10 Best Chorus Pedals

Chorus is one of the most permeated sound effects in your musical arsenal.

Chorus pedals produce a broad, rich and elaborate sound that is spread across your tune. In modern times, the digital pedals have introduced sophisticated panache to the effects’ pedals; offering an extensive range of features…

Let’s talk about the best chorus pedals that will satisfy your aesthetic and technical needs.

Buy the Best Chorus Pedals in 2020

MXR M234 Analog Chorus...
  • All-analog bucket-brigade...
  • Create classically lush,...
  • Ultimate tone control

This the most traditional and exceptional pedal in the list. What makes it so unique is its stunning sound. It is a lush and liquid analogue chorus powered by a bucket-brigade delay chip. This is a classic delay chip that you would only find in analogue gear for many years ago. It gave us a classic vintage tone that we all know and love now.

Starting off with the main part. It has a very good quality latching footswitch with a lovely positive click. It has a blue led just above it to tell you when the pedal is bypassed or engaged. Across the front, we have five controls

Level– this knob determined the frequency of chorus effect that is injected in the audio signals. You can adjust the chorus to your desired level in order to achieve less/more guitar signals in the final mix.
Rate– this is used to adjust the speed of the chorus, rotate it until you get that desired effect.
Depth– this knob is used to adjust the intensity of the chorus.
EQ settings-
use these beauties to alter the frequency of the sounds.
Circuit– Analogue

Dunlop M148 MXR Micro...
  • All analog circuitry with...
  • Rich chorus textures
  • True bypass

Simplicity at its best is the accurate way to describe this yellow beast. It looks quite normal but caters all the rock star requirements and needs of a guitarist. It gives a collection of features to play with and make exciting and mesmerizing music.

This lemony beauty is not just an ordinary pedal. It is as simple and clean as it looks with absolutely outstanding features. It includes a loaded and top-notch analogue circuitry with the plausible bucket brigade technology. The weight is almost a pound and had an amazing, sturdy metal casing which is aesthetically quite pleasing. It is a true bypass pedal with no to less noise, a single in and out jack. A nice LED light status indicator and of course the on and off switch.

It only has one knob. There is a rate knob through which you can adjust the intensity and speed of the chorus. It helps you to achieve more prominence of frequencies in the final mix. This knob will also allow you to play with tones and different level of pitches.

MXR M83 Bass Chorus...
  • Analog bucket-brigade...
  • Separate bass and Treble...
  • Flanger and X-Over for...
  • In X-Over Mode,...

This beauty is one of the few pedals which allows bass alterations and have recognized that bassist could also use sound refinement. As like the two pedals this beauty sets into motion through the bucket-brigade technology. This is a technology that enhances the quality and tones of your music but makes sure that the originality of the music is still there without making any lousy interference in the production of quality music.

Overall, the controls on this pedal are quite simple and mainstream like many other pedals with the rate, width and intensity knobs. It does have some unique ones such as Bass and Treble knobs. Now, as a guitarist, you know just how much these controls are important. Believe us, you will not be disappointed as these knobs have the ability to add warmth and depth to the music.

EarthQuaker Devices Sea...
  • A chorus pedal with as...
  • Capable of tones from...
  • Works well following...
  • When engaged, the Sea...
  • Controls allow for...

EarthQuaker devices are a new favourite amongst many guitarists, these devices were found in 2004. This one specially made to our list due to the following reasons. The sea machine is a comprehensive chorus pedal which claims to have as many modulation ways as there are fish in the ocean.

Packed with an outstanding array of features this beauty is a mix of analogue and digital circuits and has a longer delay time than other pedals. Moreover, this aesthetically pleasing, study blue metal baby only requires two 9V batteries. Also with a number of attractive controls housed into a relatively small chassis, makes it even more fun and attractive to use.


    • Rate- Sets the LFO speed
    • Shape- helps in adjustments of waves from the triangle wave to square waves when you will turn it clockwise
    • Dimension- add various depths and dimensions on the three levels of sounds (high, middle, low)
    • Intensity- monitors and define the delay time modulated by LFO
    • Animate- used for intense modification of pitches
    • Depth- controls the mixture of modulated and dry signals

TC electronic has taken the idea of pedals to another level by introducing the Corona Chorus Pedal. With this top-notch pedal that goes hand in hand with the recent technology has given a new edge to previous analogue pedals. It has made its place in the market and perhaps the details will explain why.

  • Knobs: Four-Speed, Depth, FX Level, Tone
  • Slot: Three way, Tone Print, this helps in downloading choruses through a USB cable from the third slot.
  • Power: 9V adaptor
  • Switch: Digital
  • True Bypass

This pedal comes in a green sturdy box which makes it durable in case it is also used during travelling. The four knobs previously mentioned helps in controlling the chorus and its effect.

  • Speed: adjusts the strength of the chorus effect
  • Depth: modifies the tightness effect of the chorus
  • FX Level: directly connects the chorus effect from the output
  • Tone: links the chorus effect and which audio frequencies it will cover
BOSS Stereo Super Chorus...
  • Product type :SOUND AND...
  • Package dimensions :15.0...
  • country of origin :Taiwan
  • package weight :1.12lbs

Boss is an extremely well-renowned company for pedals and is operating since 1978, this particular model is quite famous amongst the guitarist community. This pedal comes with a hefty amount or optimization settings. You can adjust the quality and the undertones in your music with ease.

The more positive point in this pedal is that it will deliver the appropriate chorus effects with a mix and match combination of the various option it offers. This is a relatively small pedal than Boss’s other products. The pedal is quite simple to operate as it features knobs of EQ, effective level, depth and rate.  The effect level determines and concentrates on general chorus sounds. However, EQ modifies the tones and adds depth, rate controls the speed of modulation and depth determines the effect’s intensity.

MXR M134 Stereo Chorus
  • Musically voiced Rate and...
  • Bass and Treble controls...
  • Stereo outputs for huge...

MXR innovations is a globally renowned company set up in 1972, they have an array of pedals stocked up the MXR stereo chorus stands out. Complemented with an LED indicator this all-rounder pedal features a footswitch to switch between a hardwire bypass or an effect. The pedal has stereo outputs for tonal transmission and runs with an 18 AC adapter or 2 9V batteries. You can also find a unique bass filtering button which blocks interferences in your low-end tones and a wide selection of options to control your preference settings.

The pedal features the following knobs:

  • Rate and Width– to modify the chorus tone from soft and subtle sounds to depth and finesse, this creates a sound music quality free from any unnecessary noises
  • Bass and Treble– could be adjusted up to 12 dB to provide variance and space for experiments beyond measure.
  • Intensity– controls the level of effects provided by the pedal.
Electro-Harmonix Small...
  • The classic chorus!
  • The finest analog chorus...
  • Simple tweaks generate...
  • True bypass
  • 9-volt Battery included,...

The small clone Chorus pedal by Electro Harmonix is a classic pedal that is in a league of its own. Rock artists have often preferred this pedal since it provides excellent pedal along with tweaks and adjustments. It comes of no surprise that numerous people rave about this pedal and it how fine this product really is.

It can assist in producing fine, organic sounds. It also has a True Bypass switching which helps in maintaining the sounds even if it is pulled out of. These pointers stated below further specify and highlights the features that make it what it is:

  • Power: 9V battery or an equivalent DC adapter
  • Circuit: analogue
  • Jacks: Two-one input and one output
  • Dials: 2 dials on Bass Clone, Bass Knob and Treble Dial

There are only two controls so it is very easy to understand.

  • Depth switch: one can modulate the strength of the chorus from this switch. The higher it goes, it becomes less mellow and more prominent
  • Rate: this controls the speed of the chorus and how much intensity and prominence it will have in the mix.
TC Electronic SCF Pedal...
  • Designed with an Input...
  • Chorus/Flanger mode...
  • Bypass control that...
  • No wall-wart – plug...

TC electronic is also a popular and iconic brand for pedals in the music industry. They are in business for almost 30 years and have set up a sound scale of the standard of quality in the market. This article will focus on the SCF world standard. Aesthetically, this pedal is a beauty. The way every knob is positioned is exceptional and gives out quite a beastly vibe with the elegant colour scheme. The silver and grey act as contrasting hues.

On the technical side, this pedal has stereo and mono outputs as well as an external bypass. It gives you the option to completely bypass the effect using external switching method.

Now let’s go over the exceptional options of controls in this black beauty

  • Input gain- monitors the signals from the guitar to give you a flawless playing experience
  • Width- to adjust the depth and width of the sound
  • Speed- offers a refinement of high and low sounds
  • Mode- switches between a flanger output and a fine chorus, this also enhances melodies and provide an array of adjustments in tones
  • Intensity- determines the amount of feedback or the overall effect depending on the mode in which you are operating (Flanger, chorus or pitch shifting mode)
Donner Chorus Guitar...
  • 【Tutti Love】Tutti...
  • 【Whole...
  • 【True bypass】True...
  • 【Easy, flexible...
  • 【DC 9V Jack】DC 9V...

Believe it or not, old-school goodies are always the best and interesting to use. We all have modern technology all around us but we forget the richness of the oldies and the satisfaction derived in using these. Similarly, we are going to talk about this micro pedal, donor Tutti lover.

The Tutti lover has a stunning aluminium enclosure which makes it durable and safe for travel. It also has analogue circuitry which means the sound it produces is distinctive and surreal. It also has a true bypass switch which will reduce the chances of losing your tunes in the composting process,

The front face has the following knobs:

  • Depth- changes the amount of effect you want in a sound
  • Level- helps adjust and stabilize the output volume of the chorus
  • Rate- helps in modification of the chorus
  • Bypass Footswitch- triggers the circuitry and activates the pedal

What is a Chorus Pedal?

Chorus is a type of modulation effect that functions very similar to flanger pedals. A chorus effect occurs when individual sounds with almost the same time, pitch and converge. It is as one tone altogether. The purpose of these chorus pedals is to:

  • Beautify and deepen the quality of sounds.
  • Making them more melodious and easy on the ear.
  • Through these pedals, you can easily temper and play with levels of tones,
  • You can mix and max the options in these pedals to enhance your composition experience overall.
  • The chorus was mainly used back in the ’80s by famous guitarist when not many individuals were aware of this.

In this era, however, because now people have switched to modern methods of composing music little do they know that these are extremely helpful and fun to play with.

Digital V/s Analogue

There are two basic chorus pedals which are:

  • Analogue
  • Modern Digital Pedals

The analogue pedals generally affect the entire frequency range of your guitar’s tone. It gives it a much deeper and warmer sound. It also assists in making the tones switch from sweet melodies to high pitched metal music. On the contrary, modern digital pedals are more advanced with new embedded features. They are able to provide more options to get the accurate frequency of sounds making them more versatile.

The hardcore guitarist usually doesn’t approve of the digital pedals because of their overly saturated quality of sound. As these digital pedals are inexpensive in comparison with the analogue ones, they stand as a reliable option for people who want modifications on a light budget.


Now, we have seen what the best pedals out there are, but what many people don’t know is how to work with a pedal. For beginners, it will be quite difficult, but as we all know, practice makes a man perfect. You can easily go south when composing a tune which can hinder the authenticity of the tone. In most part, your pedal will come with basic features of depth and rate. They might not be labelled the same, but they will be the part of the pedal as these are the core features.

Furthermore, for chorus pedals, modulation is the golden key. While that relates to most effects pedals out there, in relation to chorus effects it is even more important. It is very easy to push stuff overboard without even knowing it, and ruin your organic sound. In conclusion, we would just like to add that know your true passion and most importantly the things you work with. There are many listings out there. Various online shops are operating all around the world that can provide you with these things.

Choose the most reliable website and do your research, when buying such pedals. Always know what you want, there are thousands of pedals and gadgets that have numerous functions and features. Don’t just buy something that doesn’t cater to your composition needs. The world wants many artists to make new and improve the music. People are all crazy about music which is why there are many companies competing against each other to manufacture the best for you. Believe it or not, selecting the right chorus pedal is completely subjective. Many people don’t like working with a digital pedal as they claim that they destroy the quality of the music.

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