal. You cannot just simply ignore this brand when searching for the top best quality flanger guitar pedals. Their products reinforce simplicity, quality and performance which makes it one of the most popular choices. Boss BF-3 offers a whole new dimension of versatility because of which it finds a place on our list. Let’s take a closer look at what Boss BF-3 has to offer its customers.


Overtly Boss BF-3 is designed very ordinarily and does not have a catchy look. But when we look closer to its functions it offers diverse effects which are found rarely in other flanger pedals. Boss BF-3 has kept everybody needs in mind when innovating this cool thing. For beginners, they have made it compatible with bass guitars by including separate inputs for this instrument. The variety of modes offered is very engrossing and irresistible for guitar lovers. For example, Ultra and Gate/Pan mode is the new addition which wasn’t available before. Another interesting feature is the tap tempo. You can activate it by pressing the footswitch and holding for some two seconds.

Offering the ability to adjust tempo while using the flanger makes it so easy to create new tunes. Boss hasn’t innovated the exterior, it has the same bulletproof enclosure most Boss pedals share, combined with quality mechanics. If we are given a choice to choose the design of one flanger pedal, our answer will be Boss. Because Boss sells quality and versatility.


The only loss on the part of boss flanger customers is that they have used template enclosure, and have faced trouble with the control panel. Due to lack of space on the pedal body Boss has restored to dual-purpose knobs.BF-3 is one such model where we run into multifunctional knobs.

Going from left to right, we see a resonance/manual knob that defines the range of the flanger effect. Adjacent to it comes to the depth and speed knobs, while the last control is the mode select knob. There are three distinctive modes available on the pedal; First mode available is the Ultra, which more or less adds a tangible edge to the flanger effect.

Standard is the default setting, while Gate/Pan mimics something close to a tremolo. Lastly, there’s the Momentary mode, which means that the pedal will be activated as long as you are pressing the footswitch. With the bonus of a tap tempo, it makes it obvious how flexible and versatile BF-3 Is.


So when it’s time to plug the pedal and rock performance, BF-3 is a show stealer with an amazingly pleasing flanger effect we can say the least. Although it’s a digital flanger Boss has invested a great deal to cover up the discrepancies by perfecting the tone you can get from BF-3. it isn’t as good as analogue one but is close enough to it. Setting a specific mode according to one’s taste is way too simple. Although some effort is required to find a tune which matches your taste and needs with tap tempo mode says bye to worrying about the rate being out of sync.

So far, last but not least, let’s uncover those bass guitar inputs on the chassis. usually using guitar effects with basses is a win or lose deal most of the time. Boss wisely eliminates the confusion by including dedicated bass input knobs which simplify the equation and leave no room for guesswork. Thus making things much easier and fun.


Boss BF-3 is a no-nonsense flanger pedal that comes packed with easy manuals and lots of range. It successfully combines all the older, warm vintage effects with lots of newer exciting features, which surely makes it a worthy successor to older version i-e BF-2. When it comes to performance and versatility there is no match to it. Whether you are a beginner or seasonal performer this pedal won’t let you down. The best part it offers is a 5-year warranty which shows Boss confidence and trust on the flanger pedals. At this price with such high versatility, BF-3 is a buy!

Epiphone PR-5E...
  • Mahogany body
  • Select Spruce top
  • 25.5 scale
  • Strings :D’Addario 12,...

MXR is a brand that has risen from down the dumps and is continuing its legacy when it comes to quality and performance. MXR M152 is one of the most capable flangers out in the market and happens in our top ten list. So without wasting time let’s have a look at what M152 Micro flanger has to offer its customers.


As part of MXR brand image M152 is bound to be up with the best. Don’t get deceived by their micro size and lightness, these are still very powerful flanger pedals.it gives you the option to manipulate both the rate of the oscillation sweep and the amount of feedback, creating some truly impressive effects.it incorporates the old BBD technology, which is liked by many musicians. This is the technology which recreates the charm of sixties and seventies warm analogue tones, which is somehow lost now.

With this brand, simpler is better! It has used the MXR design pattern and comes in a single colour with a simple MXR logo. The chassis gives a bulletproof vibe and under the cover, it is equipped with an analogue circuit board.

On top of that, M152 features a Bypass switch. Which is extremely efficient is responsible for ensuring, when off, your sound is clean and pure. A useful LED display indicates whether Bypass is On or Off. These rugged little flangers come with an internal 9V battery or a separately purchased power system.


As keeping MXR tradition, M152 comes with a very simple control interface. To your surprise, it has only two knobs to use. One controls rate while the other is labelled as Regen. As restricting this may sound, these two knobs are more than enough to dial in a good tone. The footswitch is also commendable. Usually, the performance of footswitch is never mentioned in a review but here we had too. MXR has had a rough period when it comes to footswitches that failed quite often. But the stuff they are using now has resolved this issue. They also went ahead in innovation and upgraded a true bypass switch.

Overall, it might consume some of your time mastering this pedal but it won’t be long to harness this micro monster. If you’re searching for affordable flanger pedals backed by reliable big names in the industry, this might be your choice then.


The reason why it is one of the favourite’s picks of guitar players is hidden in its superb performance. It’s a beautiful blend of vintage sound with modern flexibility. MXR has yet again launched a classic flanger which revives the analogue vibe to the signal chain. while using the default setting, MXR M152 gets you fairly close to Eddie Van Halen’s flanger flavour. Playing around with controls can transform your performance to more modern touch if you wish so. What is most important, is the fact that the core of effects always has an analogue aura to it.

As you might have come across a whole new world of digital flangers but still it is a widely accepted fact that nothing can beat an analogue circuit. The simplicity of design and manuals adds more face value to the flanger. Making the adjustments quick in time and can be easy to use even in dark settings.


MXR M152 micro brings back the classic memories of the seventies with analogue technology. It offers consistent performance and simply delivers the best! What makes it on our list is its competitive price for the quality it offers is simply a value back deal.

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Joyo effects are gaining attention in the market and climbing up the ladder in the world of guitar effects. If you are restricted by a tight budget then their Joyo JF-07 Classic Flanger has proven to be one of the most impressive flangers available at the moment. what makes it on our list is its super pocket-friendly price and performance competitive to big names. Now let’s have a closer look at what this classic piece has to offer.


Joyo JF-07 affordable price hasn’t affected the quality and designs it offers its customers. As the name suggests, Joyo has gone for both the classic look and the vintage sound. It has a pearl white body with a Harrier jump jet graphic in the middle of the control panel. Joyo JF-07 is a very attractive squarish pedal with true bypass, Regen, Delay, Width and Speed controls. It offers great value for money. Especially having a surprisingly effective true bypass. It also employs a bucket bridge device circuit which enables the user to achieve a warm vintage sound.

It comes with a single input and output and is powered by either a 9V battery or a DC adapter. It’s a standard package and can bear the wear and tear of stage performance except for the warm tube amp sound which can be a bit clumsy on stage.


Just like the rest of the pedals, it offers a very simple control interface which is clearly labelled and can be easily used by someone who has used a flanger before, sometimes knobs are poorly aligned but that’s not a big deal, as matter of fact we think it gives the pedal a bit of funk n character. Joyo offers the wisest selection of controls. You have the Regen knob, Delay Time knob, Width and finally, Speed knobs.

It takes some time to completely figure out the effects and understand its usage but yet again definitely it comes with a pattern. When it comes to how effective these knobs are then definitely there is some room for travel.so if you are looking for ultimate precision this might be an issue, otherwise, it’s your thing to have. If we look overall the controls are average but yet again with such affordable price average sounds a good deal.


Finally if we talk about performance, it’s a decent and cheap flanger pedal available in the market. Joyo JF-07 is essentially a digital flanger, so we can expect unnatural clinical performance from it, if we compare it with an analogue flanger it will be foolish to do so, but it is more refined than what most guitar players might be expecting. That is, it works surprisingly well for what it is.

JF-07 offers a decent amount of range, and most importantly, almost no noise at all. The footswitch is of debate, as to whether its a true bypass or not. In our experience, there’s no noticeable colouration of the tone when the pedal is off. JF-07 can even get you a more metallic flanger effect if you adjust it right.


Do you wish to buy a flanger but unfortunately short of money? The answer is; Joyo JF-07 is your thing to have. This pedal offers much more than you expect for this amount of money. Or u can say its a value for money.which makes it a great deal and proves that cheap isn’t always bad.So what are you waiting for?

Donner effect pedals are one of the most reasonable ways you can spice up your pedalboard. Donner Jet Convolution Flanger is the most affordable flanger pedal you can get from the market with lots of great features. It’s impressive what you can get for a bargain price. Now let’s take a look what Donner jet convolution flanger has to offer us


The most attention-grabbing feature of Donner Jet Convolution is it offers a lot of features in a tiny pedal.just like Boss has its pedal chassis design so does donner. They have always surprised us with how many features and performance they can fit in a mini device. The main features which made this flanger on our list are its true bypass and the two available modes. The first mode is the normal mode where the pedal acts just like any other flanger out there. The second mode is the ‘filter mode’ which is the manual mode. Instead of integrating the manual mode in some secondary way donner has made it as a mode of its own.if you have learned to use a flanger with the automatic sweep, then this must not be an easy to use a pedal for you. So basically it’s a little hard to use a flanger pedal.


When it comes to the control interface, donner has invented something in between the complex and simple manual. When you look at the affordable market segment, they usually offer simple control panels because that’s what is easier to produce at a lower price but the controls on Donner are great.

You get a large Rate knob in the middle of the pedal, with smaller Color and Range knobs above it. All of these are fairly easy to use. It still applies when you have to make quick adjustments on stage.

Rate knob is one of the oversized knob compared to the rest of the pedal.it allows a smooth adjustment of the frequency of sweep. The Colour knob functions by offering plenty of feedback, whilst the Range knob allows for all those fancy effects. Turn the Range knob right up for those frenetic metallic effects, or turn it down for a warm, more natural tone.

The pedal is fairly responsive and allows decent feedback. The only controversial thing about this pedal is its bypass switch, though it works extremely well and comes with a useful LED light to indicate on or off. But it is rare to find a true bypass switch in pedals of this price. Either way why to complain over.


Donner Jet Convolution packs fairly a good performance and can be named as a classic flanger. Donner could have innovated a more modern sound but yet again it would have lost its charm. Right now you are getting an authentic flanger which is extremely inexpensive. While using manual mode, donner jet convolution offers its user to turn the performance to the next level. Its offers stability and consistency of the effects as it tracks very well.

Here the main question arises, whether or not it can be used on the stage? Our answer to this question is; a big yes! It fits well with stage performances but as everything good comes with some reservations, donner jet convolution also brings some limitations in terms of what it can do. What matters the most is that core performance is there.


With its Simplicity, compact size and exceptionally affordable price Donner Jet convolution are here to surprise you with its classic flanger effects. This flanger pedal offers a whole new range of versatility and its Toggle switch allows for true analogue flange effect. In short its a bang for the buck! Yes, you heard it right. It incorporates many of the features of its bigger, more expensive opposition. Thus making it a true recommendation from our side.

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Source Audio SA240 Mercury Flanger Effect Pedal is an extremely sophisticated pedal equipped with an impressive range of effects adjustments. Let’s take a quick review of what it has to offer.
It has a very simple and clean control interface.it has 4 main control knobs; with which you can attenuate your rate, speed, delay and resonance. The delay increases from a thickened vibe to a wide cosmic soundscape.

On top of the box, here are 3 separate switch settings. Classic mode offers a deep and dramatic effect in the style of the earliest flanger pedals. The Mercury’s Thru-Zero (a.k.a. “Tape Flange”) dramatically delivers the distinguishable twisting effect that occurs when the dry and modulating signals reach their intersection point. Finally, the Shadow flanger offers a highly resonant yet silky smooth tone, with the jet engine “whoosh” all flange fanatics crave.

The Mercury also includes an on-board Delay control to explore that beautiful cosmic space between chorus and flanger.

It has 2 ¼ inch outputs and can also be connected to devices via a micro USB connection. It is compatible with Neuro Mobile App. This is where things get exciting and allow users to download additional chorus effects and algorithms. If you pair this pedal with a NeuroHub then you can store up-to 128 sounds, for quick retrieval which can then be operated via footswitch.

Why We Liked It is a pretty fantastically constructed guitar pedal.it has a range of settings for adjustment, dual outputs and downloaded content as well. What we love most is the 3 switch flanger effects, which gives the user a completely new gadget to experiment with.

Taylor 100 Series 2017...
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  • Taylor's 100 Series makes...
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“Koogo music” is the name of a professional manufacturer of guitar pedal effects. It is well known in the industry for manufacturing electro-acoustic equipment and other musical instrument accessories. Let’s check it out what Koogo music has to offer in terms of their analogue guitar pedal.

To our surprise, the scope of effects and functions offered by this little analogue pedal is considerably more than the low price it comes in. As compared to the price it gives its users a great and soothing experience which can make your sound isolated from the rest of the world So it will be no less to say, Koogo is a brand which is always striving for innovation and excellence.

It is equipped with easy control knobs. Namely; which are colour, ranger, and rate. Through adjusting these knobs then you can create stunning, rock-on performances.Two models: Filter and Normal. You can just control three function knobs and choose the model you want to make your music tone. Enjoy your creativity and have fun while making new sounds.

The range of features classic features given by Koogo Vintage flanger is completely unbelievable in such a reasonable price. It offers Classical Analog rolling effect, gentle and flat variation, special vibration rumbling noise effect.It comes in an Aluminium-alloy classic chassis, which gives a strong and sturdy feel to the pedal. It also has the much talked about true bypass switch which is pretty efficient and provides a transparent tone. Whereas a LED indicator shows the working state.

Power Supply used by Koogo Vintage is a 9V AC adapter but the only shortcoming is it is not included in the package. The reason why we have put it on our top most flanger pedals list is, the tonal versatility, sturdiness and affordable price which sets it in competition with the expensive pedals available in the market.

Guild D-120CE...
  • Dreadnought size with...
  • Solid African Mahogany...
  • Vintage shaped Guild neck...
  • All gloss finish in...
  • Includes lightweight...

EarthQuaker Pyramids is the last on our list, But it should not be misunderstood for low quality as it comes last on our ranking list. This flanger is truly a bomb when it comes to the manual adjustment and versatility it offers its users. Pyramids is a Stereo Flanging Device with five presets, eight flanger modes, tap tempo, tap subdivision, a multifunction Modify control, positive and negative Feedback, and variable Mix control.

It is very well constructed on the DSP technology, offering jet-engine roar and many desirable effects. The control interface gives users many options to adjust and experiment with their performance. It presents top-mounted manual, rate, width and mix dials. The manual knob controls the delay time of modulated sound.Turning it clockwise ensures a shorter delay time and high pitch, vice versa.Rate controls the speed of LFO, while width controls the frequency range of the LFO sweep. The mix knob is responsible for controlling modulated signals. Turning it clockwise increases the modulated signal and vice versa.

In addition to the 4 main adjustments, the Pyramids pedal has a rotary for 6 separate presets, selects between live mode and 5 extra presets which are customizable.Furthermore, it features 8 different modes which go from a classic thru-zero, step and random. The Activate footswitch is built on Flexi-Switch technology! This relay-based true-bypass switch allows for momentary or latching operation. For standard latching, you have to press the switch once to enable the effect and then press switch to bypass. Meanwhile, for monetary operation u need to hold down the footswitch as long as you want the effect, release to bypass.

Tap / Trigger Footswitch is a tempo control switch while using the Classic, Through-Zero, Barber Pole Up, Barber Pole Down, Step, and Random modes. In case of Trigger Up and Trigger Down modes, this footswitch triggers the effect whenever it is pressed.

Why we liked it lies in the exceptional engineering and premium quality of this masterpiece, which gives its users complete freedom and authority over the flanger effects. Thus enabling a more personalised and ice-breaking performance.

As now we have reviewed ten best flanger pedals for your convenience. Now we would like to briefly mention its use and function to make you select the best pedal according to your musical needs.

Buying A Flanger Pedal

What Is A Flanger Pedal?

Simply put, Flangers are unique guitar effects, which enables a delay in the source signal and altering the time of delay throughout the performance.For a more comprehensive understanding, we must have a little bit of knowledge of the history of flanger pedals. The flanger effects were first discovered in 1946 by Les Paul in his song “Mamie’s Boogie”.

During this era, music was recorded onto magnetic tapes, reproducing a truly analogue sound. One day, Les Paul accidentally invented the flanger effect, while he was working on two magnetic tapes simultaneously. While recording, he stuck his finger on the flange of one of the tape recorders thus delaying the sound of one recording and putting it out of sync. This way flanger effect was generated for the first time in music history but it came into fashion in the sixties. At that time, it wasn’t possible to reproduce this effect on stage for live performances, so sound engineers began to hunt for ways to recreate this sound live on stage and flanger pedals came into existence.

Functions Of A Flanger Pedal

Every type of pedal effect has a specific set of controls. The controls of the flanger pedal are comparatively very simple. There are four main control knobs which you will find on almost every pedal from this category. You have the Rate, Depth, Resonance and Manual. Additionally, some flanger pedals offer various modes. Let’s discuss the function of each of these knobs and in what way it affects your sound.


Also called speed or frequency knob. This knob adjusts the frequency of the oscillation or wave you can hear sweeping through your track. The representation of sweeps isn’t symmetrical in nature. One cool feature of rate knob is, it allows you to subtle your tone. And to master the art you need some practice.


Also referred to as Width, range, depth intensity etc. This knob controls how much dry signal and how much-wet signal will be heard in your final mix. That is, it controls how intense the flanger will be in your tone. As you add more depth to a sound you will notice different stages of flanging. Ranging from zero to about one third, depending on the pedal your flanger will sound organic and natural. As you increase the depth, it turns the sound into more synthetic effects and adds on a cool metallic vibe. Now you must be thinking how much depth should be added to a sound? It solely depends on the type of music you are creating and your taste.


Resonance is one of the most important knobs on a flanger pedal. It determines how high the sweep is going to go. Together with depth knob, it gives a true flanger effect. It is important to know that every pedal has a different value attached to the resonance control. Some offer a very mild range of resonance will others go wild on the control. Yet again, the genre of music determines the value of resonance in your performance.


Manual knob also comes by the name of delay, delay time or flanging effect. In some pedals this does not fall in the category of a knob rather a built-in function of resonance.this knob adjusts how delayed the second signal is, and therefore how exaggerated the “Wah Wah” sound of your final mix. Or in other words, it controls the centre of the sweep. You must be very conscious that high manual values are very aggressive in nature and distort the tone of your guitar.while lower manual values are more subtle in sound but mars the flanger effect.

What Music Genres Are Best For Flanger Use?

One of the unofficial rules of guitar effects is, any of the guitar effects can be used in any genre of music. But it is important to note that some effects suit a particular genre more than others. As for flanger effects, the best genre is rock and metal. You can find countless performances in this regard. The best example is Small Faces by Itchycoo Park. It was recorded in the ’60s using the desynced tape method.

Essentially flangers can be used anywhere, only if you use it the right way. If too subtle it will lose its charm if too loud it will distort your sound. So for a rocking performance you need to keep a technical balance according to the genre of performance.it will be worthy to say that moderation is the key to this dynamic effect.

Understanding The Potential

So far we might have given you the impression of unpredictability and trickiness of the flanger effect.For now it’s very important for you to understand the possible value and potential this effect brings in your plate.It will be no exaggeration to say, it’s the real force multiplier.It will not only add a whole range of strength to your tone but also your inspiration and confidence.Nonetheless, it will be no less to say it’s psychedelic in nature and a perfect word to describe the potential of it.using a flanger you have the power to achieve from warm, rounded analogous and even chorus tones, right through to some hectic metallic ‘Star Wars On Steroids’ type effects.

One of the most important things to remember about flanger pedals is, experimentation is the key to master the effect.every pedal offers you a different experience but the basic effects are the same.To truly master the flanger effect you need to explore and unlock the doors which were not visible.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the age of the player?
  • Which kind of Top you like to have! Solid or Laminate Top?
  • Do you wish like Steel or Nylon Strings?
  • What is your budget?
  • Do the sellers offer add-ons?


Flanger effects are one of the most unique and engrossing guitar pedal effects you can experiment with. The sheer versatility it provides to your performance is something hard to ignore. The models list we provided in this review is one of the best deals you can get, keeping in mind the variation in price and quality of the pedals. Interestingly even the cheapest pedals aren’t a miss and pack a lot of heat. If you are someone who loves experimenting with the sound modulation and wants something new and exciting for your pedalboard than without much ado flangers is your thing to go for. It is worth each penny. Favour yourself by buying a flanger pedal and Thank us later.

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