10 Best Acoustic Guitars for Beginners

If you’re just starting out playing the guitar, an acoustic guitar is a great instrument to jump in! Just start by learning a couple of chords & start having fun with your new life!

However, Acquiring your first guitar may turn out to be a sophisticated task, right!? Don’t worry!

We’ve compiled a list of the Best Acoustic Guitars for Beginners, which will provide you with all the information you need to pick your first guitar!

Best Acoustic Guitars for Beginners in 2020

Jasmine S34C NEX Acoustic...
  • Gloss Natural
  • Dreadnought body style
  • Laminate Spruce top
  • Sapele back and sides
  • Rosewood Fingerboard

The jasmine S-34C is designed in grand orchestra-guitar fashion, with extremely rich tones and a graceful Venetian-style cutaway, which definitely makes it a show stealer and 5th on our list.  Jasmine Guitars are popular in the market because of its great quality instruments at an exceptional value. Let’s check out if this is true or not.

Body and Neck/ Features

We must admit jasmine S-34C is a beautifully crafted dreadnought style guitar. It’s a perfect choice for anyone who is seeking a well built and user-friendly guitar. Coming to its body, it has a laminated spruce wood top with Sapele back and sides. What’s special here, is the advanced X Bracing system that features a forward-shifted X Bracing pattern, that places the braces closer to the soundhole, producing a fuller, livelier, and open sound with improved definition and sound detail.

It features a satin-smooth finish rosewood fingerboard with 21 frets, to maximize resonance for optimal sound quality. The cutaway design allows easy access to the higher frets. It also features a unique strap button positioning for better balance and comfort while holding and playing on the guitar.  Whereas the 25 ½” scale length slim neck provides a comfortable feel and excellent playability. Besides everything it comes in a majestic satin natural finishing, who can miss on such a diva?


Jasmine S-34C has used very good quality components at a very nominal price. They have used satin finish spruce for the top body with Sapele back and sides. For the fingerboard, they have used satin-smooth rosewood which maximizes resonance for optimal sound and makes fingers switching easy.  The use of an advanced X bracing system adds values to its quality and performance.lastly, it features strong chrome tuners for optimal clarity of the sound and keeps string tension under control. The strings are purely made of bronze capable of producing warm lows and bright highs.


We think, for now, you might have an idea what this bad boy is capable of. The sound quality is absolute to die for. It produces extreme quality creme tones whether you are into heavy strumming or soft finesse it knows all the best.  The advanced x bracing system adds a more well balanced and great tone to your playing. So basically it gives you crisp, deep, and bright sounds ideal for your country genre.


In the end, we must say without much ado, buy this gorgeous piece of art! It’s going to add new life to your country music, capable of producing the desirable warm lows and bright highs. Are u still waiting? Go grab it before the stock runs out.

Fender CC-60SCE Concert...
  • Single-cutaway concert...
  • Fishman low-profile...
  • Solid spruce top with...
  • Mahogany back and sides
  • Easy-to-play neck with...

The California Company holds a 60 years legacy in manufacturing one of the best quality electric and Acoustic guitars. This years-old knowledge and experience help them to craft one of the best guitar models available in the market.  Fender CC-60SCE is part of their New Classic Acoustic design series. This model is a trendy concert-sized electro-acoustic with classic styling and warm tones. Let’s check it out how it proves to be the best for beginners.

Body and Neck

Unlike the mighty dreadnought, Fender CC-60SCE comes in a compact concert-size body, ideal for short heightened players or those who are in search of something more manageable.  It is composed of genuine solid spruce which produces an attractive harmonic vibration and imparts a bright and clear quality sound.  The body is also available in two variations; jet black and standard natural finish. The back, sides, and neck are made up of mahogany, with a 21-fret rosewood fingerboard.

The fingerboard has a standard 12” radius, with slightly rolled edges to increase the performance and comfort.  The neck is designed on Fenders new ‘easy to play’  shape, which is a hybrid between thinner necks and the traditional fuller acoustic necks. The pretty deep cutaway helps the players to experiment up through the very top of the neck.  Fender has used a scalloped X bracing system for interior, which keeps the guitar light in weight and improves the tone and clarity of sound. In short, CC-60SCE is easy for beginners to hold and play.


The impressive feature of Fender’s CC-60SCE hardware is its piezo pickup and Fishman preamp with onboard EQ. The electric specifications mean that users can easily switch from an unplugged gig to an amplified one while maintaining their acoustic tone. While the EQ controls and tuner enables you to dial in perfect rhythm for any gig.  Now coming to the acoustic aspect, it features a walnut bridge with a saddle, plastic nut, and Fender’s chrome die-cast tuners, to keep your pitch and tune synchronized. Lastly, it includes a strap peg on the upper part of the body for your comfort.


This guitar sounds absolutely classic and brings out the true colors of Acoustic tones. The tones are crisp and clean, with bright highs and decent sounding lows. Treble notes are a bit loud with plenty of basses. The body size also signifies that its well adapted for fingerpicking and can play almost any style of choice.  The electronic pickup helps in maintaining the acoustic flavor but it sounds a bit less pinching than when the guitar is unplugged. We must say like most of the electro-acoustics in this price range, the sound isn’t flawless!


Fender’s CC-60SCE is all about classic acoustic tones with electronic capabilities to boot. We must appreciate that Fender has managed to fit a list of spectacular features into this beginner-friendly price. Besides this, its build quality is to last for years. So it’s a definite yes from our side!

Epiphone EEPUNACH1-15...
  • The PRO-1 Ultra has a...
  • This acoustic has a...
  • With extra light strings...

The Epiphone brand is best known for producing budget-friendly Gibson licensed replicas, as well as some high-end originals and some pretty good acoustics. DR-100 is one of them and is arguably among the elite of affordable range.  With no surprise, Epiphone acoustic guitars are their most popular product to offer, so let’s check their DR-100 in detail.

Body and Neck

Many experienced guitarists recommend Epiphone DR-100 as one of the best selling acoustic guitars.  It comes in a solid dreadnought shape, with a combination of select spruce on top while the body is constructed of mahogany. All things apart, It is one of the most popular tonewood combos nowadays. The neck features Epiphone Slim Taper profile of mahogany wood, The slim taper profile allows more speed with no compromise on the grip. Epiphone offering this design in an affordable model is truly commendable.


In terms of hardware, Epiphone is using the standard configuration as most of its competitors. It features a standard rosewood bridge with a compensated synthetic saddle, a synthetic nut, and a set of die-cast tuners. Epiphone labeled these tuners as premium, but they are more or less standard in nature.  So in short, Epiphone delivers a decent level of quality both in terms of tone and overall fidelity.


When it comes to sound, DR-100 has truly surprised us! Its sound punches way above its weight class. Here we must point out that it lacks a bit in low-end response, but the abundance of clarity in mid and upper range compensates for this flaw.  We are proud to mention here that it is one of the very few affordable acoustics which goes well with any style of playing. As for a beginner, it’s a good value for money and allows you to take it out for light stage performances.


If you are looking for your first guitar or want a decent piece of tonewood to practice on, we highly recommend you to check this beast on!

Fender Tim Armstrong...
  • Solid Mahogany Top,...
  • Scalloped X Bracing
  • Fishman Preamp.Number of...
  • Compensated Saddle and...
  • Urea Nut and Saddle

Tim Armstrong Hellcat is part of Fender’s acclaimed Artist series. It is inspired by the punk rock of Tim Armstrong-Rancid’s Frontman. Its mind-blowing quality makes it the best choice for beginners as well for regular performers. In short, it’s pretty affordable with a great attitude. So without wasting more time let’s check it out.

Body and Neck

To begin with, Tim Armstrong Hellcat is all about punk rock. Rancid fans will be pretty familiar with its design, it’s an affordable clone of Armstrong’s own hellcat! Although it’s adapted to right-handed players. Its compact concert-sized body measures 25.3” scale length which makes it pretty beginner-friendly to hold as compared to a classic dreadnought.  Its marvelous dark grain body makes it pretty obvious that Hell Cat is an all Mahogany model, with laminated mahogany used on back and sides, and a solid wood on the top.

The top is supported by a scalloped X bracing and the cream bindings add beautiful detailing and protection externally.  What makes it unique is the four-ply tortoiseshell pickguard and Tims Armstrong signature on the truss rod cover. The walnut fretboard features 19-frets, punctuated by double skull inlays at the 12th fret. The neck is made of maple wood in c shape and a satin finish, which makes it pretty playable.


Hellcat is not all about good looks, it’s an electro-acoustic guitar, and features the “Isys III” most popular system by Fishman. The Isys III comes with an active onboard preamp featuring volume, and 3-band EQ controls including Bass, Mids, and Trebles. This preamp also includes an easy built-in digital tuner- equally crucial for beginners and seasonal players alike. Although you don’t need to mess much with it like with vintage-style tuners, it does a great job by keeping your tunes well balanced and stable.  The bridge is made of rosewood featuring a GraphTech Nubone compensated saddle and nut.


The well-furnished all-mahogany body of Hellcat ensures a richer and warmer tone to please your audience. Despite its compact size, Hellcat’s acoustic projection is not affected by it, rather provides ample resonance thanks to its bracing pattern. The installed Fishman system guarantees to deliver purely an organic sound, while the onboard controls give plenty of chances to tweak up the sound. If we compare affordability with performance, it absolutely sounds great!


Fender has done a marvelous job to recreate a modern classic, we are fully satisfied by the results. It has its root in radical punk, comes with great playability and an affordable price tag. It sounds great whether plugged or unplugged. Big tone, big attitude, good price… It’s a worthy buy!

YAMAHA FS800 Small Body...
  • Solid sitka spruce top
  • Nato back & sides
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • Rosewood bridge
  • Diecast tuners

If you are in search of a quality country dreadnought with an incredibly affordable price, then Yamaha FG800 is sure to impress! It offers a relatively simple style with no fancy decorations as many other guitars on our list. But when it comes to quality it hardly lags behind from the popular brands. So let’s check out what made it on our list today.

Body and Neck

We must say, despite being simple in style it still manages to look great! It comes in a classic and super clean 25” scale length non-cutaway dreadnought body, it is manufactured by a mix of solid Sitka spruce on the top and laminated nato on the back and sides.  As we know about dreadnoughts, it’s super comfortable to hold and seems of fine quality, which many budget acoustics lack to provide.

The FG800 features a sleek glossy finish, with a black and white multiply binding and a faux tortoiseshell pickguard to give it some personality of its own. Finally, the neck is joined at the 14th fret, complementing the back and sides the neck is also made of nato, with an excellent satin finish. The fretboard is made of rosewood and consists of 20 frets.


Now coming to the hardware, it shares the same components as its higher-priced brother FG830, which really increases its reliability, consistency, and tone. But to your attention, it lacks some of the upgraded aesthetics of its expensive version. We think that it doesn’t matter when the quality of the hardware used is the same. The headstock is equipped with chrome tuners that efficiently carry the job. There is also a urea nut and saddle, along with a standard rosewood bridge at the bottom.


To your curiosity, we are glad to reveal that FG800 offers one of the best sounds among the affordable acoustics on board. Its dreadnought body and scalloped bracing give it an edge of a very loud and resonant sound. It’s slightly lighter in weight than FG830 but it still delivers a very sweet and warm tone, with a good balance of tunes. Well, we must say such fine quality at such a low price is hard to believe.


FG800 has the power to make you fall in love with it in just 5 mins. Yes, you heard it right! Like everything comes with a downturn and nothing is perfect, FG800 has also few flaws in the fit n finish but that doesn’t make it a miss! Whether you are a starter or pro, with a price as low as under $200 it’s a hard offer to pass!

Rogue RA-090 Dreadnought...
  • 6-string
  • Dreadnought design
  • Whitewood body
  • 25-3/8" scale length
  • Nato neck

In the world of cheap Acoustic guitars, Rogue RA-090 is truly royal. It offers decent quality and playability in a super pocket-friendly price tag. So whether you are on a strict budget or trying to test your luck in guitar playing, Rogue RA-090 is your savior. Let’s take a closer look.

Body and Neck

For such an inexpensive model, the Rogue RA-090 comes in pretty decent steel-string design to mess with. Whether a beginner or intermediate player it will fit happily into any guitarist collection.  With an incredibly low price, Rogue went to extremes to make it available to anyone who wishes to buy an acoustic guitar. Although the low price tag is reflected well in the materials used in the neck and body.

Rogue RA-090 comes in a big dreadnought style. It is entirely made of laminated whitewood with a glossy finish and black pickguard on the face. It comes in three finishes to choose from; including natural, sunburst, and black.joined at the 14th fret, the neck is built of solid nato, while the 20th fret on the fretboard is painted maple.  It does not offer something high-end or even mid-range but still provides a decent, well put, and durable acoustic. If you want to enhance its tone and playability you can always go for a string change and set up.


No electronics are used on this model, however, its electro-acoustic version does exist.it features average nickel tuners, which works absolutely fine but they feel a little stiff to play. Onboard we have a painted maple bridge, stock strings, a plastic nut, and saddle. Obviously, for a guitar as low as over $100, you’ll be hardly disappointed with this hardware, but we must say it offers good value for the price.


As far as sound is concerned, it’s nothing out of the box or high-end. For an instrument that costs so little, the sound is pretty acceptable and punches above its weight with clarity and a well-balanced tone. The sound offered is more bright than warm.  For a classic dreadnought style, the volume is also acceptable. It’s ideal for practice, jamming, and unrehearsed performances but not for concert halls.


It offers nothing premium but for a guitar that will tax your wallet as much as a couple of pizza’s and provides a decent sound with good projection and clarity, who can say so no to such an inexpensive offer? It’s a definite yes for the beginners!

Yamaha APX600 BL Thin...
  • Thin-line cutaway Body...
  • 25" Scale Length and...
  • New scalloped bracing...
  • Abalone sound hole...
  • Stage-focused pickup...

Since the ’80s, Yamaha APX series has been a favorite go-to collection for beginner acoustic guitarists seeking great playability, awesome tone, and ability to plug into an amp- to your surprise, the new APX600 is no different! This upgraded model is built on the legacy left behind by the popular APX500III model, apparent improvements can be seen in the aesthetics and built leading to even better playability and tone.  With super trendy thin body, sensible features, and a great tone, the APX500III makes it a mainstay on our list of best acoustic guitars for beginners. So let’s check it out does it beat the legacy of its predecessor.

Body and Neck

This time Yamaha hasn’t messed with the looks, it’s built upon the same what made APX500III so popular. The APX600 features the same super sleek, thin body, and shape, which makes the whole playing experience comfortable and worthwhile. However there is a reduction in scale length from 25.6” to 25” and the string spacing is narrower, both the changes improve the playability and tone.

Even the materials used are the same as original, with a solid spruce top and three-ply Eastern mahogany back and sides. The neck features satin-finished nato, housing a smooth rosewood fretboard with 22-frets. Thanks to the cutaway design it makes easy access to the upper and lower and lower frets.  As for the colors are concerned, it gives its users several options to choose from; you can choose from traditional natural finish or a cool glossy black, or elegant vintage white and a graceful oriental blue burst.


APX600 is an electro-acoustic featuring a Yamaha designed piezo pickup system with a solid AA-battery operated preamp. The preamp features 3-band simple EQ controls, Volume, Knob, and a separate mid-range frequency slider. There is also a digital tuner installed to further stabilize the tone.  The rest of the hardware is similar to its predecessor, consisting of a set of die-cast tuners on the headstock and a standard rosewood bridge.


APX600 confidently delivers a big sound with astonishingly good low ends like its ancestors. we must say having such sound in such a slim body is pretty commendable! Moreover, the advanced bracing pattern ensures a bit more oomph and fullness in tone than the previous model APX500III.  Through an amplifier, the sound quality is as clear as before, although a little piezo quack is present overall it’s a solid performer with great preamp flexibility.


Its small size makes it a perfect pick for the beginners as well as anyone switching from electric guitars to acoustic. While the electronic features are not a must for the starters but having it on an affordable model is a good excuse to practice and chase your dream to perform on stage. In short, it’s good value for a reasonable price.

Alvarez AD30CE Artist...
  • Solid A Grade Sitka Top /...
  • Mahogany Back & Sides /...
  • FST2M, Forward Shifted,...
  • Mahogany Neck, Rosewood...
  • SYS250 3-band EQ w/tuner

Although the AD30 is an entry-level model in Alvarez’s highly popular Artist series, it still offers a huge voice and built-in quality at a minimal price. It’s no less to say its actually made for beginners. Even though it’s a cheaper option, it still competes quite well with the expensive models on the sound quality ground.  AD 30 takes out the best from the components used and utilizes expert craftsmanship to stand on par with the rest of the series. Let’s have a closer look.

Body and Neck

It comes in a classic dreadnought style, the top is made of solid Sitka spruce, which comes equipped with a tiny black pickguard. The top is supported by a scalloped bracing pattern. While the back and sides are made of mahogany tonewood. The mahogany neck is attached to the body with a dovetail joint, supporting a wider profile typical of dreadnought style.  The fingerboard is constructed from fine rosewood, rigged with 20-frets, white dot inlays, and a bone nut. Overall it comes in a beautiful natural color semi-gloss finish.


The stunning quality of Artist Series hardware makes it popular among the industry and AD30 offers no less at an affordable price.  The Alvarez bi-level rosewood bridge is equipped with a D’ Addario EXP strings and the headstock features six die-cast chrome tuners, to keep the strings tight and in tune.


Alvarez has played with original dreadnought style by cutting the top of AD30 slightly thinner, in order to grasp striking tonal versatility and vibrations. The tones produced are well balanced between bass and trebles, making you stand out with phenomenal clarity. Meanwhile, the unique D’Addario strings speak well for the beginners. In a nutshell, you just can’t ignore the sound clarity of AD30.


At such an affordable price, AD30 is a valuable choice for any beginner to discover their style and start their journey with. AD30 is one of our top recommendations and must-have guitar!

Taylor Academy Series...
  • Body Body type: Concert/O...
  • Over the past four-plus...
  • As a company that’s...
  • The Academy Series, which...
  • Taylor believes that in...

Taylor Academy 12e is the best ‘entry-level guitar for the beginners, its premium quality makes it stand out from rest and makes it stand on the number one position on our list. Part of the iconic brand Academy series-specially designed for beginners to taste the essence of Taylor at an affordable price. Say buy to tears, no crying over hefty price tags when you got Taylor on hand. So let’s check out what it has to offer us.

Body and Neck

Taylor Academy 12e comes in a super-stylish 24.87” scale length. It features a beautiful solid Sitka spruce top, and the sides are made of sturdy laminated Sapele. A hint of mahogany also features on the top too. In short, it’s simple and easy to hold, and its comfortable armrest design makes it easy to hold the guitar.

Its matte finish Sapele neck provides a flawless playing experience, which features a genuine African ebony fretboard with 20 frets. Genuinely, this guitar is value for money and offers its customers a smooth and comfortable playing experience. It’s lightweight, durable, and fast!  We highly appreciate the craftsmanship of making an error-free model. Even though it’s entry-level, still better than most of the beginner-friendly guitars.


Taylor is not all about beauty, it features an impressive selection of hardware too. For beginner level, we don’t appreciate complex electronics but Taylor’s preamp system is truly commendable for newbies. Instead of complex EQ controls, it features only volume and tone control knobs. To your surprise, it also has a built-in digital tuner, to keep you well synchronized.  The machinery used at headstock is pretty decent, so you don’t have to worry about the tuner much. Moreover, A12e houses a pretty good ebony bridge, a micarta nut and saddle, and a set of Elixir strings. Lastly, it also includes a pretty cool Taylor padded gig bag to store your buddy in.


The sound tone is a signature of Taylor guitars and sounds amazing! The combination of solid spruce and Sapele produces a vibrant, well balanced warm tone with an equal level of brightness.  The preamp is a bit downstream, it lacks versatility and is simple in nature which we think will be appreciated by the starters.


Even though Taylor A12e is an entry-level guitar but trust us it’s far above from some of the higher-end models of other brands. If its price tag is a bit hefty it confirms its quality and performance. Okay, we admit it charges a little extra for the brand name but trust us it’s absolutely worth the money. The playability, comfort, and tone you experience from A12e are incredibly exceptional for the new learners.

Bristol BD-16 Dreadnaught...
  • Spruce top with scalloped...
  • Beautiful mahogany back...
  • Slim mahogany neck offers...
  • Chrome-plated 14:1...

Bristol is a brand well known for its specialized niches in the market. Blueridge BD-16 is a very balanced entry-level acoustic guitar model launched by Bristol. It offers exceptional craftsmanship, starting from its built quality to the value it offers. It is one of the best beginner budget-friendly acoustic, that’s why it finds the 7th position on our list. Let’s check it out in detail.

Body and Neck

Blueridge BD-16 features a laminate top and sides, it might be a deal-breaking flaw for some but if done correctly it can come pretty close to the solid tops. Well to counter this, Bristol offers performance way more than you paid for.  Standard spruce is used for the top, while the back and sides are tonewood mahogany. We must appreciate the lethal combo of hard and softwoods, which delivers pretty interesting tones. The neck is built of mahogany and features a very fast profile. While the fretboard is constructed with standard rosewood. Nothing exceptional is found but rather a solid base.


It offers average quality hardware for this category in the industry. Consisting of a very basic rosewood bridge paired with artificial saddle and nut. On the headstock, Bristol installed standard quality die-cast tuners. Despite the average hardware, it performs pretty outstandingly. As long as you’re not into heavy strumming, your tuning will stay more balanced and stable. Most of the entry-level guitars need to upgrade tuning machines, so there’s that.


Once you get your fingers on this bad boy all the criticism goes in vain. It performs extremely bigger than its price range. The combination of spruce and mahogany used gives it a loud, vibrant, and warm sound. It adds absolute clarity and definition to your playing as well as the fullness of tone.  So if you are into heavy strumming or low picking, Blueridge never disappoints!


So if you’re on a budget and searching for your first guitar or something unique, Bristol Blueridge BD-16 is your bad boy to play with. It offers a bright full sound with excellent projection, comfort, and playability. It’s definitely a winner offer for any beginner to start with.

The Acoustic Guitar buying guide for beginners

For buying your first acoustic guitar we don’t recommend rush and jump to a conclusion rather you have to make a wise long term decision.  As a beginner, you will be looking for something which feels comfortable and fun to play sounds good and will hold its tuning reasonably stable.to start with you don’t need something necessarily expensive but you will find a clear difference between a guitar in the $100 region and one nearer to $400.

Unless you aren’t sure that playing guitar is your thing, don’t go for frantic short term investment with your first purchase. Keep in mind that a good beginner guitar can grow with you as you become more experienced.  The majority of the guitars highlighted in this article would please an experienced player as well as a beginner. After all, there is no certainty that how long you will take to learn guitar so it’s better to go for something well built that’s going to last long.

Sold or Laminate Top?

There is a big difference between the two, the solid top provides more resonance and greater tonal depth. However, even laminate tops when engineered with good craftsmanship can still produce excellent sound quality.  So for a beginner, it’s advised not to worry about solid or laminate tops rather focus on the guitar that suits your needs and budget.

Steel or Nylon string

There are certain common beliefs that a particular type of string is better for beginners than others. What actually matters is the type of music genre you are planning to play, although nylon strings can be easier on beginner’s fingers.  A nylon-string best suits classical genre or Latin music like flamenco while the steel strings are more appropriate for rock, pop, blues, and pretty much everything that doesn’t fall under the classic umbrella.  Warning! Never use steel strings on classical guitar, as the high tension strings will damage the instrument.

What is the easiest type of Acoustic Guitar to play?

There are several different popular guitar shapes, most of them prove to be pretty convenient for a beginner to start with. For someone just starting out, we recommend an orchestra or dreadnought model, to begin with. We advise not to go for jumbo acoustic at the start, as it’s big and bulky and adds extra burden on the starters.

Whichever Acoustic you end up purchasing, the setup and strings play a great role in overall playability. The solution is to get your guitar properly set up after purchasing. YouTube videos can be of help in this regard.

What to avoid when buying an Acoustic Guitar

Be Aware of the plastic hardware-especially if it’s used on the bridge, tuning pegs or saddles. Because they aren’t particularly durable and do nothing for the instrument tone or sustain.

Although we have covered a few aspects of what to look out for when shopping around. You can also watch YouTube videos for more detailed reviews.

Do you need to buy an Amplifier with an Acoustic-electric Guitar?

The good news is you don’t need to plug in an amplifier with an acoustic-electric guitar to be heard. But if you are doubtful about purchasing an electro-acoustic, for a complete beginner we recommend you stick with a regular acoustic. Because as a beginner u don’t need to amplify your performances, as you won’t be performing much until after a few months of dedicated practice and hard work.

FAQs for an Acoustic Guitar

Ask these questions from yourself before buying an Acoustic Guitar.

  • What is the age of the player?
  • Which kind of Top you like to have! Solid or Laminate Top?
  • Do you wish like Steel or Nylon Strings?
  • What is your budget?
  • Do the sellers offer add-ons?


Purchasing an acoustic is a crucial experience and a life changer, so when looking forward to purchasing Do Not Rush and carry out the necessary research beforehand.You can watch plenty of videos on YouTube, read our articles, or take advice from the expert guitarist to reach a conclusion.

In the end passion and personal preferences are two driving factors in purchasing an acoustic guitar, if from day one you do not like your guitar, you will never learn how to play! So make the decision wisely and always go by ur heart.

Good luck and Happy Shopping!

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